• There was a constant dripping echoing in the warehouse somewhere. Drip...drip...drip. The sound reminded her of the horror film she watched last night with her best friend in the girls dorm. A young girl coming home and finding her sister hanging from the roof, her arms and legs sliced and dripping blood pooled onto the carpet. 
    Dammit Billi focus! She face-palmed her head and gripped her dagger tighter. The blade twinkled and caught the light. Nathan said Dimitri would be here at twelve. It was eleven- thirty. Trust Nathan to make me hang out in a stinking warehouse that smells like it's housed hookers. Billi pulled a face and shrugged off her back pack, she dug around for her water bottle. She took two gulps and swiped her mouth with her sleeve. 
    Billi played out the future fight she'd have to start with Dimitri in her mind. 
    I'd stride out there with my head high and a cocky smirk, dagger in hand laughing at his surprised expression. 
    There was a loud bang, Billi was jerked from her thoughts and shoved her backpack behind a box next to her. 
    "She will be here soon. Make sure there's no escape, I do not want to be played!" a male voice roared. Billi wiped the sweat from her palms on her jeans and crouched in a position she could jump out from at any moment. 
    "Master, word has been sent. She'll be here-"
    "I'm hear darlings!" Billi listened to the female sing. She heard that voice before. Looking up from behind the crates Billi looked around for the body of that voice. 
    Bingo! Camilo was here. 
    "crap" Billi cursed under her breath. She hadn't planned on the highest ranking blood sucker to be here. Billi groped for her phone in her pocket and flipped it open. She sent warning to nathan for back up. He replied with a curse and back up will be on the way. Okay so Billi just had to chill here and hope that her scent didn't reach them in the time it took for nathan's crew to arrive. I'm sure the hooker, sex smell will cover my scent. 
    "hello m'lady" Dimitri spoke clearly and irritated. 
    "well hello handsome, where is my husband? Though I do not mind you being here. You're very nice to look at" Camilo purred, which sent shivers down Billi's back. Peeking through the cracks of the crates, she could see Dimitri leaning up against the far cement grey wall, dark hair pulled back in a pony tail. And Camilo blonde hair cascaded around her body to her bum in soft yellow waves, striding around the room looking at ease. Well she's a un- dead hooker, the smell would be like coming back home jeez Billi. 
    Both were very good looking in a disturbing way. Not like Nathan, she thought,  who was totally hot. Tall with a nice slim waist and abs Billi ached to run her hands over. Hazelnut brown shaggy hair that always flopped into his eyes. Oh his eyes, a nice shining emerald green. She didn't know why human girls found un- dead blood suckers uber attractive that they forget about everything else. I mean Nathan was living proof humans could he drop dead hot. 
    "well, well, well. What do we have here." Camilo giggled. Oh no bull poop, did she find me? Billi held her breath.
    "funs over leachers" Nathan hissed. She looked around and spotted him in his gear. Black muscle tight shirt, black cargo pants and his dagger in his belt. Arms crossed he glared at Dimitri and Camilo. Billi's heart rate picked up. The crew filed in after him. Billi's group easily outnumbered the vamps. But their strength was something steroids couldn't even help you get. 
    "till we meet again breathers." Camilo cackled and disappeared suddenly. 
    "you might want to collect your precious spy" Dimitri rolled his shoulders and left. Billi grabbed her bag and jumped out from behind the crates. 
    "I'm so sorry, I failed! I'll understand if I'm never-"
    "ever, ever, ever-"
    "ever, ever, ever allowed-"
    "BILLI!" Nathan yelled. Oh no. Her eyes widened and she stopped in her tracks. Nathan kept walking towards her though with a smile. 
    "it's okay, you didn't fail. How were you meant to know the vamp hooker was going to be here?" I like his way of thinking.
    "I dunno." she shrugged. Nathan laughed and embraced Billi.
    "you can be such a girl sometimes." he laughed. 
    "hey! What's that supposed to mean?" Billi pushed out of his arms and raised an eyebrow. Im pretty sure I'm a girl. She thought. Nathan just laughed again and led her out of the shed. 
    "we'll do the next slaying together" he whispered and kissed the top if her head. Billi ached for his lips to press against hers.