• "Do we ever get to leave the grounds except to go on missions?" Daisuke asked me as he toss and turned on my bed after waking to the dark night. "Yes." I said, slipping on my black skirt after putting on my black and dark purple plaid shirt. He turned my way "When?" he asked. "Anytime, as long as your back by nine because that's when the doors close." I told him while slipping on my black thigh-high socks. I heard him sit up, and felt his warm lips kiss the back of my neck. I sat up a bit straighter, but let him continue. Pulling me gently onto his lap, and kissing me on the lips. "What's up? You're being more daring than usual." I said, looking up at him with my head on his lap. "What? I can't be?" he asked. I shook my head "No, it actually looks pretty hot on you." I teased, pulling his head back down to kiss me. "Tell me this isn't a dream." he whispered. "It's not a dream." I said, and right before I was about to kiss him, someone knocked on the door. They didn't wait for us to get up until they opened the door. They were girls, Daisuke fan girls. "Oh crap." Daisuke said, lifting his head. "This is why I lock the door." I said, sitting up. "Daiuske!" They all yelled. "Get out of my room. Get out of my room. Get out of my room." I thought. "Is it true you're going out with the Creeper?!" they all asked in unision. "Did they practice this???" I thought. "Uhm." he stutterd. "It's not true, right?!" some of them yelled. "Uhhh..." he said, at a loss for words. "Go out with me! Go out with me! Go out with me!" the girls said over and over again. "I-I can't!" he said. "Why not?!" they all asked. "Because.....because....." suddenly, he grabbed me, pulled me into him, and yelled "Me and Miyuki already slept together!" I felt my face get warmer and warmer. "WHAT!?!?" they all yelled. I forced myself away from Daisuke, ran to the door, as I did, lifted my hand, a force pushing all of the girls back, and slammed the door shut, locking it. "What the hell kind of answer was that?!" I yelled at him. "I panicked!" he yelled back. "You still didn't have to say that!" I yelled, pacing the room. "It was all I could think of!" he yelled at me. I tackled him, I was about to hit him, but he got over me and pinned my arms down. After wrestling with him, pinning him down then him getting back over and pinning me down, he eventually ended up over me again, us both out of breath. "Ge-get off of me." I breathed. He shook his head, not daring to speak. I tried to move, but Daisuke kept me down, I didn't have the energy to fight him anymore. "Look, I know you're mad at me, but why are you mad at me?" he asked, breathing heavily. "Because you said we slept together!" I tried to yell, but it really came out in breaths. "It got the girls to go away didn't it? Probably for good!" he pointed out. "That's not the point!" I said. "Than what is the point?!" he asked. "The point is you lied!" I said. "Well, I'm only human! Yes, sometimes I lie! I'm not a freaking dark mage!" he yelled, than realized what he said, and quickly shut his mouth. "You think I wanted to be?" I said. He looked at me, a bit confused. "You think I wanted to be a dark mage?! You think I wanted to witness my entire race dying?! You think I wanted to whatch all the people I love grow old and die, while I stayed stuck?! You actually think that I wanted my parents to go phsyco and try to kill me?! I don't!" before I could get another word out, Daisuke lowered his head and kissed me firmly on the lips. He lifted his head for a second, both of us breathing heavily, just to bend his head back down and kiss me again, and again, and again, and again, and then I lost count. "I'm sorry." he finally said after lifting back his head, allowing our foreheads to touch. I didn't say anything, but stared deeply into those bright green eyes. "I shouldn't have said that. Please..forgive me." he whispered, bending down toward the side of my head in my ear. "Yes." I said. His arms went around me and he held me close to him. "What now?" I said. He lifted his head "What do you mean?" he asked, puzzled. "I think those girls are gunna kill me." I said. "Oh, right...." he said, putting on a guilty expression. After a moment of awkward silence, I started to fidget "Um, can you get off me now?" I asked. He blushed "O-oh. S-sorry." he said, and got off me. "Well, this was an eventful hour." I said standing up. "It's amazing how much is said in such said in an hour." Daisuke sighed. "I forgot to tell you." I said. "What?" he asked. "Get dressed, we're going somewhere." I said.

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