• The feeling of emptiness fills his heart, leaving him defenseless, vulnerable, and full of sorrow. Tears fill his eyes, dripping onto the ground, showing the endless pain he will endure. The air grows hotter, and thicker making it more difficult for him to breath. His legs weaken, falling upon his knees. "What is happening to me?" He asks himself. Hunching his body forward, he inhales sharply breathing in the foul air around him.

    His finger tips drag across the rough burning ground, trying to make sense of all that is happening to him. His vision is blurred, not able to see where he is. Slowly he gets to his feet, not knowing of the burns and cuts on his body. But as soon as he stands, he falls flat on his back. Cries of pain escapes his lips, feeling the seering pain on his back, now able to feel every cut and burn on his body. Slowly his vision comes to, clearing away the blur over his eyes. The skies that he looks upon is of fire, ash, and black clouds that circle above. A loud demonic scream and a slow limping stride fills his ears, getting to his feet quickly, wincing from the pain. He tries to see what is making all the sounds, but he sees nothing but the rough terrain, and the fire that burns in the sky.

    The sounds start to get louder and louder, feeling a negative energy grow around him. "WHO IS THERE!?!?! SHOW YOURSELF!!!" he screams out, stumbling back, but keeps to his feet. No response was given, but still the steps get closer and closer. Without warning it starts to echo out into the air, as if there was more then one of those horrible things around.
    "STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!!!" He cries with all his might. Suddenly, the sounds stop, leaving behind an eerie dead silence. A dreadful, hot breeze fell onto his dry skin. His eyes shift around, unsure of what to do. From under his feet, the hellish earth breaks appart and a black smog erupts and begins to consume him slowly. Eyes widen with terror, filling his body with a numbing pain. Fully consumed, he stares into the blackness that is around him. Within the nothingness, glowing red demon cat like eyes appear in front of him. His heart stops beating, letting out a loud gasp, stricken, his body stricken from air. A loud Demonic scream from before, rings through his ears. He lets out a loud scream with what air he has left as the eyes lung forward at him.

    Angels eyes shoot open, as the school bell rings out through the class. Studens start to shuffle out from their desks, heading out the door. Many of them eager to finish their day in school so they can be with friends, and rest there minds. With soft deep pants, angel get to his feet.

    The room smelt of fresh chalk from the board in front of the room. The teacher reading over her notes for her next group of students that will soon file inside. The desks were old, made completely out of wood, having a metalic base. The wooden exterior was panted red to hide its flaws, and how much they have aged but chips in the wood framming showed its true color, proving how easy it is to get a splinter just sitting in it. The room was painted white, and shows that the paint was a bit new.

    "It was......just a dream." He thinks to himself. With a long pause, he grabs his bag and heads out of class. Soon after leaveing, he is met by other students hurrying to there next class. Unknown to this building and its surroundings, Angel walks looks around, seeing if anyone could help him. He spots a girl with short, black, gleaming hair wearing a blue jacket zipped up only half way. A white undershirt covers her chest, and a blue skirt that reaches down to her knees. Plump arms cross in front of her, keeping her not pad and her large biography book close.
    "Excuse me..." Angel speaks, "I need some help finding my next class."
    She smiles brightly, "Why sure i can!" Stepping closer, her brown eyes look up to him, "What is your next class?"
    From out of his jean's pocket, he pulls out his schedulel, and quickly unfolds it, "Uhhhh...English, Room..."
    "ROOM 165!?!" She says interrupting him. With a nod, he was able to tell it made her happy to see that he will be in class with her.

    "OH WHAT JOY!!!" she cries out, "That is my next class!"
    "O-oh...thas nice."
    "Come with me. I need to get my text book."
    Noding once more, and follows her through the large group of people. Rows of Silver lockers lined up against the wall, leaving large openings for the class room doors, with linoleum florring having light brown skuff marks from students the drag there feet along the floor. Walls that show on the very top were panted in a rose red color, that seamed to be fadding into a more tinted red. A light flickers, as Angel passes by. The unknown girl gets to her knees, turning the combination lock to open her locker.
    "So did you move here?" she asks opening the metal door.
    Shaking his head, "No i'm not new, this is just my first time in school is all."
    "Oh i see."
    As soon as her items are gathered she slams her locker door, standing up strait.
    "Where are my manners?" She beams Angel a loving smile, raising her hand to him. "I am Destiny Marando." Angel grabs a hold of her hand, welcoming her politness and modest tone. "Names Angel."
    "Its very nice to meet you Mr. Angel."
    "No..just angel. I dont' like being called Mr. or sir."

    With a slight giggle, she gestures him to follow walking onward down the hall. "So what have you bin up to Angel?" Her eyes looked over at him, walking next to her, hand gripping tightly to his bag.
    "Wel i have bin getting myself settled with my new mom."
    "New mom? you mean..you adopted?"
    his head turns, slightly smiling, "Yeah..i'm not sure about what happened to my real mom..in fact..." stopping in his tracks, his eyes pier down to the floor. "I"m not sure about anything about my past."
    He suddenly feels a warm, small hand grip into onto his.
    "Hey its ok." His head lifts up staring into her eyes. "I'm sure it will come to you...yoru past that is."
    Feeling some comfort to that, he squeezes her hand gently. "Yeah your right."
    " We better get going. I don't want to miss class."
    "Niether do I."
    They take off down the hall, making it in time before the final bell.

