• Nothing stood between the final boss and me except the dying batteries in my Wii-mote. I endured one final cutscene in which the I was mocked and taunted one final time. The epic battle music begun, the 3-2-1 countdown started. I shook my Wii-mote forward for a boost as the fire arrow bulged for the final time in my chest. I swerved between his sword attacks and collected rings enough to hopefully survive his upcoming onslaught when all of the sudden the game froze.
    What was I to do. A Thousand and One Arabian Nights' fate rest in my hands and the game disc was scratched. I removed the disc from the Wii, wiped it gently with my fingers behind my shirt so as not to fingerprint the disc. When I reinserted it, I found my chance had come to counter an attack. Breathing heavily at the climax, I Time Breaked. but when my attack target changed to red, my batteries finally gave in.
    The moral of my story is that one needs to make sure they've got enough batteries to survive the session. All my data was lost and I had to restart Sonic and the Secret Rings. In conclusion, I decided to save up for rechargeable batteries.