• Prolouge:
    This story is about a girl that is 13 years old and she is turning into vampire and she escapes from home and her parents don't know that she is a vampire and she tries to keep it a seceret so parents won't know she is a vampire.
    Chapter 1

    It was one day that was summer, school was over and she was reading a book in her bedroom, her name was Lexi and she was 13 years. Over the summer she was always reading and reading and reading a lot, but one day she when't to a lake and she felt tired from all that walking so she said" I am tired from all that walking." So she decided to take a drink from that lake untill something touched her.

    Chapter 2

    When Lexi was at the lake something touched her so she looked back and saw a a black bird on the tree staring at her so she thought to herself I wonder if that bird touched me.
    So she took another drink from the lake and then she saw a black shadow in the lake and she was surprised because she never saw anything like that.Then she felt a bite and a cut on her neck so she screemed and yelled" HELP, HELP, HELP!" So she ran home and when't to her room and found some medicine from her first aid kit. She putted it on and when't go bed really quick.

    Chapter 3

    The next moring Lexi woke up and when't to the bathroom to wash her face antill she had wings sticking out her back and fangs in her mouth and blood driping from her mouth and she got all the blood by bit her tounge when she was sleeping. So she thought OMG! I must be dreaming. And then she said" I AM A VAMPIRE!" Lexi knew a lot about vampires,she knew how they looked like so she turned out to be one. "Why did this happen to me!" eek

    Chapter 4
    Lexi was so surprised at how she looked like eek . So she decided to keep a seceret from her mom and dad about that she was a vampire she was never going to tell anyone this secrect.
    And also when she wanted to go out somewhere she had to hide them folding them. Now she was out of her room and she wanted to go to that same place so she went. When she was over there she bit her tounge again"OW! why am I biting my tounge so much!" she said.
    So when she was over there she saw a vampire and she was so scared that she wanted to to back home and go straite to her room so she screamed and the vampire stopped from sceaming and the vampire said"I will let go of your mouth if you stop sceaming, ok." So she did stop sceaming when the vampie letted go of her mouth. So she said "Who are you." And the vampire said"My name is Danny and what are you doing here." Lexi said "nothing, I was doing nothing, just walking here." And Danny said" Will see about that. So whats your name?" Lexi said "My name is Lexi." And Danny said " what are those thing hidden behind your back inside your shirt?" And Lexi said " Well....um... you see..... there wings." Danny said "really" And Lexi said "Yes they are wings." And Danny said " Show me them." And Lexi couldn't hesitate so she showed them to him.

    Chapter 5
    Danny was so surprised at what he just saw so he said"Open your mouth." And Lexi did and he said " You are a vampire just like me!" And Lexi said "I know! and the bad part is that I MY PARENTS DON'T KNOW THAT, SO HOW WILL I EVER GET BACK TO NORMAL!"
    And Danny said " You can't." And Lexi said " WHAT!" And Danny said " You are going to have to stay like that forever. Its like a spell." Lexi was so suprised and she did not know what to do so she said " But how am I going togo school and take a bath a-and put on my bra and go to sleep!" Danny said "I don't know and also vampires don't sleep." Lexi couldn't handle this no longer. Danny said "But the fun part is that you can fly alot." Lexi said " Cool, but I don't know how to fly." He said " Just come back tommarow and I'll teach you."

    Chapter 6
    The next moring she was struggling to put on her bra so she decided to put on a cami.
    She went to that place she was yesterday and there she saw Danny. " I'd knew you'd be here." Danny said. " Well I was going to be here." Lexi said. " Well lets start of at a wide open space." he said , " well you know I can't fly." she said, " Well I am going to take you there." He said. Danny carried Lexi and they flied to a wide open space. " OMG! surprised Are you seriously flying!" she said, Danny said " Yes I am.", " This is a beutifull view up here." Lexi said. " I know that, well here we are, a wide open space." So when they got there Danny showed her how to flap her wings and how to land and how to fly and she got to fly high really high. " Well I think its time for me to go anyway." Lexi said, Danny said " I will take you home." And Danny did and he left with a good bye.~ heart ~

    Chapter 7
    Today was Saturday and she went to the place she went yesterday. She saw Danny and he said "Hi." and Danny said " Hi.", "So what are we going to do today." she said, " I want to show you something." he said. So Lexi when't to here he was going they both flied.
    " Here it is." Danny said, Lexi said " Its so pretty." Lexi was so happy when she saw this garden. Lexi thought in her mind I think I like Danny he has good taste. Hours past and she went home. When she got home she was not that tired and she had a diary that she wrote in and her diary she wrote: I like Danny.

    Chapter 8
    It was Sunday her parents wanted to know how was everything and she said " Um..... well.....yea everything is..ok." Her parents were like scared a little because they think she is keeping scerets from her parents and also they asked her and she said no she lide to her parents. Her parents had to leave to go somewere. at 5:00 day were back.

    Chapter 9
    Days went by shortly and years past and she became 16 years old after her super sweet 16
    she went to vist Danny, and Danny was a little mad beacuase he has not seen her in days and week after her super sweet 16. Danny said this " I need to tell you something" he said,
    " What?" Lexi said and Danny said " Do you like being a vampire?." , Lexi said " Yes its fun."
    "Do your parents know about this?" he said and Lexi said " No, but they been acting weird so lately." she said. " They think your haunted by something because you keep comimg here to see me. My parents are like that to becaues I am not sleeping at night and I am not eating right and OWWW!!!!!" he said, "What happened!" she said " I got cut..its...on..my... wing." he said, " Speak to me Danny! Speak!" She said cry crying

    Eprouloge: Danny the vampire dies and Lexi lives being a vampire antil she is 18 years after Danny's death.

    to be countinued~ heart ~