• "Boy you got an F," said the young boy forrest's dad
    "Yeah daddy im sorry," said forrest
    "You better get over here,"
    "No, daddy you'll beat me"
    "bet i will"

    I ran for miles and miles maken sure i'd never see him again. He was a crule daddy. I hated him. Then i started notice that i was in a city. Chicago to be exact. I kept going and this nice young girl came to me and said hi. her name was love and i thought it was cool.
    She said," Hi i'm love whats your name?"
    I said," Forrest"

    "aww cool i've never seen u before"
    "yeah cuse i just ran away"
    "my dad was going to beat me"
    "well maybe you stay with us"

    She asked and they said yes. I was so happy they said i could stay as long as i need.
    I got to go to school with love. it was so nice I felt like I had a family again. I forgot about my dad till I saw him again. He grabed me drove off and beat me to death. People looked for me for years. Then they solved it and my dad went to jail for the rest of his life.