• I woke up about 3 hours after we had boarded. It was me, Margaret and Mom. We were on a plane headed to Goiania. We were going to vacation and also to visit Dad’s headstone after the big Radiation Leak. I woke up drowsy and disoriented. My head felt weak and I needed to freshen myself up. I nudged Mom and mumbled that I was going to the bathroom. Everyone else was asleep so I tried to be quiet as I treaded over to the small bathroom that was located behind our seats. When I got there I had to wait a little as someone was in there, signaled to me by the big red “Occupied” on the door lock. The man that came out was wearing what looked like a trench coat and one of those berets you always see commandos in movies wearing.

    When I fumbled into the bathroom I closed the door behind me. I’ve always hated confined spaces; I guess you would say I was claustrophobic. Ever since what Margaret did to me when we were little. I remember how tight the storage chest was, almost like it was closing in on me. Not only confining me physically but like my mind was in the little tiny bubble of the chest. I remember screaming at her to let me go. She finally did after I broke down and told her what she wanted, where the candy I got from the store was. Since then I’ve hated enclosed spaces.

    I sat down on the toilet and immediately felt woozy, instantly thinking I had Diarrhea but strangely no Number two came out. Two seconds later I blacked out. I dreamed of when Dad was alive. I was so little back then but I remember little things like his coffee black skin patting me on the back telling me I would be something one day. Then he began turning green and blowing up like a balloon. He popped. I woke up panting. Just a dream, but where was I?

    I was on some type of bed with restraints around my hand and ankles. Wait? How is this possible? I was just on a plane. Where’s Mom?!? I called out to the darkness that surrounded me. I was confined, not free. Then I heard footsteps echoing. Slowly getting louder and louder. Then it stopped at what felt right next to me and I heard a laugh, an evil laugh. I tried to muscle my way out of the restraints stretching and pulling at them. Yelling for Mom and Dad. I felt myself getting sweatier and sweatier as the man just stood there.

    Suddenly the world turned bright Red and Orange. I felt an immense heat on my right arm. It was burning! I could smell the scent of my now necrotic skin burning. I wasn’t in constraints anymore. I was sitting in my plane chair locked in place by an emergency seat belt someone strapped onto me. The plane was on fire! People were screaming, and I felt momentum like the plane was falling. THE PLANE WAS FALLING! I looked down at my arm and saw that it was still burning. I guess I didn’t feel it. How was this all possible?

    Then A loud boom and that’s when we crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. I felt myself shocked by the coldness of water. I was still attached to the emergency seat belt. I could not get it loose around my body. The plane was sinking now. The bottom half of my body was submerged in the icy water. I heard more screams coming from passengers. I still couldn’t understand where Mom and Margaret were. I wrestled and wrestled against the belt. Now I was up to my elbows in the water. I tried to stay calm and told myself I would get out of this disaster.

    By the time the water had reached my neck I had given up. There was no way out of this. I was going to die. I stopped struggling and sat and thought of my short fifteen years of life. I thought of my sister, of Mom, and of Dad. Then the water submerged me and I started seeing blackness. I knew now I was dying.