• Dia:
    I woke up automatically at 2 a.m. I stumbled out of bed, turned of my lamp, and took a drink of water. I lazily sulked back over to my black bed and sat. I was unnaturally alert, what with me only getting less than 5 hours of sleep, but I trained myself to be awake at this hour. Despite my lamp being on and the pouring rain outside, you could still see moonlight shining in through the window. I still had a while until haunting hour, and there was no way I wanted to risk going back to sleep. So I grabbed my book, Demonology of the 15th century, and relaxed. Focusing on only my book, the tapping of rain on my window, and the way the moonlight relected off of everything. Right then my surroundings didn't seem like a dark 14-year-old's room, but and elegant study. Everything seemed very peaceful.

    I was shocked how fast the minutes flew by. Why do the dull moment drag on while the times when I am truely happy slip through my fingers? I frowned on that thought for a while. And of course those few thoughts seemed to take 20 minutes when they only took 2. I sighed and covered my face with my hands, aggravated.

    I glanced at the clock, 2:49 a.m. I still had a few minutes until Silver would appear. I could only see him between haunting hour (3a.m.), and dawn, because as soon as the sun comes up, he literally disappears. Well, he's still there, but I can't see him anymore. He just goes back to being a ghost to the world. I wish I could show him how the outside world was. Because he's been trapped in this room since he died in his sleep here 2 years ago. He was only 12. (But his soul is still ageing.) Only three weeks after Silver died, his parents got so depressed they moved out. And of course my parents would be the ones to buy up this old, rundown, Victorian house. But I can't complain, I met Silver soon after I moved. Of course I questioned my sanity at first but Silver proved his existence and now we are suprisingly best friends.

    After a couple more long minutes of reading my book, my mind wandered away and I began to drift asleep.

    I woke up from Silver tapping on my shoudler. Apparently, it wasn't doing the job so he yelled "Wake up, Dia!" and punched my arm. Not hard enough to hurt, but enough to get my attention. My eyes flipped open to see Silver's bright blue eyes, pale face, and choppy jet black hair only inches away from my face, examining me like I was dead. Then he poke me in the face (several times) and whispered "You even awake?" Adorable!
    "Yes, I'm awake!" I laughed. Silver chuckled and gave me a michievious, but apologetic smile, and back away with his hands up in surrender. I laughed again and threw my book at him. When it rebounded off his chest, he picked it up and began to thumb through it.
    "So how was your day?" Silver asked as he sat cross-legged at the foot of my bed. He leaned against the wall, still flipping through my book.
    "Same as usual." I sighed, and stretched out my tired back, which cracked in responsed. Silver just nodded. "And how was yours?" I asked him.
    "Not very interesting," Silver admitted, "But I did manage to freak out more of our neighbors." Silver laughed and winked at me.
    "You know you're gonna drive them crazy, right?" I question with a smile. Silver just smiled back and shrugged. I tossed my pillow in his direction. "You're so cruel."
    "Heh, I know." Silver chuckled and tossed the pillow back.

    I leaned back and twirled the dream catcher by my bed in boredom. Silver squinted and tilted his head at something in my book. (Which was probably his now, too because he seemed to enjoy it.) Then, Silver looked up at me, then back at the book, then up at me again. I tried to just ignore him, but he closed one eye and held the book up next to me, comparing me to something in it.
    I sighed and finally questioned, "What?"
    "Oh.." Silver said innocently, "this picture just looks a lot like you is all, it's weird.

    I grimaced and leaned up to see what he was talking about. I was expecting him to be joking, and for it to be a picture of a monster or something. But no, the picture was a girl who actually did look like me. A lot like me...
    I stared at the picture, "Whoa, you're right." I murmered, a little shocked.
    "First of all," Silver started, "I'm always right." Then Silver's face suddenly looked like a lightbulb went off in his head. "Maybe that's you in a pastlife!"

