• **The Sun rising slowly**

    Ahh. The Sun rises again. Another day will come, another crappy day will pass. While looking at the window, I saw a gleaming light. Hah! That won't change anything anyway. Regardless how beautiful a day is, there will be something to ruin it. What is beautiful anyway? What is normal?

    People would say that you're normal because you are common. When you have a unique or different attribution, they would call you abnormal. *Sigh*

    Look at them. They are happy with all their greedy and insatiable desires. Rich, poor, they're all the same. All people are the same. How dare they accuse of being insane! I am not insane. The whole world is. You! All of you! Are you contented with the "peace" and "freedom" you have right now? If you say "yes", then you must be living your life in mediocrity. They world is dirty. Nothing is worth saving, no one is worth dying for.

    *Knock knock*

    Oh great. My doctors are here. They inject some kind of medicine to me again. No matter how much I say that I'm not insane, they still won't stop accusing me. I am here in a padded room wearing a strait jacket. I sit here most of the time. They said that I'm highly unstable. They only let me out of this whenever I have bathroom matters such as taking a bath and disposals. Right now, I don't have future. My hopes are lost.

    "This one is a silent one is he?" said one of the nurses. All day, I hear screams, knocking down of chairs and other things. The people here in the mental facility are not insane. They are just being misunderstood. The real insanity is outside this facility. I am referring to the whole world. My nationality, my religion, I don't think I have the right to have those anymore.

    I wonder if there is a possibility that animals are much more humane than humans and humans are wilder than animals could ever be. I sometimes notice that some people are taking religious faith too far. They fought because of their religion. That's ridiculous. Why are they fighting anyway? I guess people cannot live without them huh? I do not miss the outside world. Maybe at first I did not want to be in here. But in this mental facility, I learned and realized who are the real insane of this world.

    My padded room has a small window with bars. This is the only thing that I use to see the outside world. Whenever I look outside, I only see the usual things. The insane world that we live in.

    "Noon. the sun at its finest." I said to myself. I guessing that the sun is not as bright as it seems, much like how a kind a person is. No matter how kind or good a person is, there's an evil monster lurking inside him/her. Discrimination, accusations, exterminations, this is the real deed of one person.

    This world has become rotten. There is no such thing as justice. Our world is being ruled by tyrants, liars and burglars.

    Who and what will save us? Nothing can. Even if you proclaim that you will "change" it will still not happen. Once you made yourself a s**t, you'll stay a s**t. I laugh at people around me before I got here in this facility. Fakes smiles, fake attitude, fake personality. How pitiful. Do you know why you exist? Do you know your purpose in this world? Maybe all of people are just huge parasites. It seems like we are infesting this world. Murders, assassinations, annihilation of each other just for your own good.

    Given a choice, I would want to wake people up and let them see what they are really doing.


    I will be free of this contraption...

    I will live to tell how hideous the world is...


    *Insane laugh*

    *Years later...patient #2108 escaped the mental facility and he disappeared without a trace. The news came out and people lived in terror. In his padded room they saw a note and writings on a wall. The writings say "Judgement will come" and the note says "Erit spes. Spero autem ut dies venient paradisi. Vera pax et amor. Donec non hic ... die expectare non abscondam."