• She had spent hours on her hair and make up. Her dress was form fitting, and flattered her frame. She looked the picture of a teen going to prom. This beautiful girl was dancing around her room in her dress and tights, amping up her adrenaline before her date came to the door.

    Her two friends had come over to get ready too, and they other two girls came into the room and started singing to the songs loudly, and off key. They were laughing and having a grand ol' time! This was how the movies always said prom was supposed to happen... That glittering image of perfection... It was all the girl. She wanted to just have fun with friends and the boy she was falling for.

    The boys showed up, looking quite dapper in their tuxes, and they all took pictures. Moms and dads took out cameras and tissues and fawned over the kids that had suddenly become young adults.

    Parents left, and the 6 teens piled into a limo they had all pitched in to rent. They bumped tunes and sang like the crazy kids they were. Lights glowing in the ceiling, they were all basking in the moment. The sun was setting as they arrived at Prom.

    This was the moment she had anticipated for 17 years. The dance she had waited for. The date she had dreamed of. Everything had been perfect so far, so why end there? She grabbed his hand and led her handsome date to the dance floor. They were the first couple brave enough to dance. Her friends followed her example and danced too.

    They were grooving to the music, when her date got tired. He went to sit, and she kept dancing. Her closest guy friend, who was her ex from way back when, had been ditched by his date, so our Lady Fair grabbed his hands and danced her cheesiest dance moves, just to make her friend smile. They laughed, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw her date: Mad as all get out.

    She left the dance floor to ask what was wrong... "You're dancing with him! That's what's wrong!" Her date walked off in a huff. Her guy friend came over and sat with her, trying to comfort her.

    She thought, "What happened to my perfect night?"

    Her date was mad at her, her best friend had wandered off with her date, and her best guy friend were ditched by their dates. Prom kinda sucked at this point.

    Almost at the end of the dance, her date came back.
    "I'm sorry. I was out of line. I was just...You look too beautiful to share with your ex tonight." And he took her hand and led her in a slow dance.

    The music stopped, and there was no one left at the dance but hem and the couples they had arrived with. She looked up at him, "You don't own me. I can dance with who i want to. You wont stop me." She was firm when she said it, and she knew she was in the right. No man would cross her path and take the reins from her.

    He smiled, "I would never try; I love you the way you are."

    Finally! Prom stopped being awful, and started to be amazing again! Wait...What did he just say? Did he just tell her he loves her at PROM? How cliche....Isn't that how every teen movie ends? Well, what did she say back?

    "I like you," She said quietly, "And i know i am probably going to fall for you, but i haven't yet. But you do look good in a tux, so i suppose i should keep you around for a while." She winked and he laughed.

    They went back to their friends and got in the limo. Everyone fell asleep on the ride home, and they all lived happily ever after... As far as i know wink