    Throuth the rest of the school day, nothing was out of the ordinary to Angel, He felt that he made a new friend. Walking towards the door to the outside, a small soft hand grabs on his own. "Hey where you heading off to?" Angel looks back quickly to see Destiny standing close to him, feeling her warm breath on his face.
    "Oh...well i dont have anything else to do so i was going to.."
    "No don't go." She smiles "I want you to meet my friends."
    He didn't say anything for a good 3 mins, "Just come with me." With a hard tug, she pulls him through the cowed, heading into the lunch room. The double doors swing open, the smell of todays lunch still lingered around the room, circular tables placed in seprate areas, each of them as well painted a rose red, with black chairs circled around the table. At one of the tables sat three people. A young woman, he legs crossed sitting on the edge of the table, with long blond hair, with blue eyes, wearing a green tube top, Black jeans, with white 8 size white sneakers. Talking with her is a boy sitting in one of the chairs, his elbows proped on the table, chin resting comfortably in his hands, Well groomed blond hair with brown highlights, wearing a black and silver horizontal stripes,wearing kackie pants having a silver chain hang down frim under his shirt.

    "HEY YOU TWO!!!" Destiny yells to them.
    The girl at the table shows the face of exsitement. She quickly jumps down and runs toward both Destiny and Angel.
    "Destiny!!!" Her arms embrace her with a tight hug. The boy shook his head standing from his chair walking with a lisurly pace. " You two always do this when you are apart for like 5 minutes."
    Destiny laughs, "Well yes cause she is like an awesome sister to me."
    Angel didn't say a word. He was never good with convorsations with people he didn't know. The last time he tried to talk to someone, his heart sunk and ran off.
    "Where is anna?" Destiny asked, her head turned left and right over and over, thinking that she sould just jump out of no where and attack, like a pack of wolves waiting for the right moment to take down there just deserved meal.
    "She will be here in a little bit. She had to stay in class and do some extra credit."
    The girl looks over destinies shoulder, seeing Angel standing there with a blank look on his face.
    "Who is that?"
    Destiny turns, "Oh I'm sorry...guys this is angel."
    With a loving smile, the girl Destiny was hugging walks up to angel, grabbing hold of his hand, shaking it slowly. "Nice to meet you. I"m named Yoshiko Amaru."
    "Names Shadow." Quickly he spoke out, returning to his seat.
    "Shadow! Mind your manners." Yoshiko snaps to him, her eyes piering back.

    Walking pass the girls, Angel sits down hearing the wood creak under his weight, not saying a word.
    Quickly Destiny rushes over, standing right in front of angel, "SO!....Tell me about yourself." with an open mouth smile, her teeth white and well kept, grabs a chair and sits down in front of him. Angels expression doesn't change.
    "Maybe he is a mute." Shadow exlaims, making small circles on the table with his index finger.
    Destiny's head turned quickly, "No he can talk. He spoke to me when i met him."
    "Don't worry about him sis," Yoshiko says, "He is in one of his moods."
    "AM NOT!!!"

    Angel's mouth opens, ready to speak out. His stumach turned and then cramped, keeping him from speaking out he looked away shutting himself from everyone.
    "Whats wrong?" Destiny asked in a worried tone, moving her hand to place on his cheek.
    Quickly, he gets to his feet, "I...I have to...I..." lost in his words, he runs out of the lunch room, his body slamming into the lockers as he gets into the hall, falling flat on the ground. The ground cold, feeling some dirt on his hands pressing them to the floor getting back to his feet.

    "now that hurt." slowly resting his hand on his forehead,
    A quiet voice speaks out, "Yeah..i bet it does."
    He looks to where the voice came from. Standing there was a very short girl, her strawberry red hair ina bob, face and arms covered in freckles, faded green eyes. Wearing a white dress and white dress shoes.
    "My..my name is anna, and i'm guessing your the new kid in school."
    Slightly nods, he looks over in time to see Destiny and her friends run up to him.
    "Are you ok!?" Yoshiko asks, mouth covered with her hand.
    "I'm sure he is ok babe." Shadow speaks out behind her, wrapping his arms around her from behind, kissing at yoshiko's neck.
    With a soft giggle, "Not here Shadow." Shadow smirks whispering something into her ear, face blushing red, biting her lower lip.
    "GOD YOU TWO!!" Anna yells out.
    Destiny pushes Shadow away, "Can you spare us please?"

    propping himself agaisnt the lockers he ran into, Angel shakes his head, his ears are filled with a slight ringing sensation. Arms cross in front of his chest he grips on his shoulders, falling on his knees.
    "Angel?" Destiny kneels down resting her hand on her shoulder.
    As soon as her hand connects, a sudden flash of white appears in his vision, feeling a large sharp pain in his mind. He lets out a long and loud scream that echoed through the halls, falling lifeless onto the floor. Everything around him goes black, falling unconsious to this unknown illness he came upon.