• Kayramell falls off the large bed, hitting the floor with a soft thud. She huffs and lays there for a second, then looks up at the folf smirking at her. she crosses her arms over her chest and glares.

    "Was it really necessary to push me off the bed?" she raises one eyebrow at him.

    He laughs darkly and gracefully kneels off the bed, lowering over the small white and black creature on the floor.

    "Yes." His voice was breathy and teasing, rolling down her neck softly. He kisses her neck and shoulder very softly, careful not to hit any sweet spots, skillfully keeping her from feeling too much pleasure.

    Kayramell sighs softly and squirms a bit as his muzzle trails down her topless chest, nudging her bra out of the way.

    With one paw his claws glide down her side from her ribs to her hips, making her gasp and bite back a moan.

    He then continues to kiss down his mouth eagerly roaming her.

    Already starting to pant, Kayramell rolls and forcefully pins his wrists at his shoulders and rubs her hips into his, enjoying how his eyes cloud over slightly with pleasure.

    His hips rub against hers, and her grip on his wrists loosens.

    He frees himself and rubs her though her thin panties, feeling her dampness already beginning to grow. One paw slides into the garment and plays with her softly, earning a sweet moan as his claws on his other paw tear down her back.

    Supporting herself with one arm, Kayramell slides her right paw down his torso, unbuckling his belt and quickly unbuttoning his pants.

    He slides them off and claws at her back again.

    Kayramell kisses down his chest and stomach and begins to pull at his boxers with her teeth, her lips brushing his errection each time she nips the fabric.

    He slides his boxers off and unclasps her bra, sliding it off her shoulders and massaging her breasts.

    Kayramell lets out a soft sigh then takes his manhood on one paw, her tongue gently brushing the tip.

    He draws in a sharp breath and his abs tighten as she does this again.

    She crawls back up and kisses him deep and passionate as he fondles her breasts.

    Kayramell sighs into her folf's maw and once again grips his throbbing errection, stroking him softly.

    With a few pants, he removes her paw and rubs himself against her through her panties teasingly.

    Kayramell moans softly and slides off the last piece of fabric she had on, and he once again rubs against her, each movement is smooth due to her growing mess.

    Her head falls and he takes this opportunity to bite her neck, one paw rubbing her sticky mess.

    Kayramell moans and pants heavily as he searches inside her, trying to find her sweet spot.

    Once he finds it Kayramell lets out a cry of pleasure then bites back every other noise, causing the male to become more forceful with each movement to make her get louder.

    She whimpers when he removes his paw.

    She pins his wrists again in the same spot as before, rubbing her sticky mess against him, both of them gasping at the sensation.

    The male spreads his arms, causing Kayramell to lower her chest to his, their lips touching softly.

    Catching her in a kiss, his hips rub against hers. Her knees begin to slide open. Noticing this, the male knocks them open with his own, causing her hot center to press against his manhood.

    They both gasp and stifle a moan.

    Unable to control herself any longer, Kayramell slides herself onto him, her grip on his wrists loosening as she does so.

    He frees himself and dips his claws into her hips, trusting up as she rides him.

    The female moans and pants at the pace of each push, then he holds her hips to his by digging his claws into her flesh, keeping her from riding him at all.

    She whimpers at the feeling of his hot member inside her.

    Finally after what seems like an eternity, his hips thrust up as he pushes her down.

    These two motions together push him deeper, causing Kayramell to cry out in searing pleasure.

    Every movement is smooth and graceful due to her sticky mess and they both quiver and tremble, their pleasure crecendoing with each thrust.

    The lovers both pant and moan each other's names, rolling so the male has the small female pinned against the floor.

    His thrusts are hard and fast, Kayramell's dull black claws digging into his shoulders, drawing blood.

    With one final gasp, she looses control and hits her climax, her hips meeting one of his thrusts.

    The folf lets out a growl and cums as he pulls out, his sticky seed firing all over his mate's stomach and chest.

    The two lovers pant, then Kayramell smirks and runs her claws through his mess, licking them clean.

    She smirks at him and whispers "Yummie" soft and breathy.

    He shivers and pulls her close against him, and she is nearly lost within his long black fur.

    She cuddles against him as he traces patters on her fur with one claw.

    Their breath slows as they fall asleep, tangled around each other.