• lauren and seymour were talking in the courtyard outside barriered from the rest of the world.
    lauren why do you never use a weapon or even fight? no wonder everyone messes with you in the chapel everyday if you punched one of them it would end seymour said.
    and spill the blood of another who didnt truly deserve to die i dont think so you talk like a man who has seen war but are so ignorrant and mislead that you show you are a child yet more lauren points out.
    seymour walks off pouting and goes inside as lauen sneezes and continues looking at the flowers in plain view then uses her magical skill to revive the dying ones.
    meanwhile in the desert gorge
    eli rides his horse to the sound of beastly screeching and human cries of shock as harpies picked humans up and took them them to their nest eli drew his bow and shot one in the stomach which caught all of their attention and focused on him he killed them all his sword in hand but at a cost his injuries were too severe and he collapsed clawed up and deceased his sword in his hand even in death.
    news of this spread fast and avara knew his time had come to return.
    lauren had taken a nap on the courtyard fountain but was abruptly awoke by the guard screaming orders to go into zistabell forest to kill a monster that was decaying the enchanted flora lauren disquised herslef as a knight and took a horse joining the fleet.
    hours passed and the knights looked in disgust at it consuming trees like candy they fired bows and tossed rocks but nobody but