• In 2036 the government was digging in abandoned land back in the middle ages. As they dug deeper they found an under ground city. As they sent a crew into it to investigate they never came back. A rescue team went down to find them with a video camera. What they saw down there started it all. That night the world was plagued with vampires, demons,wolves,dragons, and goblins. In 2038 half the worlds population was destroyed and killed to a pathetic number of survivors. 2042 and the last of the survivors search for in the abandoned wasteland that was once populated with billions of people and hardly any bodies of them remain. Only the survivors remain.

    Jimmy. Jimmy. Wake up its time to go. Said Emily as I saw the sun was up and her black hair with purple highlights where glimmering in the sunlight.

    What Time is it? Ask Jimmy quietly in fear of being heard.

    It's Okay Jimmy. We're in the country and it's sunny outside. No one is going to come after us.

    Is Edward awake yet?

    No I woke you up first. I figured you would want to get ready to continue traveling.

    You where correct on that. Okay well you might as well wake up Edward, Emily.

    As Jimmy walked out of the abandoned barn and stretched for a minute he took a short minute to stare at nature. He doesn't get much time to enjoy beautiful scenery. He always is on the run and protecting Emily, Edward, and that damn golden retriever of Edwards.
    He walked up to the jeep and started to pack up everything an hour later of enjoying the scenery. As he packed what was left of the food and water and the clothes into the car he saw Edward playing with his dog in the field not that far.

    Don't go too far off Eddy! Yelled Emily carrying a few bags to Jimmy.

    As Jimmy threw what was left of the bags into the trunk he looked out into the field and saw that Edward was missing. He ran into the barn and grabbed his double barrel shotgun. He loaded it and ran into the woods near the field.

    Fifteen minutes into the woods he saw that the golden retriever was cut open and its blood was leading it away from the boys running feet prints. When he saw this he ran faster. He ran as fast as he could when he saw Edward in a corner with his arm slashed open. Standing in front of him was a black werewolf with blood dripping off his left front paw. He turned around and saw the human holding the gun. It charges at Jimmy but Jimmy doesn't even hesitate as he aims his gun and blows half the wolfs head off. He pulls put a revolver and fires three bullets into the beasts heart.

    He walks up to Edward and tears off apart of his shirt and wraps it around the kids fresh wound. He picks him up and walks back to the jeep and places him in the back seat. He honked the horn and Emily ran out of the barn and into the car.

    What happened?!? Asked Emily nervous as she looked at both of their faces and saw what their reactions where. Edwards was covered in fear and sadness. Which makes sense since he lost his best friend and also was just attacked. She looked at Jimmy's and saw he was calm and brave. She wasn't surprised since he was apart of a special attack force made to fight off hordes of vampires in Canada.

    It's pretty obvious isn't it., Said Jimmy as he started the Jeep and drove away from the barn as fast as he could.

    To Be Continued........................