• Things happened very fast. Eva was taken to the hospital and her mother was arrested for child abuse and child endangerment.

    Eva was kept in the hospital for over night. She had no life threatening injuries. But they want to observer over night mainly to see if she was still suicidal.

    That night she had the dreams again. But they where very different; First she dreamed about the full length mirror.

    She was standing in front of a full length mirror. It was an old mirror. Its backing was cracked and faded. Her image was distorted. But she still shone like a light through the darkness. Then when she looked down at where her heart was on the mirror. A hole was punched through the mirror and crakes speared like spider webs across the mirror. Then the mirror started to fall apart piece by piece. The pieces fell to the ground. Then she saw hands reach down and pick up each piece one by one. Then hands were familiar but she couldn’t move her eyes to see who it was. But she knew who it was. Then the hands put the mirror back together a piece at a time. After the mirror was fixed except for the piece that covered her heart. She could see that Adem was standing right behind her. She turned and saw that he was holding the missing piece. He held it out to her. She picked it up and it disappeared. And she felt hole again.

    Then after that the one she dreamed about the little girl with the flame red hair.

    Eva saw the little girl with the flame red hair walking toward her. The little girl got close to Eva. Eva could see that she was smiling. She grabbed Eva’s hand. This time when Eva turned around she didn’t wake up. As she turned she saw the shadowed figures standing there. Then it was as if a light had been turned on and there stood older versions of herself and Adem. The little girl with the flame red hair let go of Eva’s had and ran toward the older versions of herself and Adem crying, “Mommy, Daddy!” The older Adem bent down and lifted the girl up and then turned and kissed the older her. Then the little family faced her and as one they faded away.

    Eva woke up with a smile on her face. She knew now what the dreams where trying to tell her this whole time. She couldn’t wait to tell Adem.


    A few days latter Eva, Adem, Marie and Rafi where all at Marie’s house just hanging out and talking. Eva was going to stay with Marie and her family until she graduated high school. It had been decide by Eva’s grandparents and Marie’s parents that it would be for the best.

    “Sorry Evee but me and Marie have known how Adem felt for a long time now,” Rafi sounded a little bit embarrassed. Rafi looked up at Marie from where he was lying on the floor.

    Marie continued, “Adem told us but we already had a feeling. I am more shocked that you never figured it out.” She shifted in the chair that she was sitting on.

    Eva looked from Rafi to Marie. Her friend knew and they had never told her any thing. She was not as shocked by Marie doing this but Rafi was another thing. “Rafi how did you manage to keep this a secret?” she asked him she was truly in shock. “I mean you have never been able to keep anything a secret,” Rafi had never been one to keep secrets. He never tried to hide how or what he was. “And Marie how could you keep this a secret from me? We are best friends after all,” she was a little hurt by what her friend had done.

    Adem squeezed Eva’s hand where it lay on the couch between them. “Don’t be too hard on them. I am the one who told them not to tell you,” he kissed her on the side of the neck.

    Eva shivered with pleasure at his touch. She smiled at him and then looked at her friends. “Well I am waiting,” she said with mock anger in her voice that didn’t quite hide her laugher.

    “I’m sorry, Eva. I just didn’t want to meddle in your life,” Marie said acting like a child who had been caught with her hand on the cookie jar.

    Rafi sat up, “I’m sorry to Evee.” He pouted a little bit. “So what are you going to do to us?” he asked with mock fear in his voice while the whole time his eyes where smiling.

    “Well what would be an appropriate punishment?” Eva looked at Adem. “What do you this?” she asked him.

    “I think they have suffered enough Eva.” Adem said with a smile.

    Eva smiled, "ok, I will let them off with just a warning.” She looked first Marie and then Rafi in the eye, “never do that again or so help me…”

    Marie nodded her head fast, “ok I promise you I will never do anything like this again. I promise to meddle all the time.”

    Rafi got up and then he dropped to one knee, “I promise to never keep another secret again. This I swear.” Rafi stood up and acted like a wait had been lifted from his shoulders, “I am so happy. One you tow are together and you look so cute and two I don’t have to keep another secret ever again. You will never know how hard it was to not tell you Eva.” Rafi started to laugh and soon everyone was laughing.

    Eva looked around the room at her friends. Then she looked at Adem and she felt happier then she had ever felt day in her life.