• Touhou - the Gensokyo Dalek invasion

    Chapter 5 - Moriya and the fairies

    *Durring that morning where John was leaving the Hakurei shrine with a tengu named Hatate Himekaidou and when they went airborne, John flew on his Nimbus 2001 with Hatate guiding him. John thought that this was far more pleasent than Aya's methods when she surried him on her back using her spellcard to get him to the great youkai mountain. When he arrived at the tengu village, he was taken to a pagota with a sighn saying "Kakashi Spirit News studio". John was suprised to see Momiji, even after what she did to him.*

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    Hatate= Here we are. Welcome to Kakashi Spirit.

    John= That flight was pleasent. Oh, Momiji.

    Momiji= I was transfered here while Aya is currently suspended. She left to go to the shrine you just left from. She wasn't too happy however.

    John= Im not suprised after overhearing that meeting with her and Shikieiki. She was probably upset about what she made me do. Especally when she ordered you to throw me in that spot full of fairies.

    Momiji= Sorry, I had to obey Aya.

    Hatate= So this is what you and Aya got for him? Perfect, now he's an honorary tengu. Especally after the nice present the other human got for him. John, show Momiji what you got.

    *John shows Momiji the scabbard and sword*

    Momiji= Isn't that the.......

    Hatate= Must have been something she bought from Rinnosuke. A reblica of our ainchent relic sword. There is no way that could be the real one, so you should take John with you and train him.

    Momiji= Really?

    Hatate= That way, you can be a master for a change. Since your the one taking orders all the time.

    Momiji= WHEEEEEE!!

    John= Im glad she's happy. So, when do we start? ......ooooh....*stomach growling*..... now it hits me. First of all, I hope there's something to eat.

    Hatate= Oh, in that case. We got some interviewing to do at the Moriya Shrine, it's right here in this mountain and it's all the way up top too. You have got to go there and meet the shrine maiden there. And.... their god.

    John= Another shrine? Sounds like fun. When do we go?

    Hatate= Right now.

    John= Oh, ok.

    *John mounts on his broom and waits for the tengu to guide him. And they all set out for the Moriya Shrine. While flying.... John was currious about the Moriya shrine, and wanted to ask Hatate about it.*

    Hatate= Yes?

    John= I wonder if this shrine and the Hakurei are some sort of rivals?

    Hatate= Perhaps. Well.... look, were here.

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    *Once they arrived at the Moriya Shrine, Hatate, Momiji, and John head towards it, although their still airborne, they softly levitated and waited for an audience with their shrine maiden. Then, one appeared. This one had green hair and blue eyes and wearing white with blue trims. The blue trims decorated with light blue polka dots and lines. She had 2 accesories in her hair, one of a frog and one of a snake. It was none other than Sanae Kochiya who greeted them.*

    Sanae= I see, welcome again neighbor tengu.

    Hatate= Were here for Kakashi Spirit buisiness today.

    Sanae= I thought Aya was gonna conduct her buisness with her Bunbunmaru news articles. Although I didnt feel very confortable about it. And who's the new tengu? Why is that one mounted on a broom like a human?

    Hatate= Oh, he's dressed up like one of us, but he's not one of us. He's actually someone from the outside world who stumbled here several days ago.

    Momiji= He's also a forenger too.

    Sanae= Really? So your from the outside world like me?

    John= Yep. But im from America. I have companions who are working at the Hakurei Shrine and....

    Sanae= So you met Reimu already?

    John= Me and my companions settled here for several days already. I already seen some facinating places too. I even got to see Princess Kaguya....

    Sanae= You met Kaguya too?

    Hatate= He met her in person too. I heard from Aya that he was showing off his magic to her.

    John= It wasn't all like that now. She wanted me to show her.

    Momiji= Aya also got herself in trouble with the tengu lord and she's suspended.

    Sanae= I see. So your ready to start the interviewing?

    John= ugh.......*stomach growls*......

    Momiji= Oh, that's right. We forgot. John is hungry.

    Sanae= I'll help him then. You 2 get prepaired while I take him with me and sumon my masters while I find John something to eat.

