• Inhaling the cold air and watching the gental glow of the sun as it rises above the snowy mountains. The sky was grey and small cold snow flakes fell from it. They landed on my white skin and sadly melted away. I closed my eyes and listened to the suroundings, all was quiet and calm, not a sound or disturbence in the air for miles. I climbed back through my bedroom window and closed it behind me silently. Grabbed my black boots and thick socks and put them on, once i had done that i grabbed my jacket and went to the kitchen. Walking down the stairs my feet even with my thick boots on didnt make a sound. I hung my jacket on the first chair in the kitchen and then went into the cuboard for some sort of breakfast. A breakfast bar would just do me for now, im not really in the mood for some proper breakfast. I quickly finished that and swallowed it down with a glass of milk. Put the empty glass in the sink and grabbed my jacket and put it on while i headed to the front door. I took the key from the shelf beside the front door and zipped up my jacket. I stuck the key into the key hole in the door and turned it and with a click the door unlocked.

    But something wasnt right. I could feel it. I could smell it. I could hear it. All of it was coming from behind my door. I couldnt feel it before but now i could. I slowly locked the door again and took a step back and looked at the door. I could hear it outside. Its breathing and the shuffling of its feet at the front of the door. I dont think it was alone. I knew exactly what it was, i didnt understand why i couldn't smell it before. I knew they were fast but i should of smelt it from a mile off. I could feel the sudden shock of reality hitting me and the key just slipped out of my fingers and hit the floor with a rattle. I could hear the suddent movement of their heads to the door and i heard the light tapping of their nail on the door.

    "Come on poppet, we know your there, go open the door now, be a good little one." Said one of the people from behind the door. His voice wasn't a nice one even though he was trying to be as nice as he could to make me open the door.

    Then a hand went over my mouth and in shock i jumped and grabbed the hand. Then a soft and gentle shhh was whispered in my ear. I loosened my grip on the hand and dropped my hands back down to my sides. "Im here to help now all you got to do is change ok and i will go open the back door" Whsipered the man behind me but i could tell by the way he was talking i could trust him for now.

    He removed his hand from my mouth and i turned around to see who my saviour was. This man looked like he wasnt that much older than me. His hair was a wavey light brown and was down to his shoulders and tucked behind his ears. His eyes were blue but the strangest blue i had ever seen like the lightest part of a stormy sea blue. He took the keys from the shelf and went to the back door as quietly as he could.

    I pushed my short blonde hair back before i inhaled as much as i could and exhaled a long breath before the explosion of pain as i adjusted my body to what i was turning into. Even though i had been changing a long time now the pain was still unbearable sometimes. The change was quick and now over with. I looked around the hallway. Everything was bigger now in my golden wolf form. I wasnt what they were i was a smaller version, a less powerful version.

    I turned to the back door and looked at the warewolf standing there waiting for me. His fur was a light brown and ginger colour. Warewolfs are like massive versions of wolfs and they dont normally stand on their back legs. He waited for me and i quietly went to the back door and looked out at the cold atmospher before i heard them coming around the house still in there human form. We just ran as fast as we could our paws battering off the cold snowy floor. I heard the men from the front door yell at us before they too changed and ran after us. They were both black werewolf and i heard their paws closing in on us. I am smaller than them, being a walker i am more equipt to running unlike them who are built to fight. I could run faster than them. But they arent slow and they caught up to us.

    One jumped onto my helper and they rolled off fighting with eachother. The other one kept on chasing me. I could hear them battling and growling at eachother before the long howl came from my helper. I kept or running trying to ignore his cries. I ran straight into the woods and kept on running untill eventually the sound of the werewolfs paws on the sticks and snow on the growned stopped and i could not hear him no more but that didnt make me stop running. I was panting and tiered and cold. I didnt know where i was going but i just kept going anyway. I wondered what happened to him, my saviour, i wondered if he won and was coming back after me or maybe he wasnt so lucky.

    Eventually i ran through the woods and out the other side. I had to find a place to stay to hide and to wait for him. I roamed around the foot of these two mountains, i had ran so far. I found some rocks hiden away from sight and was a good enough shelter to stay in while i waited for him. I went over and curled up in the rocks and i howled a long desprite howl and then waited for a reply.