    I raised an eyebrow, yet another unknown connection with Silver. I didn't know he was listening when I talked about reencarnation... I looked at Silver again- I think he regreted to say what he did because his face went light pink and his black bangs covered his eyes like it always does when he is embarassed. I forget he's a ghost when he does that.
    After another look at the picture, I looked at Silver and simply said "Maybe it is."

    Silver looked relieved. And some of the pink left his face. Which disappointed me a little. "Glad you said that," Silver admitted, "I thought you were going to think I was weird. But you know where I'm coming from, right? I mean, you're Pagan."
    "Yeah..." I trailed off and took the book from Silver to examine the picture more. It looked like a black and white photograph of me, but in a black cape. The girl looked about my age... with black hair, blue eyes, and pale skin like me. After a couple more moments of staring at the picture, Silver snatched the book from my hands and began to look through it again.
    "I'm gonna have to look into this." Silver noted.
    He was naturally curious and since he couldn't go to school, he liked to research and read books about anything if he didn't know about it. It seemed like he constantly studied. I wouldn't doubt if he were smarter than the majority of people around here. After all, Lewisville, Vermont wasn't exactly the biggest town around. It's a gloomy, rainy kind of place.
    Silver relaxed back against the wall and closed the book. He yawned and streched out his long arms. "I'm tired." Silver groaned and layed down. My small, black and white bed, was deifintely not big enough for Silver. Much less the both of us. But I didn't have enough money, enough space in my small room, or a good enough excuse (my parents can't see or hear Silver), to get a bigger bed. So we just dealt with it.

    Silver pulled my black comforter over him. He looked a little exausted. He dragged himself up to his pillow and sighed. Watching him made me tired. So I clicked off my lamp and tried to fall asleep. Which wasn't too hard, rain still tapped on my window and moonlight shined in and reflected off of Silver and my's skin. Silver looked a little paler than I did, but he was dead. Still, we had the same blue and white glow coming off of us. I listened to the rain and Silver's breathing and soon fell asleep.


    ...Then I was walking in the rain with Silver. Wait... How is Silver outside? Silver felt warm and alive at my side. His skin look the same in this moonlight as it did in our room. I don't know where we were, but Silver and I were just talking like we usually do. Then somehow we ended up back in our room...but it looked... different. Is this what the room looked like before I moved in? I was sitting in a ratty beanbag chair and Silver was sleeping in what I thought might be his old bed. Suddenly, Silver's eyes flew open and his pupils dilated like crazy. He clawed at his heart, and coughed uncontrollably. Then he stumbled across the room and collapsed. I ran to him, but he didn't look at me. I tried to pat his face and tell him something, but my hand went right though him. Silver gasped and his arm fell from his chest. Then he sighed... and just... died.

    My eyes opened and I flew up into a sitting position, shaking and quietly crying. I glanced at Silver. He was still there. Thank God. Silver looked at me, alerted. He saw how upset I was and his facial expression went sad. "I think you had a nightmare..." Silver said softly. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a hug. I leaned on his chest and wiped my tears on his black tee shirt. "It's okay.." Silver said and pet my hair. I buried my face in his shirt still scared, but better. He was warm and soft. He would be the last person to be a ghost. He didn't deserve what happened to him. Silver is the best person I know.

    I felt better soon, but Silver didn't release me from his hug. And he was asleep. His cheek rested on the top of my head and he sighed in his sleep. I looked up at him and thought about my nightmare.
    What if Silver really did die like that and just said he didn't remember? I didn't want to know either way. I hate thinking about Silver dying. I hate it. I shook the thoughts from my mind and fell asleep in his warm embrace.

