• March 10, 2011...1 month before prom
    "Come on Anna. You HAVE to find a date for prom. I mean seriously. It's senior prom. Your last prom of the year. Of your life. ...Maybe.", Yuki told me. I smiled at her. It just wasn't possible. I mean. Prom was a month away. I didn't have a date. Or a dress. I could go buy a dress, but I can't buy a date right?
    "Oh seriously Yuki. I can just go stag and just hang with you guys. Watch your purses while you guys dance with your dates. I'm fine. Don't worry about me.", I said with a smile. Honestly, there was many people to choose from. We were the most popular kids in the school, but not quite at the top of the food chain yet. "I mean, like there's guys to choose from, but I just don't want to choose any of them. And you know that I only want ONE person. And he's already going with Tiffany." I sighed. Matt Ishikawa. The guy I had a crush on since kindergarten. And he was going to prom with Tiffany. Who, like I said, was AT the top of the food chain.
    "Oh come on ANNA. There's plenty of guys."
    "I told you. I don't want a date."
    "No. End of discussion. As long as you have a date, which we all know is Kitsu..Hehe. It's fine."
    Yuki sighed. I laughed. I finally won. "See? Can't fight with me little girl." I smiled. We continued to walk to our next class. As soon as we walked in, Tiffany and Matt were in the front of the class smiling. "Ughhhh. Here we go again Yuki. Queen Tiffany is making a big announcement."
    Yuki laughed. Tiffany stopped smiling and glared at her. Yuki stopped automatically. I hated TIffany's attitude. Just because she was the "Queen" at our school. I was tired of her, and her bossing people around.
    "Well everyone. As you know, prom is just around the corner. Our theme is "Masquerade" this year. So that means everyone, have a mask. No mask. NO. ENTRY.", Tiffany said. "Thank you!" And she walked to her desk and sat down next to Matt smiling. I was sick of it already.
    "Hey Yuki. I'm gonna go to the bathroom. Be right back." She nodded and I exited out of the classroom. I walked towards the restroom and stood in front of the mirror once I got there. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!", I screamed. I then took deep breaths in and out. I looked into the mirror. "It's just Tiffany...Nothing big. Just a snobby girl that thinks she's better than everyone." I told myself. I took another breath. I turned around and squealed. There was a little...I don't what it was. Like a little fairy. But a bigger version. Just short. "What are you?", I asked the fairy looking thing. I couldn't see it's face. It's cloak was blocking it's face.
    "Hehehehe... Anna Imai. I. Am you fairy god father.", the thing said.
    "You mean fairy god MOTHER."
    "NO. Fairy god FATHER. If I say father I mean it. Your God damn Fairy God FATHER. F-A-T-H-E-R."
    "Okay okay. Sheesh. Calm down. So what are you doing here Fairy God Father?"
    "Thank you. But you can call me Jun Father. I am here...To make your dreams come true."
    I stared at Jun Father. My mouth open. I couldn't believe that this was happening to me.