• My eyes gazed over the sunset in Rivendale as my heart beat softly in a eery way it gave me chills thinking of the future for middle earth.
    "Fae, It is time for the meeting for the fate of the ring to commence..." I heard Arwen speaking behind me. I turned as my cloaked eyes gazed at her from under my hood. "Its been so long my friend"She smiled warmly at me "I know your heart still Aches over the fate of your former master..And ive watched you since you joined us,i watched you fall deeper into despair and darkness until you fled this place upon a chilled night. Tell me, Why do you run from your fate?"

    As always, Arwen could read me like a book, My cloaked eyes gazed at the beautiful tile on the floor of the castle. "Arwen, I did not run from my fate that night unless it was my fate to be weak..."

    "It is not that which is your fate,"She spoke softly touching my shoulder, "Nor will i let you ignore your fate on this day. Go to the meeting,your fate will be reveled there."

    I nodded slowly knowing that Arwen was right, "I will go then. Until we meet again my friend." I smiled warmly to her before moving past her, In Rivendale our beauty matched each others however i always felt Arwen was far wiser then myself. Although i, was far more skilled with fighting then she was. A fair trade off i thought, it never really mattered to me.

    As i came upon the meeting eyes fell upon me. Elrond nodded slowly at my presence as i walked past the council and stood near a young Hobbit, I knew he was the one who brought the ring this far. And I was honored to stand beside him.

    "Lady Fae, You may sit in my place." a young elf said drawing my gaze to him, I knew of him as Legolas I had never met him in person though i knew he was the prince of Mirkwood."A Lady should not be forced to stand.." He continued,

    "No Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood, I much prefer to stand." I smiled sincerely at him.My gaze soon met that of a dwarf. I remembered in an instant how much i didnt mind them before the incident. Before those blasted dwarves destroyed my home and killed my former master. Lord Elrond knew all to well the pain i endured in the time since then and how much facing dwarves even now caused my heart to ache with frustration and anger. But i still controlled my temper, I refused to cause problems with all dwarves because of what one group did to me. Though i knew not everyone felt that way.

    "Now then, Let us begin...Frodo please present the ring..."Lord Elrond began as the hobbit who mustve been called frodo, stood walking to the podium placing the small ring on it before sitting back down near gandulf the grey.

    I stared pensively at the ring. So much pain and anguish was caused by this small object I knew some others were wanting the ring for themselves but i felt nothing for it. To me it was a painful reminder of what greed and selfishness could inflict upon the world. And over such a small a thing. It was truly a testament of mortal weakness.

    "It is a gift.." A mans voice expressed with clear admiration of the rings power. "A gift to the people. Give the ring to gondor let us use the enemy's weapon against them."

    "Boromir II, son of the stewert of Gondor, Denethor II." my voice echoed softly walking forward as he came closer to the ring Until I stood infront of it. "Stay away" I warned.

    "It should be used by the people!!"he proclaimed"---M'lady.."He added hastily realizing a female stood in his way. "Surely this matter should not be handled in the presence of a lady.."he spoke looking at lord Elrond,who, simply looked at me and looked at Boromir as if saying 'she stays'

    "You cannot wield the ring, None of us can"Aragorns voice spoke "It only responds to the one master alone."

    "And what would a mere ranger know of this." Boromir growled,

    "This is no mere ranger," i barked harshly, "it is aragorn..heir to the throne of gondor."

    Boromir's eyes gazed at me then at Aragorn, "Gondor has no 'king', gondor needs no 'king'."He spat before returning to his seat, I walked to my spot watching as Lord Elrond continued.

    "We have but one Option, we must take the ring to the depths of mordor and cast it into the fiery chasm from winch it was forged....One of you Must do this."

    "I will take the ring.."The young hobbit claimed as he stood up met by the gaze of the council, "I will take the ring to mordor. though i do not know the way."

    "I will lead you Young frodo baggins." Gandulf smiled warmly walking to the young hobbits side.

    "Lay by my Life or sword--I will protect you."Aragorn proclaimed joining the forming group. I smiled leaning down to the young Hobbits gaze.

    "No matter what dangers you face I will be there to aid you. You have my magic." I spoke gently to the young Hobbit standing next to gandulf just bringing myself into the task.

    Soon we were joined by Legolas, Boromir, a dwarf named Gimli, and three more hobbits.

    "Ten companions...to complete this task...i name you the fellowship of the ring.."Elrond smiled announcing us to the council. My gaze raised to the tower where i saw Arwen smiling warmly upon us. She knew what i did, and that this was my fate. My eyes closed softly as the council concluded.

    "We leave in the morning, before the sun rises..."Aragorn spoke to us."Rest until then."