    When I woke up I couldn't see Silver, but the cold breeze that swept over me reminded me he was still there. I was really drowsy. I wondered if this was what a hangover felt like but instead of alcohol, Silver. I rolled out of bed and went across my room to fix my hair and re-apply eyeliner. I grabbed clothes from my closet, (The usual band tee and skinny jeans) and walked to the bathroom to change. I was beginning to wake up faster than usual, falling asleep in Silver's arms made me sleep more soundly than I had realized. I padded back into my room, popped a My Chemical Romance CD into my stereo, and sat on my bed. I was going to take advantage of my Sunday; I needed rest, and a lot of it.
    I picked up Demonology of the 15th Century off the floor to look at the page with the mysterious girl. I felt another ice cold breeze so I assumed Silver wanted to see. I laid the book down, open on the bed and leaned over it. The only thing it said about the girl was a caption under the picture that said- "Victim of 1529 Witchcraft Raid". I assumed she was executed for being a witch. Scary.
    I tried to just lay back and enjoy my CD. "I Don't Love You" was playing, and that song makes me tired so I soon fell dozed off.
    I slept dreamlessly and when I woke up it was already noon. I searched the house for my parents and they were nowhere to be found. Good. After the final confirmation of their cars being gone from the driveway, I stalked back to my room and sat cross legged on the floor. I began thinking about the witch-girl, and Silver's death, and then stopped myself short. I needed to stop being so negative. I cringed at the memory of my nightmare. Silver looked so dead... I can almost believe he's a ghost now... Almost.

    I sighed and got up to look in my mirror. My eyes made it apparent I was troubled. I then remembered school the next day. DAMN IT. I hate school. I hate routines. Of course, I could never tell Silver this because I knew he wished he could go with me.
    I thought about my "friends" at school. They're pretty cruddy and they're never there for me. Maybe it's just because they are compared to Silver. But I really don't know what I'd do without him. I looked into my eyes in the mirror once more. Looking even paler than usual, I decided I needed some fresh air. I grabbed my favorite jacket and slipped on my black Converse. I walked out of my room and down the dusty hallway until I reached the front door. I yanked it open; always afraid it would fall off the hinges. I stepped outside and a gush of cool air swept over me. It felt refreshing. I wondered how long it's been since I actually have gotten out of the house. When I stepped out on the patio the floor boards creaked beneath my feet. My paint on the pillars was old and chipping off. I took a deep breath, drew my hood up, and stepped out into the rain. I drifted down the stairs and onto the sidewalk. Droplets of rain hit my face and I shoved my hands in my pockets. I let my hair fall over my eyes and tried to inhale as much fresh air as possible.
    I stepped out onto the sidewalk and focused my gaze onto the ground. I didn't bother to avoid stepping in any puddles, my Converse were torn up to a point where it didn't matter anymore. I glided along the sidewalk and began to daydream again.
    I couldn't even tell if my eyes were open after a while. I envisioned that Silver was walking beside me like in my dream. My mind retraced the entire nightmare as I walked, and when the image of Silver's dead eyes reappeared, I opened my eyes and a few tears escaped. I found myself standing still, hunched over, with my arms folded. I wiped the tears off my face and shuddered. I peered out from under my hood and saw people starring at me. God, can't these people just mind their own business? I pressed my hands hard against my face for a long moment. Then turned around on my heel and stalked off towards home, hurt.


    I watched Dia walk in the front of the house and step inside. I had spent pretty much the whole day reading her dwindling book collection. I sighed because it would still be hours until I took human form. In a few moments, she walked through the door of our room. She tossed her black jacket on the bed. I noticed her eyeliner was smeared and I wondered if it was because of the rain. But after a closer look I realized it was because she had been crying. Did this have something to do with that nightmare last night? She still hasn't talked much about it and it seemed to upset her a lot.
    I watched her walk up to the mirror right next to the bookshelf I was leaning against. Once she looked at her reflection she looked a little shocked and quickly wiped away make-up and tears. Then she looked around the room as if to see if I had noticed.
    So she didn't want me to know she was upset.. This also meant she was not going to tell me about her dream. I sighed. Dia is so hard to figure out.
    She grabbed some clothes and walked out of the room for a couple minutes.
    When she came back in she was wearing my black tee shirt and her blue pajama pants with skulls on them. I surprised myself by how much I liked the way she looked in my shirt. Even though she couldn't see me blushing, I walked over to the bed and buried my face in her pillow. The sheets smelled like Dia, as usual. I pushed her stuffed animals out of the way. She only had 2: a wolf and a purple dragon. I laughed about it to myself. She is adorable. I fell asleep thinking about Dia.

