• Chapter 14
    Ruku couldn’t help but stare. The girl, well certainly innocent looking, had an almost dangerous aura about her. The boy, (he thought boy, though he looked to be his own age), was definitely dangerous.
    “What are you staring at, punk?” He snapped out of it, and looked at Shadow, his reverse doppelganger.
    “I’m sorry?”
    “Whattya deaf?” Luna had a fearful look in her eye.
    “Shadow, please...”
    “What? It’s a simple question that apparently this star struck moron can’t answer.” Ruku seethed.
    “I appreciate the help, so you best make your way home now, kiddo.”
    “ I ain’t no goddamn kid!”
    “Stay out of this, Luna!”
    “Hey, you better watch your mouth, twerp.”
    “This doesn’t concern you. I saved your a**, so go.” That was it. The breaking point. Ruku felt his canine teeth extend, and his whole body emitted heat, though he was cool.
    “Watch your mouth, you mongrel.” Luna gasped and backed away. Equal hate was venting off Shadow.
    “I knew it. He’s a Vampire.” Vampire Shadow laughed.
    “Actually, I’m only half, but more than enough to demolish you.”
    “We’ll see about that, leech!” He disappeared into a blur. Shadow could only smile. Finally, someone worthy to fight. When it came to monsters, Vampires and Werewolves were the strongest humanoids. Vampires being the most powerful, but Werewolves were the fastest. As a result, it is truly rare when there is a true victor in a Vampire/Werewolf battle. But both Shadows were bent on being the exception. Vampire closed his eyes. Having fought Kayame, both as sparring and as reality, numerous times, he was most then prepared for the next attack. He flew into the air, and he was able to catch a glimpse of Werewolf performing a flying kick that would’ve knocked him down had it connected. He chuckled; the kid was practically moving in slow motion. He spun 360 degrees downward, and extended his right leg. It collided with the Werewolf’s solar plexus. Blood spurted from his mouth.
    “Shadow!” Luna cried. He hit the ground, flat his back. Vampire landed on his feet, grinning. Werewolf moaned and clutched his stomach. Vampire raised his leg until it was above his head.
    “Next time, do some frickin research on your opponent.” He laughed and slammed the foot down, demolishing Werewolf’s face, killing him instantly… at least, that’s what was supposed to happen. However, Vampire found himself struggling to bring the leg down. He looked at the obstruction and saw Luna. She was pushing back with a pair of Kataras. She dug her feet into the ground and was able to throw him into the air. Shadow performed a backflip and landed on a tree branch.
    “Your opponent is me now!”
    “Move, girl. My quarrel is with the dog.”
    “Shadow is not a dog! He is a person, just like you and I!” Shadow saw tears streaming from her eyes, but those eyes were not that of a mourner. He saw pure determination. “He saved me! If I had never met him, I would be all alone. But!” Her grip tightened on the blades’ handles. “That doesn’t mean I’m weak! He saved me, and now!” She launched herself into the air, much quicker and with more grace than an average human. “I will save him!” She curled into a ball, and in such a way that both push blades extended from either side of her. Shadow was caught off guard, and had to jump away from what was now a pile of splinters. ”Don’t underestimate me!” She lunged forward, faster than Shadow could dodge. His right shoulder split open and he hissed. He gripped it.
    “I didn’t want to fight a girl, but you brought this on yourself!” Shadow charged and threw a fake right hook. His left hand went for a left hook to her abdomen. Luna’s inhuman reflexes not only blocked the decoy, but her right hand also intercepted the real attack by plunging her push blade in his biceps. He hissed and jumped back.
    “You bi-!” He was cut off as she performed a reverse spinning kick. Her combat boot connected his lower mandible. He staggered back. She was annihilating hi- His thought was cut off as her boot once more connected with his bottom jaw, as a result of her backflip kick. He was sent flying and his injured shoulder hit the tree. He screamed in agony. For a mortal, she sure could put up a fight. He looked for her. Where did she go!?! He heard a harpy’s scream and looked up. Here came Luna, Kataras together as she spun her body. The legendary Drill technique. But that should be impossible; the g-force placed on the user was so great, it would crush a human instantly. Yet, there she was. She wasn’t Vampire or Werewolf. Just what was she!?! That was it! No more, playing around! Shadow gathered his rage into his right palm and shot a Dragon Bomb. Luna and the enhanced fire ball connected, but her drill overpowered him quickly. It mattered not, however, Shadow had what he wanted: his Katana. He set it ablaze with Hell Fire, but it had the intention to burn flesh; metal would not melt. With his sinister hand, also his weaker, he swung the sword in a crescent fashion the moment Luna was in range. The three blades met for a second, but Luna was forced to abandon the blades as the fire jumped from the blades to her. The resulting blow sent her flying. Shadow laughed. Surely, her spinal column would shatter. However, Werewolf caught her safely. She clung to him; the Kataras landed into the grass. Ruku’s blood sank into the grass. He clutched his left arm. Shadow glared at him; Ruku glared back.
    “Luna,” called Ruku, “Are you all right?” She nodded. The both of them burst out laughing, much to Shadow’s shock and chagrin.
    “Why are you two laughing!?! You just tried to kill each other!” Luna laughed and stuck her tongue out.
    “No way! Me and Ruku go waaaaaaaaaaay back.” She grinned as did he.
    “I didn’t recognize her at first. You know, with the dyed hair and whatnot. And I apologize also Shadow, my Vampiric half took you to be foe.”
    “Well, if your friends, why didn’t you say something, Luna?”
    “Because,” Luna started. Her eyes gleamed with a burning passion. “He owed me a rematch.” Ruku laughed, much to Shadow’s already failing sanity.
    “Come on to my camp, we’ll explain everything there.”