• Once a little piggy wandered from home,
    He wanted to play with his friends.
    His mommy said no.
    He was so sad he wanted to cry, so he did.
    Then that day he wandered from home.
    He wandered into the forest.
    He could not find his way home.
    He looked and looked all a round for the path to the barn.
    He could not find it.
    He wined and cried until his mommy came and found him.
    He was so happy that he went wee, all the way home.
    He was so happy he apologized and promised never to do it again.
    Then he did all his chores and made his mommy a card with a little necklace made of macaroni.
    When he gave it to her she was happy and she for gave him.
    They both sipped hot chocolate and ate muffins by the fire his mommy read him a good book and then he fell asleep.
    When he woke up in the morning, he thought it was all a dream.
    The end!