    I woke up to her turning off the lamp. She walked over to the window and opened the blinds. (She liked to let in moonlight.) The small of her back showed when she did that which was kind of sexy, I thought. She came back over to the bed and unknowingly crawled into my arms. Her hair fell in her face and she rolled on her right side, facing away from me. I wrapped my arms around her and rested my head on her shoulder. She made a soft, tired sound. And just like that, she was asleep and I was not.


    Hours had passed before I felt the warm air of humanity fill my lungs. Sensation came back into my arms and legs and my heart began to beat life into my body once again. I will never get used to this feeling.
    I blinked a few times to clear my vision. Dia came into sight, then the rest of the room. I blushed when I realized she was awake and my arms were still around her. I tried to play it off by stretching out my arms and saying "Good morning." Stupid.
    She just grinned and said "Morning."
    I laughed uneasily and forced out "What's up?" before sitting upright.
    "Oh ya know.. sleeping." She said playfully.
    "Oh! Sorry if I woke you." I said and regretted it. Why can't I just was something normal?
    Dia made a face. "Since when does it matter?" she asked and laughed.
    I just pressed my lips together and looked away. I felt my face get hot. She smiled at me and asked "How was your day?" I was relieved she said something.
    I smiled, "Same as usual." I murmured.
    Dia frowned. "I'm sorry... maybe you could try to go outside again..."
    "No, it's alright, really. I didn't mean to 'usual' was bad." I said and smiled at her.
    Her blue eyes met mine and she gave me a crooked grin, which melted me.
    She looked down for a couple moments and when she looked back up, her eyes teared up and she said "I just wish you could actually live, Silver." She sniffed and wiped her eyes, "I can't stand knowing you've been here for more than two years and couldn't leave even if you wanted to." She slunked over and covered her face with her hands.
    She kills me when she's upset. I lifted her face from her hands and we held eye contact for a long moment. I wish I knew what to say..
    "It's okay Dia..." I scrambled up something else to say, but I couldn't think of anything. I stared into her sad, blue eyes. And without thinking....

    I kissed her.


    Silver's lips met mine, and my heart stopped in shock. I didn't know.... What was going on? Was this just a friendly kiss? I instintively kissed him back, it was too hard not to. Silver let out a shakey breath and held my face to his. I wrapped my arms around him and never wanted to let go. Okay... definitely NOT just a friendly kiss.

    Our lips parted, but I didn't let go of Silver. I was too light-headed. But I felt so much better, I completely let go of all my problems.

    I felt crushed a little when Silver pulled away, got up, and walked to the other side of the room. All I could do at the time was stare after him. His hair covered his eyes and his face turned bright pink, my favorite expression of his. He hooked an arm on his neck and looked down. My mind was too mixed up to say anything comforting. Plus, my lips were tingling too much to form words.

    I focused on figuring this out. I was beginning to feel differently about Silver... I don't think that were just friends anymore.

    I looked at Silver again. He looked like he regretted kissing me, but all I could say was "Silver..." He sighed and walked back towards me and finally made eye contact with me again. He sat next to me and gently brushed my hair out of my eyes. He was warm and comforting as usual. Then Silver took a deep breath and said "Dia, I love you. You don't need to worry about me being unhappy. Because every second I spend with you is something I wouldn't give the world for." His black hair fell over his eyes, but I could see him tearing up.

    Oh my god.

