• It was a dark night at the Leaf Village. Nina Uzumaki Namikaze and her cousin, Tsubaki Uzumaki, were going to a Halloween party for Chunins and Jonins rank ninja and whoever the hell was invited. Tsubaki with her shining,dark purple hair and violet eyes was dressed up as a sexy cat and I, Nina, had a sexy mouse costume, but Tsubaki said I looked more like a belly dancer. We were walking to a building with flashing lights and Halloween decorations. There were two people, one was dressed up as Dracula, while the other one was dressed up as a sexy school teacher. I was so excited because it looked like Kakashi wasn’t wearing his mask, but as he turned around to see Tsubaki and I, he was wearing a surgeon’s mask or something. “Hello girls,” Guy said. “Guy-kun! You’re dressed up as Dracula? You look so cute!” said Tsubaki.


    I was blushing as I saw Kakashi dressed so handsomely. He was looking at me the exact same way, but he must of thought that I was a kind of stripper because of my two piece outfit with a short skirt and sexy mouse ears. Then we all went in the building. It wasn’t that scary. There were a few inappropriate props, but Tsubaki and I found out about that stuff earlier in life. FYI: It was stuff from inside ‘Make-out Paradise.’ “You look really sexy tonight, Nina,” Kakashi said as he touched my bottom. I blushed and quickly said, “Th-thank you Kakashi. You look very dashing,” I said. He then looked away, but I knew he was blushing. He was always like that with me.

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