• Lana was in the middle of the mall, which was rather quite tall, when
    compared with it all. She was looking for Lenny, her brother she’d
    lost in the mall so tall. So Lana was stuck in the very, very center
    and was walking around the wheel of pharis. She saw fountains and
    mountains, which were purple from the red, white and blue that the
    solider had on too. But Lana was scared because Lenny was lost. And if
    Lenny was lost then she would have to pay the cost, which was a dollar
    twenty five. And Lana didn’t want to pay, because the dollar twenty
    five would help her to drive all the way back home, to the great stone
    in Rome. So instead, Lana went into question box shop and behind the
    counter was a man with an axe and some wood. He lumbered over Lana and
    said “So what’s for you will I so be doin’?”
    “I’m looking for my brother Lenny. He is lost in the mall, and I can’t
    find him.” Lana replied with lips red.
    “Well, that IS lost!” The man behind the counter said with a smile.
    “Yes it certainly is.” Lana said “So, can you help me?”
    “Oh yes, yes I’m sure I can. I’m sure I’m sure.” He nodded, and Lana
    smiled happily.
    “Then lets’ go and find him now!” She said.
    “I will not, I will not.” Said the counter man.
    “But, you said that you would help me.” Lana said.
    “I said that I can.” He replied.
    “Then why aren’t you?” She questioned.
    “I will not but I can.” The man shrugged.
    “You’re a terrible counter man!” Lana shouted and rushed out of the
    box. She had run so far that her legs were made of jelly, so she sat
    down on a stone to wait for them to turn back. When she looked around
    she saw a big tree, made of green. It was a forest, so it was scary.
    Lana held close to her basket full of goodies, and wrapped her little
    red coat around her tightly. But off in the distance a wolf started to
    howl, and as it came closer its tummy was a growl. “Where are you
    Little Hoddie? Where are you?” it said. So Lana ran. And ran and ran.
    The trees past buy in whispers and in heaves of heaps and in bounds
    and leaps. She ran so far, jumping over logs and stones, as quick as
    she could go. She nearly missed the candlestick, though it had a
    brilliant glow. And when pail full of water appeared on top of a hill,
    Lana sat down to take a drink. She was so very thirsty, and tired,
    that she had no thought to even think. So when a very tiny angry voice
    sounded, she was sure shed seen a shrink. “That’s my pail of water!”
    said the little boy in front.
    “I’m so sorry.” Lana said. “Please, I did not mean to offend.”
    “No, I guess not…I’m Jack by the way.” He said.
    “I’m Lana, but, who is that?” She said noticing a girl come up from behind Jack.
    “That’s Jill.” Jack said. “She was supposed to come get this pail of
    water with me. But she is so slow.” He said with an angry voice.
    “Well, let’s not keep you waiting any longer.” Lana replied handing
    him the pail. But Jack was simply not strong enough. And when he took
    the pail, he slipped and started to fall. He slammed into Jill, So
    that when Jack rolled down and down the hill, soon fallowed Jill, the
    pail, and all. Lana left the sight of the hill and walked back towards
    the mall, she was sure that Lenny must have stayed where things were
    safe and tall. So as Lana ventured back within the woods, the scary
    sounds a sounded. And soon beneath a giant tree, a giant bear a
    “I am angry!” Said the bear. Snarling with large and jagged teeth.
    “Why are you so angry?” Lana asked. “it’s such a nice day, so you
    shouldn’t be so grizzly.”
    “Because that girl ate all my porridge!” The angry bear roared. Which
    was silly, because only lions roar.
    “I’m sorry.” Said Lana “I wish there was something I can do.”
    “Me too.” Said the bear. But a thought had come to Lana, so she
    reached inside her basket, and handed him a muffin. “I hope this
    helps. I got it from a Man Muffin.” She said. And he turkeyly gobbled
    it up.
    “Thank you so much!” Said the bear “Is there anything I can do for you?”
    “I’m looking for my brother, Lenny.” Said Lana. “He looks like this.”
    And showed the bear a picture. The bear opened wide eyed, with his
    teeth glowing white. “I HAVE seen this person.” He said
    “Really? Please, would you take me to him?” She asked.
    “Of course.” Said the happy bear. So he led her through the forest,
    and into the open space. Once again, the mall was around Lana, and she
    sighed in slight relief. “I’m glad I’m back.” She said.
    “It was so nice a time to meet you, but the time to get a goin’ is
    now.” He said.
    “But where can I find my brother?” Lana asked. The bear pointed to a
    shop shaped like a box with a man with an ax, and inside sat her
    little brother. Wearing his little sailor hat.
    “Thank…” Lana started to say, but the bear was already gone. So
    instead she started off toward the box while thinking of a new dawn.
    And when the box door opened, her brother came a rushin’ down. And in
    her arms they hugged and smiled. The brother and sister were found.