• Chapter One:After Dark.

    Once apoun a time,
    there was a little tierd town of Sleepy Hollow.
    It didn't have much,
    it had a school house,some shops,a bar,and houses,and a chruch.
    Durning the Fall months.school would get out early,shops and bars would close early,and no one would dare go out after dark.

    People feared a legend that had became a real nightmare.
    The Headless Horseman would travel at night in the hollow woods
    during the fall months.Now,one man has seen him and lived to tell about it.
    He was the school teacher Mr.Ichabod Crane.It was late afternoon
    The school house was silent,the kids reading and writing and Mr.Crane had his face burried in a book.One kid in the front of the room would always drift off into space his name was Timmothy Longhorn.Timmothy had an interest in the Headless Horseman,and had a wild imagonation.

    "Timmothy" Ichabod said getting his attention.
    "Yes Mr.Crane?" Timmothy answered after being startled.
    "How many pages of the book have you read?"Ichobod asked.
    "O-oh uh I--"Timmothy was ashamed that he had only read the first sentance.
    "Timmothy you're gonna stay after class."Ichabod said with a stern voice.
    "Yes Mr.Crane"Timmothy said looking down.

    After the students had gone home Timmothy stayed and helped Ichabod grade papers and such.It was silent before Timmothy broke the silence
    and asked,"Mr.Crane,Can you tell me about the Headless Horseman?"
    Ichabod looked up from his work with wide eyes
    as he shut the door and closed the blinds on the windows.
    An hour later Ichabod gave Timmothy a ride to his house.
    It was dark the moon was full and the night time animals started making their noises.
    "See you tomarrow Timmothy."Ichabod said as Timmothy ran inside his house.

    The next morning the town was all a chatter as someone has violently cut down the wheat fromone of the farms.
    The children sat in school as Ichabod read them a stry and they read along in their books.
    meanwhile in the town everyone was doing their daily chores and such.
    The men in the bar sang about the Headless Horseman.
    Soon the day started to go dark.
    everyone was in their houses sound asleep and were awoken to a scream of bloody murder.

    The next morning they found a body decapitated on the ground in a pool of blood and on one of the houses carves into the wood was "GET OUT!"
    This really spooked the people of Sleepy Hollow.
    They started locking their doors and windows.
    And some putting snare traps infront of the doors and bear traps under the windows.
    The town was in paranoia.People even had loaded riffles by the bedside.
    For fear they were next of the Horsemans list.