• The One I must Protect
    Chapter 3

    There are four Mythical ones. Water. Fire. Earth. Wind. The myth of water is said to be a beautiful woman with fish tail, a mermaid. The myth of fire, a bird with golden wings of fire, phonex. The myth of earth, a horse with a snow white mane. And finally the myth of wind, a butterfly whose wing are said to be the reason the winds blows. When these lands first gave birth to life, it was said four human who were able to use magic, each able to use one element. But when they knew that the were comming to the end of their live, they wanted to keep there magic going, they placed there magic into an animal. A bird, a fish, a horse, and a butterfly. When each animal was given the magic it changed them. The magic gave them the ability to talk our language, grew and changed them from there original forms, and became immortal. Over the long years, they traveled around the lands, watching people from a far. Because they didn't show them selves for so long that people labled the as a myth. But because of the war that been going on and with so many lives lost, there have been people seeing magic preformed by other people, so the belief in the Mythical ones have been said to be true.

    Bron figured out that Eda in one of the people that was given the gift of magic by the myth of fire the phonex. Or blessed should I say.

    "We have to keep her hidden. Since she used magic in front of the soldiers, they most likely reported it to the imperial family. And if the family gets ahold of her and her magic, this war could get worse."

    During the pass couple of days, Bron desided to keep the two of us under his wing and to pack up and head to the closes town, which was a 3 day travel to the east. Eda's body was still to weak to move around much her own, but she insisted on helping everyone.

    Before we left, she wanted to go to the village one more time. As we walked throught what was once the peaceful village we once called home, we now saw our first glims of war. Someone that you just saw, just talked to, slip away from you. I use to think that because we lived her that the war would never reach us, but that ended our peaceful life here, our memories here. Yet through all the burnt houses and destroyed crops, that tree was still there. Eda went up to the tree, gently placing her hand on the trunk. She looked up at it.

    "Its like as if though there are times in war, when things surrounded by sights that could break down a person, there are things that can stand tall... to give someone the hope for a better tomarrow..."

    Then she took my hand, then looked at me with that kind look that she would give to anyone.

    "Lets promise each other that no matter how broken we might because of all the hardship we might end up facing, we will remain tall and hopeful, just like the tree."

    I couldn't but agree to that promise. I know that there will be a time or even more than once, that I will break down or give up hope, most likely both, but I just really can't. I know that if I do give up then I would be just like him... my father... and that was someone I never want to be.

    She was someone that I never want to lose. Basicly, she is my rock.