• I really hate London. Or rather, I hate the Underworld of London. Yet here I was in the British branch of Pandemonium pretending to dance with a mundane and watching the stupid couple of Vi and Micha. Bleh. Actually, I should probably be doing my real job, watching out for the rogue fey. All around I could see the flitting forms of fey, the lithe bodies of vamps, and the occasional bedazzled warlock. But no rogue.
    "You alright, love?" the mundane asked, hand reaching for my back.
    Sigh. Stupid mortal. "Yes, but if you'll excuse me, I have need of a drink." I left the mundie on the dance floor, his confused gaze following me. I was already on my second Jack Daniels when the air changed. The smell of charred roses entered the club. Finally. My eyes roamed the mess of people. Ah, there he is.
    Ice white hair, gold eyes, a lithe body. Izrit of the fey. He should have left London. But, business was good here. It was about to go for a bad turn. I stood, meandering through the crowd. I caught his eye. He grinned and moved toward the exit. I met him in the alley.
    "Heya Rina." Izrit grinned easy. He was gorgeous, as all fey were. Dangerous, sarcastic, and immortal. My kinda guy. We used to have a 'thing' going on until he went rogue.
    "Izrit." I took a step closer to him He'd already trapped himself, leaning against the wall like that.
    "Aww, don't be like that Rina." he sighed. "Not on the first date."
    "Izrit, our first date was twenty years ago." I muttured, fingering the iron dagger on my belt.
    "That's right." he said, looking thoughtful. "Then it's okay if I do this." he said, moving in his swift way. Our lips met. I let him kiss me. What could I say, he WAS a good kisser. He stepped back. "Now you should be no problem." he said, smiling sardonically. But I came prepared for this. Izrit was a poison fey, his kiss could be a sedative, a hallucinagine, and a toxin. Which is why I'd placed a protective spell on me earlier.
    "Sorry Izrit." I said, slamming the iron blade into his stomach. "But I have a job to do." The fey's eyes widened. He crumpled, abdomen bleeding dark blood.His body was sent to the Court with a wave of my hand. Inside the club Vi met my eyes. I nodded and went back to my drink. Maybe one day I could leave the Underworld, read a book, get a life. But for now, I'll settle for whiskey, and dancing with mundanes.