    *Inside the shrine.....*

    John= This is really nice.

    Sanae= Listen....John. There's something I need to tell you.

    John= Yes?

    Sanae= Are you aware of Aya and how she writes reports?

    John= Yep. Reimu showed me a newspaper.

    Sanae= I see. And are yu aware that Reimu was once a rival to us?

    John= No, I didn't know.

    Sanae= Figures. Since your new here. Oh..... here, try these.

    *Sanae hands out to John a dish of Onigiri stuffed with fruit and seeds. John took a bite out of one, and he was totally delighted, especally since they were filled with strawberry and plum. They were sweet and tangy and John loved it.*

    John= This is great. Thanks. How did you know I liked strawberries?

    Sanae= It was just something I was trying to make. Master Kanako dosen't like them. It was just too sweet for her. She likes her Onigiri sour and bitter. She likes them origional.

    John= Thanks so much for the Onigiri.

    ????? (woman's voice)= Sanae. Who is that your talking too? Are those tengu slacking off again?

    Sanae= Their outside prepairing for the interview with us. Oh, master Kanako.

    *It was none other than Kanako Yasaka, the god of wind and rain. She wore an elaborate red shirt with long white sleeves and a round mirror over the center of her chest. She had Red eyes and blue hair. She was now ready to question the new visitor.*

    Kanako= Wait a minnute.... this one isn't a tengu. That's a human dressed as a tengu.

    Sanae= It's their new assistant reporter. Aya dragged him into it when he first went with his fellow travelers to the Hakurei shrine and .....

    Kanako= I even overheard them talking about some magic using human back from the tengu village. So this is the outsider and forenger that human village was bragging about. So the same shrine maiden who defeated us when we tried to turn that shrine into our branch.

    Sanae= True, but.....

    Kanako= I can tell that this human is different from the ones we seen too. Even different than that other shrine maiden and that witch. I also heard that Aya got suspended for provoking a group of fairies by chucking him at them. That was very foolish. His name is ....John, right?

    John= How did you know my name?

    Kanako= I can overhear gossip. I have many followers, mainly by the beings who live in this very mountain. You be suprised how much human hoopla ventures all the way up here.

    Sanae= He even met Princess Kaguya in person too, out of pure luck and curiousity.

    Kanako= The lunarians behind Imperishable night huh? I wonder. So.... John. You demonstrated Kaguya your magic? I want to see it too. Change of plans my dear. The interview is postponed. I want to see this guy for what he's made of. Inform the tengu outside immediately.

    Sanae= Yes my master.

    Kanako= Meanwhile, I'll introduce young John here to the other god.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *Meanwhile....... back in the deep reaches of space inside the time and dimensonal vortex, the stolen galactic federation ship was still traveling with pursuit of Kaolla and her crew.*

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    *Suddenly, the conductor trails of the Tardis were suddenly scattered and unstable and the Daleks began to have trouble locating the accurate zones.*



    Dalek 1= I OBEY!

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *Later, back in Gensokyo, Shinobu, Kaolla and Nyamo discussed more about the festival and who else they were gonna help invite for it. They decided to go to the magic woods with Marisa and find out if any woodland creature or anyone else who would like to voulenteer since Reimu and Marisa DO attract attention to many types of youkai and other beeings. Kaolla, Shinobu, Nyamo, and Marisa were out durring the morning wandering the woods looking for more voulenteers and possibly to pick mushrooms allong the way.*

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    Kaolla= So, Marisa, What do you do with these mushrooms anyway?

    Marisa= Potion ingredents. Many types can also be used as a meal too. Helps me save time and money too. I dont have to buy so much groceries.

    Shinobu= You shouldn't eat just mushrooms allone. Is there anything else you like to eat besides that? I can always cook for you if you like?

    Nyamo= How about if we grilled some fish for you? John likes grilled fish as well.

    Marisa= Speaking of fish? Ever tried griled lamprey?

    Shinobu= Lamprey?

    Marisa= There supposed to have 8 eyes and look identicle to an eel. I had it a few times too. And I know someone who runs a lamprey stand too. Ever since she got caught trying to prey on humans, she was to never do it again or she would be .....

