• There was no possibility what happened being real. How dreadful the gentle touch like kiss of renew, in a leafless meadow there is a sign of a new era. His consciousness burst in fear, as his eyes slowly ascended the darkness strengthened by the tiny feathers of light support. For a moment moonlight must be playing him as he saw a thousand year old door from a distance. His mind, in a mind broken way, showed him that opening shows his destiny. But slowly his footsteps move the more gentle feathers of light fade away as if this meadow can reproduce feathers of light support in ten seconds. However as his body stood in front of the solid door he began to glaze, his nerves shiver, arms refuse to move as if it’s controlled. Northern winds and southern winds roar left and right but he was freezing, opening the door is the best option, pressure was building up and hands began to reach the door knob slower and slower.

    Somehow moonlight halted and the door dissolved like sand. As the wind carried the glow less sand he felt confused. Mini raindrops pour and began; his soul is a losing flame as if every drop lowers his morale in every second. There is no hope, destiny is tricking but the lunar feeling tells him never give up. A shrine appears from the power that provided from the feather of light support and the full white moon. From the shrine’s history it’s only powered by feathers of light support and the full moon, only lucky people with a sense of duty can glaze the shrine but thinking about the shrine while stood from it reminds him to visit before it’s too late. As he approaches the shrine it labels shrine of sorrow ‘every destiny is important!’ It’s very elegant and amazing, the crystal water which appears to look like water of forgiveness. Clear and can drink but it looks like he wasn’t the only one here.

    Could it be? A maiden dressed in pure white dress, white heels, a glowing moon shape necklace and she is dancing. Slowly she turns with a faint smile she faints, as if the order of shadows took her pure light, however with a beautiful, innocent voice she left saying “Come ascend with me.” Rain halted but darkness grew as if they are angry. Fade spirits dance between him with his tears and cries. His heart races to escape his body, his soul clearly losing hope and his body began to kneel down under the crystal water. Many restless spirits boast the morale within him due to the position of praying but were destiny playing him or is it fate. Feathers are absorbing darkness which turns them into feathers of darkness but as the shrine weakens and powerless it knew the source is fading, turning the dark ones.

    Not only the feathers and the shrine are affected but ruby, half moon and the full moon combine together which creates a full red moon as a symbol of the end of the world. All hope was lost and further of all rain pours even heavily than before like pieces of ices that weaken a single human being. In it’s way. Its heart and feelings are bursted in flames as if it’s not itself anymore. But the water of forgiveness shines upon his feet to his body as if there is hope. Glitter from the light blesses him with the power to end this. But the power that runs through veins to veins descend within him, no chance the power can be used by him. Tears of sorrow drip as his eyes close hoping that everything would go away.

    As his tears and the fading passive burning within him. A unknown, shiny light locked and shinnying upon his freezing feet to head as if it may be order of light wanting to destroy shadows for good. Pressure was rising because voices swift left and right, touching ears and his solid skin. Soul of the dead feels like combine the passive flame to create a second it but thinking too much cause something bad happen. The light from the shrine shine even more bright causing blindness and fainted.

    Eyes ascended slowly and everything looks normal because the full moon was pure white plus feathers of light support are back to tiny, glowing things however, shrine disappeared and could it be?

    The same figure dressed in pure white dress, white heels and necklace appeared right in front of him. Stepping forward she goes slowly his soul ascend to the heavens like final will of his life, with the same voice “come ascend with me” his mind was possessed, cannot control his body as if the maiden was willing to take it’s soul with her to a place where life start a fresh soul, where fate finally rest. But as the fell onto the soft feathers another glitter light glow within her necklace and for a moment he thought it’s a dream, no sense or memory loss has happen, his heart tells him to follow his paths as a warrior and so his path carried on through the grassy feathers, he will praise for her kindness, her gentle touch and he will always miss her every second, everyday.