• Many people believed it would happen. Many people wanted it to happen, but not like this. The pure were suppose to be saved, the sinful were suppose to be cleansed, and Heaven was suppose to be on Earth
    No one was saved, no one was sparred, Heaven is no more.

    I lost everything from that war, or a better word to describe it, domination. Armageddon took my love, took my child, took my life. All it gave me were memories that must be kept, and a job that must be done.

    Once the Four Horsemen were slain, the mightiest of them all, it spelled out certain doom for everyone and everything. This was also the time when the Demons started to harvest humans. One by one, they collected us and we all had a different purpose. You were either feasted upon, used for labor, and no one knows the third purpose. If you weren't working or eaten, you just disappeared.

    Angels used to fly in and caused a riot, saving some of us at a time. After awhile, that stopped. Around that time is when the sky turned a very dark red. A rumor went around saying it resembles the blood of all the fallen Angels, the loss of a Divine presence. It was also at this time, that all hope was lost. When hope is gone, people tend to go with it. That is why everyone's memories are altered, why everything has been rebuilt, why everything is back to normal. Except the sky is still red, and I still remember.

    I am unable to remember every detail that took place during that time, and it is best to keep it that way. Remembering everything would mean insanity. So it is good to keep those memories suppressed and most importantly, to myself. Telling any one that Demons exist, that Demons rule everything, would mean death. Eaten by one of their Hounds that keeps you barely alive as you travel down its digestive system.
    They have taken everything from me, and now they give me this burden to bare, alone

    For some reason the Demons rebuilt everything to their best abilities, but without the presence of a Divine being, everything is different. People's sense of morality has shifted. Theft, murder, rape, gambling, corruption...is now all too common. Religion is all but destroyed, along with its principles. Keeping all this in mind, I believe it's because of the pressure that the Demons bring, that most of our population has lost all of it's good morals. That is why I call them “The Fallen", because they have fallen under the pressure of the Demons.

    The small numbers of us, who have retained our sense of morals to a high standard, either work in the health field or public defense. I work in the public defense, but I hardly see the public. I work in a special sector of the investigation department, sector 666. I am the only person who works in this sector that is stationed in Kyoto, Japan. Once again, I am all by myself. I feel as if they do this on purpose...

    The Demons who are actually in control, want humans alive. Why? I still don't know. I have always asked myself that, since it seems their objective has already been obtained. Nonetheless they want us alive, but sometimes their pawns can't control themselves and they attack a human. It is my job to cover it up, and prosecute the Demon who stepped out of line. The hard part is, Demons have learned to alter their shape and look exactly human. They are every where, living along side us. It's like wolfs trying to live with sheep. They are always hungry, and we are always by them. People tend to disappear

    The Demons have left me with my memories, and gave me special equipment, just to prosecute lesser Demons who don't obey orders. They left me in charge with their dirty work.