    Shinobu= ...huh? prey on humans?

    Marisa= She was a bit mischiefous too. Her singing could confuse us humans and she could cause night blindness. She's a young youkai and she's another friend of Cirno. I know what, we can invite her to this year's festival.

    Kaolla= Sounds great!

    Nyamo= We need to be sure if she can be trusted first.

    Marisa= Oh, of course. Mokou and Keinie go to her stand too. Her name is Mystia Loreli. She's a bit cute too. You got to meet her, but she lives deep in these other neck of the woods. Somewhere closer to the human village. We can take a crossroad that will take us there quicker.

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    *Later, they reached the crossroads and walked a dust trail to the other part of the woodland. There was a cooking stand with wheels and a girl dressed in brown and purple and with wings was there cooking some fish like ingredents. It was none other than Mystia herself and she was grilling the ingredents in a hibachi wire grill over charcoal and wood chips.*

    Shinobu= I hope this is safe?

    Nyamo= I hope so too.

    Kaolla= You guys worry too much.

    Marisa= Smell that everyone. That's her lamprey she's cooking. Well, it's almost noon time anyway, so I might as well have an early lunch. What do you say?

    Kaolla= Now your talking!

    *Marisa allong with Kaolla's group approached the stand and there she was, Mystia cooking her lamprey. She glanced at Marisa and to her suprise, she seen the company she had, those she havent seen before.*

    Mystia= Marisa? I didnt expect you here today.

    Marisa= I been walking with a new group of kids I like you to meet.

    Mystia= And who would these 3 may be?

    Marisa= This blonde here is Kaolla. She's a visitor like I never seen before. The other girl is a tropical girl named Nyamo. And this girl is already a japaneese citizen, this one is Shinobu. These 3 are new here in this world. There is a 4th one, is a guy who's a bit bigger than Rinnosuke. This is him in the picture.

    Mystia= Hmmmm.... I say he's human.

    Marisa= John, is his name. Him and these 3 are voulenteering for the new Hakure festival this year.

    Kaolla= John's at youkai mountain right now. He's participating in the festival too. And he's taking part time jobs with the tengu too. Isn't he so lucky?

    Shinobu= This is also the reason why John nearly got wasted by that ice fairy! Those tengu got him into trouble.

    Mystia= Ice fairy? You don't mean Cirno do you? Daiyousei dropped by the other day and heard about the incident in the paper. She was suprised that Cirno didnt get into that much trouble. It was in the Kakashi spirit news the other day.

    Kaolla= Wow, those tengu don't miss anything.

    Mystia= The news spread out to the other great fairies. Sunny Milk and her sisters heard about it too. So apparently, all the fairies know now.

    Shinobu= What did the Kakashi spirit say about John?

    Mystia= Here you go. They also write in these too.

    *Mystia hands Shinobu a Kakashi spirit news booklet. Shinobu reads the artilce....*

    Shinobu= Momiji's fumble lead to human assistants accident towards a fairy group. This didn't describe too much.

    Mystia= That's not all. The fairies that attacked him also told the others about it too. I also heard that those 3 fairy sisters are looking for that John guy you mentioned earlier.

    Nyamo= Oh no, I hope there not out to get revenge on John for that ice fairy?

    Mystia= Nah, They are very currious. It's not very common at all that a human forenger gets into so much arround here. Yet, it's quite rare for one to be attacked by Cirno and tell the tale without getting blunted up too bad and get to meet the lunarian princess at the same time. So, John, this human you talk about..... is actually the big talk of the fairies now. Daiyousei has already requested Alice to make dolls resembling him now, and every fairy wants one.

    Nyamo= This really dosen't make too much sense.

    Shinobu= Did Reimu ever get into something like this too?

    Mystia= She's caused trouble before, but not something like this. She's been here her whole life and knows her way arround so she wouldnt get into something like John has. John's new here and he's a forenger too, and had already gottnen into things he dosent have a clue about. So that would make him as he is now.

    Shinobu= I still don't get it.