    I couldn't think of anything to say to him. So I leaned in, pushed his hair out of his face and gently kissed him. He let out a soft sigh and kissed me back passionately. We were so natural, we kissed like we've been together for years. Silver locked his hands in my hair and pulled me closer him. A sensation went through my lips and melted my heart.

    I'm in love with Silver.


    No way that just happened. I probably messed up everything. It's a lose-lose situation: either she doesn't like me the same way, or she does but can't be with me because I'm dead!

    I pulled my lips hesitantly off of hers. I've wanted this to happen for so long... I pictured this happening in my head a million different ways. I love her and I want to be with her, but I don't know how long I can stay. I don't want to break her heart.

    I pressed my forehead to hers, and opened my mouth to say "I love you" but changed my mind quickly and held my tounge.

    We sat on the bed and I just held her hand. I couldn't find the words to say... there was nothing TO say. She rested her head on my shoulder and we both just gazed at the moon in silence, both clearly lost in thought.

    Dia's relaxing, cold skin on mine made me feel more secure. I always wondered how she's colder than me. But it works out, I need to be cooled down and she needs to be warmed up. "We are made for each other." This thought went through my mind over and over. I looked at our intwined fingers, how her pale, beautiful hands fit perfectly into mine. Yes, we are made for each other.


    The emptyness inside of me vanished, now filled with Silver. His eyes, his lips, his hands, his smile. This morning seems like years ago, I feel like a new person. New questions came up in my mind... but for once in my life I didn't question myself or save the moment in my head for later thought, I focused only on Silver's warmth beside me and the overwhelming joy he brought me. I love him. How could I not see it before? My missing piece has been standing right in front of me this whole time.

    I looked up at Silver, he looked worried and deep in thought. I watched his shimmering pale skin in the moonlight as he walked to my vanity and stared hatefully at his reflection. What could he be worried about? I stood up and carefully and walked to him. I rested my chin on his shoulder and hugged him, staring at his gorgeous eyes in the mirror. He made eye contact with me in our reflection and blushed bright red before grinning handsomely and turning to face me.

    He held my face gently and brushed my cheekbone with his thumb. "Look at you..." He murmured, my heart raced "my reason for existence." He smiled showing brilliant white teeth and toyfully pinched my cheek.

    He took my breath away but I managed to softly ask "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" I didn't know if I should explain myself further but I saw him composing his words carefully in his mind. I know Silver like the back of my back.

    "How could I have?" he said, guiding me to my bed and sitting down. I sat as close as possible to him. "From the day I met you, you've taken my breath away."

    I grabbed his hand and lightly sqeezed, reassuringly. Silver let out a sigh of relief and looked me dead in the eye. I searched his face, knowing I needed to say something else but... "All I wanna say is I love you, Silver.", I confessed.

    His eyes glittered and he flashed me his michievious smile. The same one he has when he tries to jump out and scare me or hides my things. The next thing I knew, Silver's warm, sculpted arms melted around me and the lamp was turned off. I blinked and realized he had me pinned to the bed. Silver breathed and whispered, "Do you mean it?" I was suprised by how fast he was able to lighten the mood, he tries to keep things as positive as he can. I giggled and whispered "Of course!" , into his ear.

    It was pitch black in my room but I knew he was smiling. I felt him come closer and he kissed my cheek. "Maybe you should try and go to sleep." He said softly, making a trail of kisses down my jaw until his lips were just hovering over mine.

    He hesitated before crossing the distance between our lips. My lips tingled as his firmly moved on mine. I closed my eyes and locked my fingers in his soft hair and traced his bottom lip with my tounge. He moaned lightly and gently pulled away, breathing heavily above me. "You're gonna be the death of me." Silver said playfully tracing my lip with his forefinger. "And you should definitely get some sleep, Dia."

    I grinned in the dark as he rolled over and let me lay on him. I was very thankful now for my little bed to ensure I was close to Silver. I cuddled against his chest and listened to his heartbeat. I matched my breathing with his and closed my eyelids, the happiest I have ever been.