• Once upon a time, not so long ago I came across a cat, a beautiful calico.
    Now this calico said unto me, "Follow, Follow, Follow me. I'll take you deep, deep into the trees. Where birds do sing, sing they do and faires dance to songs for me and you, they do."
    I looked upon this strange cat, I did then raised a brow and answered it, "Calico Cat, so you say, I should follow you this very day... "

    We walked and walked and walk some more we did till the forest grew dark and the skies no longer bright, the air now cold, shiver I did. No brids singing, sing they didn't and no fairies dancing, dance they did not.

    The Calico turned and laughed with sharp evil smile, "Foolish child!" it hissed, "Did your parents never teach thee not to listen to one such as me! Now you're mine! Mine! Play with you I will, Sing, sing, dance, dance! You're soul is mine...."