• The Beginning
    “Almost nobody makes it through the E.H. gates, I’m the only one that I know who has.” The reporter looked interested now.
    “So how do you fall into all of this?” He asked
    “Well” I said scratching my head. “Well I guess it all started like this.”
    It was just like every other day, English, Geography, Math, and French. At the end of the day I’m always tired, always bored out of my mind, and always waiting for my friends Billy and Josh. Billy likes wearing shorts and a t-shirt, playing sports and having fun, while Josh likes to wear jeans and usually a vest over a buttoned up shirt which he usually got picked on for, he also liked to play video games and liked very expensive cars. They came out together after waiting for about five minutes and we started walking home. “Can’t wait till March break, ‘ey Josh!” Billy announced loudly.
    “Yeah. My dad is taking me camping.”
    “Up north again?” I asked, already knowing the answer. By now we had made it to Slime Street, Billy and josh turned towards their houses as I went straight towards mine. But today I was feeling like taking a short cut. As I approached a nearby alley I turned in. It was very damp smelling, it had this spooky feeling to it like the kinds in scary movies, and also there was a lot of broken fences. The fences that weren’t broken were barbed wire, or had graffiti on them. I ran through it quickly because I didn’t exactly feel safe in it. Suddenly, I hit the ground hard. This guy had tackled me from the side. I scrambled to my feet but then he said. “Wait! I’m not here to hurt you! You must follow me before they get you!” By now I was scared, and didn’t know if I was supposed to be scared or if I was supposed to start booking it. “Don’t run.” He said “I know you were thinking about it.” By then I was scared. “What do you want?” I cowardly asked. “We must hurry!” he headed into a nearby building, so I followed him. There were five to ten people in the building who looked almost identical to him. “There isn’t much time my friend and you still need so much training.” One of them said. Without and warning, the ground started shaking. “They’re closer than I expected.” Off in the distance, I could hear car alarms going off. Abruptly, the roof was lifted off of the building by a freakishly huge monster with a huge eye in the middle of its face. “CYCLOPS!” screamed everyone in the room as the creature started grabbing people. I was grabbed. But not by the Cyclops, but by the guy who had tackled me in the alley. “Take this and run!” he said as he hand me a red and blue twined rod. I reached for it, and met agonizing pain as I grasped it. Both burning and freezing pains were surging threw my body. I collapsed to the ground, only to be awoken by the brushing of thorn bushes and raspberry plants across my face. I opened my eyes; it’s the guy who tackled me! “Call me ‘Warne’” he said.