• ch 1: DIAMOND

    as the day ended i starred at the stars as if the stars would tell me that i am. i am not human or elf. i look almost human, but i have eares of a black fox and 2 tails. as a child i was pick always pick on. the village wasn't a happy nice clean place. there was fighting on every corner, trampy women kissing random men or groups of men, and no one trust my mother or me. the only person who trust us was the blacksmith Storm. he knew my mother before i was born.

    come on let play everone." shouted a boy

    "c-c-can i play with you guys?" i ask shly redface they starred for a moment,in fear,.

    "hhhaaaaa it the monster! run away!"scream from the group of children.

    i stand there beinging to cry. my mother ,who is human, ran to hug me. she hug me tighter and tighter and being to say something i didn't understand : my dear diamond, my jewel, my heart sorry for taking you from your kingdom.after she said that i stop crying. ever since then, i alway wander what am i and where did i come from.

    as i kept stargazing and think about the past, i saw a bright red light coming from the village. i took a closer look and i saw not just a brght light, but a roarring flames. i ran to the village in sarch for mother. when i finally got to the burning village all i saw was red. blood and body saw ever where and the smell of burned flesh was strong. i will never forget what i saw.

    to be continued.......