• "Andrew! Get down here!"came a voice from the intercom next to my door. Didn't he know he didn't have to yell, that I could hear him just fine? He must be mad. I look around my room and it's all too plain, plain bookshelf, plain computer desk, plain computer with the plain bouncing words "keep out" the only thing that wasn't plain was the window painted black.
    I put down the xbox controller and started down the hall. Everything was the same here clean, plain, and blacked out windows. I saw a bunch of kids peeking at me through the sliver of light in each room, my brothers and sisters had heard 'dad' yelling for me again. Unpurturbed by their stares I walked to the stairs and proceeded down one flight and up to the only red door on this level. This was Red's room the oldest one in our family and self-proclaimed guardian of the children and teens here.
    "I'm here what do you want Red?" I asked over the intercom "is this because of the walk I took?"
    "No, now come in and close the door your in deep s**t!" came the reply. I did so and ploped down on the leather chair in front of Red."you were not walking, you were flying and this is the thirteenth time I've had to call you in for it!"
    "with all due respect, We all have wings and tails because of your experiment and I refuse to stay tied to the ground furthemore with no natural light in this place I'm as pale as the paper in the trashcan" I told him," truthfully I don't see what the problem was"
    "the problem is you were spotted again so until investigation goes down in the area no one is allowed out of the building" Red pointed out "so as punishment I'm assigning you to garden duty until lockdown has been lifted, and being in the garden will tan your hide you ungrateful whelp." as he said this he typed a message into his computer and sent it, at the end of the speech there was the sound of 125 computers saying 'you've got mail' and a sound that meant the windows and street level doors were locking down. On the security monitor behind Red I saw someone slip through the front door and into a blindspot and put on my poker-face apologizing and thanking him for the light punishment and making a quick exit.On my way back from Red's room the curious looks from my "sibilings" had turned into the dark glares that meant I was going to be ignored until the lockdown was lifted, I didn't care I had other things to take care of.
    "you picked a fine time to visit." I said walking into the room "lockdown will last about a week so you had better have brought a change of clothes at least." a figure hiding in my closet jumped up and burried two thirds of a throwing knife burried itself inbetween my legs pinning me to the door. I raised my eyebrow, "after so long this is the greeting I get? I will admit you are getting better with this thing but you've got some work before you could hit the broad side of a barn"
    "heh, sorry I didn't relize it was you, you look so diffrent now! last time I saw you your hair was spikey, not slicked back, and your wearing all black as usual! I didn't hit your nuts did I?"asked the shadow and upon seeing me shake my head he said"good" this was the only person from the outside I had ever been friends with since the experiment.Luke.The experiment was the day a scientist named Red had visited our orphanige to perform an experiment involving contact with a deep red liquid, hot to the touch, and reflecting otherworldy scenes. At the time nothing had happened but a year later the caretakers left us, every one of us had been screaming in pain, for an hour, in our sleep. and when we woke up the scientist was there waiting to ferry us to a new home, he too had exposed himself to the liquid, and the day before he had transformed, he like many of us had grown wings and a tail. we had lived here since the bottle of red liquid in the freezer locked in a safe but dispite the sub-zero temperature the liquid remained hot. Red had examined the liquid and tested it until he had come to the conclusion that this liquid was changing any cells it came into contact with it into something quite alot of scientists had been looking for and it was posible that our transformation was not complete and we were suspended between human and what Red still hadn't figured out."Andrew?"I looked up" you ok? you look like your in a trance or a zombie or something"
    "BRAINS!!!"I moaned, tackling him and sticking the throwing knife in his case. we sat there just laughing untill I passed out...