    Kaolla= Im gonna get one of those John dolls too.

    Shinobu= KAOLLA SAN!! Your not helping here at all!

    *Everyone else except for Nyamo and Shonobu laughed hard.*

    Kaolla= Oh, Mystia. How would you like to help us in the festival this year?

    Shinobu= Your changing the subject. John isnt a piece of mmmmm.....

    *Marisa covered Shinobu's mouth momentarely*

    Mystia= Sure like too. It get's lonely here. All I ever get is fairy and youkai customers. Being arround a bunch of humans may do me a bit better with getting money. So I don't see why not?

    Kaolla= By the way, what are you saving up for?

    Mystia= Well..... that's personal.

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    *Meanwhile...... at the Moria shrine, John was demonstrating his magic spells for Kanako like he did for Kaguya. John was able to freeze, burn, blow up, and petrify all the targets that was set up for him. There was another God with them, a child like but was the oldest of them all. She had a purple dress and a white shirt with very large sleves, Blue eyes and blonde hair, and wore a large brimmed hat with frog like eyes at the top and kneehigh socks and black shos. This was Suwako Moriya, the original god of the Moriya shrine.*

    John= How is that?

    Kanako= Impressive. This isn't magic im used to be seeing arround here but im still impressed. Im suprised that the other shrine maiden didn't forsee this.

    Sanae= He should learn our Danmaku master. I think he would be great at it.

    Kanako= He still has allot to learn about that. Its not just using it you know, you also need to learn how to evade too. The real pro's like us are able to evade most simple spells without getting hit.

    Suwako= Let's train him right away. So next time that moron Cirno flips out on him again he can be ready.

    John= I see. How about my spells? Can they be of any use?

    Kanako= Well, you need something like a spell card. Only then you can create a good attack to your opponent. Like Cirno is a troublesome tomboy who is elemented to ice. You need fire to defend yourself.

    Suwako= I know someone who can really help him. We can train him a bit now, but he needs someone who can be with him all the time.

    Sanae= Who did you have in mind?

    Suwako= Patchouli Knowledge. She stay's cooped up in that huge library all the time. She's usually bored and get's almost no comany but that annoying Marisa who steals her books occasionally.

    Sanae= I really don't know. Last time I went there, I was challenged by the residense like that Hong Meling. She thought I was an exorcist and tried to shoo me away.

    John= Patchouli? Hong? Who are they?

    Kanako= He dosent know. Those 2 are youkai who live in the Scarlet Devil Residense.

    Sanae= What would they think of John?

    Suwako= Im sure they would reason with him if they learned about him. If the fairies did, I think Remilia Scarlet would be currious too.

    Kanako= But..... you know who and what SHE is do you? She isn't a fairy, even if she does have fairy servants. She's a vampire. Remember?

    John= Vampires, ..... here!?

    Kanako= I hope your not affraid of vampires.

    John= Oh, No. It's not that. I like them, at least some. There misjudged at times, but there the most noble of beings. I know they make exelent spys and agents and the real strong ones are really rich.

    Kanako= True, but.... there are types of magic you have that we don't have. That's another reason why your popular here too. Someone from the human village informed us about you repairing a table for Keine.

    John= Really? Wait.... what do you mean by me being "popular"?

    Kanako= You don't know?

    Sanae= You realy don't know you gotten popular with faries.

    Suwako= All because Aya's stupidity with you getting into being her reporter assistant got you into this. It's crazy.

    John= All because of Aya, im into this huh? I just don't believe this.

    *Suddenly, Hatate entered the shrine building currious of what was going on.*

    Hatatae= What is taking so long?

    Suwako= Were just talking about John here.

    Kanako= I tell you what Hatate. Were gonna be busy for awhile.

    Sanae= Wait. I tell you what. Master kanako, can we have Hatate send a letter to them?

    Kanako= Well....ok.

    Hatate= Me, send a letter. That's easy. I can write it down and .....

    Kanako= AHEM! I am writing the letter. You can deliver it.

    Suwako= We can train him a bit, allong with that Momiji kid training him. And in the evening, he has to go back to that Hakurei shrine, so he dosent get into trouble with them.

