• A glare was sent toward the man that stood atop the rubble. It was a thing she never thought she’d find. The town was now in pieces.
    The school was left in shambles; the park with once lush plants was left with a dying ecosystem with the swings blowing ominously in the wind; the town statue of the original mayor was cut into pieces and collapsing.
    She glared up at him, unable to believe the state that he allowed it to be in. She had seen no life but it did not matter. He was the source of all the destroyed things. It was horrid and he must be destroyed.
    “Taylor!” She shouted, pointing to him. “You will be destroyed! I will not allow you to reign as the champion!”
    Taylor smirked. “Oh, is that right now, my sister?” He asked. He then withdrew his gun from it’s holster. “I will win, Hayley. You cannot stop that.”
    He then fired a shot at her, the blue ray barreling towards the small girl.
    That initialized the entire battle. Hayley dodged the attack by flipping over the ray and charging him, dodging more shots. She flipped in the air and focused her gravity. All force was thrown into her foot and she landed a kick on his forehead.
    Taylor stumbled backward. “You think you will win, Taylor?” She taunted. “You are dead. WRONG!”
    She then focused all her energy, beginning to chant. A fireball formed in between her hands and she allowed the power to build. “Ki-ki FIRE!” She shouted, her voice echoing as she sent the fireball towards the man.
    The man was struck but did not burn. He recovered and charged at Hayley, firing his guns as he charged her. Hayley took hits but dodged hits as well.
    No way I’m going to lose! She hissed to herself.
    At that moment, a light shone down in the “arena” there was an item that floated about at that point; a large, circular object that flashed the colors of the rainbow
    Taylor smirked as he watched it float about. “Time for my character move.” He shouted, jumping towards it.
    “Crap!” Hayley hissed. She got up as quick as she could. Before she knew it, Taylor had dealt many attacks towards it. The ball shattered and it’s power was absorbed into Taylor.
    “Got it!”
    “No!” Hayley then tried to get as far away as she could but it was too late. Taylor activated the power the ball gave him.
    His gun charged up with a huge amount of energy and it was let lose, sending a large ball of light all over the field.
    Hayley was struck.
    “GAME!!” Some omniscient voice shouted as Hayley was defeated.

    The field changed and the applauding of an audience echoed out as Taylor stood in the area, flaunting in victory as Hayley stood in the background, applauding.
    “The winner is…” The voice said.
    “ME!!” A young boy shouted, cheering in the living room. Taylor jumped out of the chair, dropping the Wii controller as he danced in victory.
    Hayley pouted and glared at her brother. She growled as his dance with the sound of the applause coming from the TV.
    “Best two out of three!” Hayley snapped in challenge.
    “You got it!” Taylor said. The siblings quickly pressed the 2-Button and selected the character they wanted to choose quickly for their next battle.
    Hayley made a mental note never to use Ness again the next time she played “Super Smash Brothers Brawl;” especially if her opponent would be Samus.