• Prologue-

    I knew the job I had chosen, had threw away everything I knew for, was destine for me.
    I shone a flashlight into the window and grinned wildly, being careful not to fall out of the dark bronze maple I was positioned in.

    “Is he the one…?” My apprentice asked in a small voice.

    “Yes…” I answered in an aggravated tone. “Now be quiet…” I hissed softly. Child or not, this kid needed to learn the ways of us Spirit Dwellers. I slowly pulled my obsidian black wings taut against my spine. I sighed quietly, my soft feathers sticking against my clammy skin. My apprentice tilted his head in a confused, concerned motion and I ruffled his hair in a positive response. He grinned, and that grin quickly faded as I slipped on my gloves. It was time to get serious. My short, dirty blonde hair slowly rustled as the cool midnight air blew past. “I’m sorry Varjak, we’re gonna have to kill him while he’s still in slumber…” Varjak’s deep jade eyes widened, presenting fear, uncertainty, and anxiety.

    “But sir…”

    “Varjak, no. We must do what is required, no excuses. We are here to redeem our sins…” Varjak looked down and nodded hesitantly, a small tear running down his pale cheek. My apprentice was usually so strong and willing, but on this particular mission, he only showed confusion and hesitance. Even though he was only eight, he had been through so much. I had to give him props for that. I glanced down at my arm, staring at the scars I had. I winced remembering the pain and suffering I had received in the past. I quickly snapped out of those thoughts and focused on the true reason I was here. I slowly lifted the window, being extremely careful not to utter a sound. I made sure my wings didn’t hit any objects and I crawled through the window. I paused simultaneously before the young child who was sound asleep. “I wonder why he hasn’t sensed me yet, even in his deep slumber…” I questioned silently. Varjak slid into the room shortly after I had confirmed that the kid before me was the true run-away we were searching for. Varjak was nimble and swift, two things that could possibly come in handy in this situation. I slowed my breathing, realizing I was basically panting in anticipation. I placed a hand firmly on his mouth, his eyes springing open. His hazel green eyes only revealed sheer hatred and fear. The child had wings to, and it was time for him to realize that running simply got him nowhere.

    Chapter 1~ Confessions

    Varjak sprung onto the winged child’s small torso and snarled at him. “Don’t move Ivan…It will only hurt for a second.” Varjak whispered in his ear. I slowly placed a blade to Ivan’s throat, Varjak holding him down as he writhed around trying to escape our combined grip. The dagger was incinerating his skin as he screeched in pain.

    “Stop!” He shouted.

    “Explain yourself than, why did you kill your own brother!?” Varjak winced as the word “brother” slipped out of my mouth. Ivan said nothing for a moment, he only glared at me.

    “Oh Nicholas…” He spat my name out as if it where foul poison. “ I only did what I was told. Varjak is weak, unworthy. Why would you care if your little apprentice died anyways?” Varjak looked away, holding back tears that were starting to brim over his eyes.

    “Varjak is a strong and plenty worthy apprentice. He was also a great brother to you… How dare you question me!” I shoved the dagger into his throat, blood splattering across my face. I slowly let loose my grip as Ivan went limp, blood starting to trickle out of the corner of his grinning mouth. “That sick b*****d…” I whispered as I pulled the dagger out. Varjak’s tears fell quickly as he looked into his former living brother’s eyes. “I’m so sorry Varjak…” I put a hand on his head and sighed whipping the blood off my face with my shirt sleeve. “At least we completed the mission.” I gestured Varjak to follow and we slipped out the window into the night sky. I spread my wings and took flight, Varjak following close behind. My powerful wing strokes allowed me to travel at great speeds, and my stamina made it ever better. A large smile grew across my face as I felt the cool breeze against me. Varjak seemed to be enjoying our flight home also and his tears fell less quickly. “Varjak, I had dipped that dagger in holy water before we were sent to complete this mission…” Varjak gasped and almost forgot how to fly for a second, his snow white wings fluttering.

    “No… that could only mean…Is that why it scorched his skin sir?”

    “Yes Varjak, he is, or was, indeed a Fallen One.”