    Kanako= We can send him to the little young mistress of that big red manson after that festival is over. Till then, he's in Reimu's hands.

    *Kanako writes a letter with her fierce writing manar and speed and stamps the letter with her seal and gives it to Hatate to deliver.*

    Hatate= This..... ehhhhhh......it's to the Scarlet Devil Residence!?

    Kanako= Deliver it. But...DONT YOU DARE READ IT!! I don't want you writing anything else to complicate things for John anymore than you already did yesterday!

    Hatate= What?

    Kanako= Don't pretend you dont know! What you wrote in the Kakashi Spirit news booklets of yours!

    John= What? Hatate, is there something your not telling me?

    Suwako= Here. Read this. This is what she wrote about you.

    John= Ok.....let me see here....."Momiji's fumble lead to human assistants accident towards a fairy group." That isnt too bad.

    Suwako= Keep reading.

    John= .......hmmm......"This human is a forenger and had been in trouble with my college rival and visited the great lunar princess Kaguya at the same day, when attempting to ....TAKE FAIRY PANTY SHOTS!?" HATATE! This is the very same thing that got Aya into trouble! You 2 need to learn how you write things about people.

    Hatate= Look, the fairies love you now.

    John= There gonna think im a pervert!

    Suwako= Keep reading.

    John= "However..... Aya ordered Momiji to throw him into the fairy hord where he was wrongfully accused. Cirno the iddiot fairy attacked him with the victim not knowing since he was a new citizen. Rushed to the Enitie clinic for treatment and had an unusual visit from princess Kaguya. Local fairy Daiyousei, close friend of Cirno, requested Alice Margatroid to make dolls of him since he's now the talk of the fairy population in Gensokyo, and now a fairy wants to .....either challenge him or ask him out on a date, or even get to meet him." Hatate, some of the words you used here were good, but I still say you need to use more caution when you pick words.

    Kanako= And this letter is for the tengu lord. It's a notice for..... well, it's betwen me and him.

    Hatate= Ok. I'll deliver it.

    *Hatate left to deliver the letter.*

    John= Mind if I ask what was that about?

    Kanako= It's about you. It's so Hatate dosen't do anything crazy to you like Aya did. Those tengu can be a nucence and can cause trouble for you if your not careful. It's also about the events after the festival, once it's over, your free to leave the tengu if you like. Then you will be studied. We are currious about you and your powers.

    John= Really? Although I used to be terrible in this stuff, I managed to learn allot. I wasn't born with it you see..... I was made magical.

    Kanako= It's quite alright. Now, Suwako, Sanae.... would you mind teaching John a few pointers about our country's magic?

    Sanae= Sure thing.

    Suwako= Exelent. John, if you please follow us to the lake. We will teach you some of our spells.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *Later on,......after all of that beginers training, it was almost sundown.*

    John= Woah, I worked up a sweat. Oh crap, look at the time. Im gonna be late to the festival grouping. Reimu is gonna be mad if im late.

    Suwako= Well, that was fun. We need to do this again.

    ?????= And just what do you think you are doing with my shrines manager!?

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    *Suddenly, there was a girl with long blue hair that appeared out of nowhere. She wore a big blue dress and a big white apron with different colored shards, and with a black cap decorated with peaches. She also had red eyes. It was none other than Tenshi Hinanai. She gazer her angry expression at Suwako and Sanae with jealosy and disgust.*

    Sanae= It's the Hakure shrine god.

    John= This is.....huh?

    Tenchi= Ah, Ha! You must be the new festival recruit. Your a bit larger than I expected. Anyway, your comming with me.

    Sanae= Your taking him back down the mountain?

    Tenchi= Yes I am. As for you mister, wnen we get back to the Hakure shrine, your in allot of trouble for hanging out with our riv....

    *Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck Tenchi on her head.*

    ?????= Tenchi! How many times do I have to remind you not to schold the newcomers! You already scolded one of them for no reason.

    *Another being appeared, and it was another girl. She had short Violet hair, white shirt and a wide long black dress. She also wore a large and long red and white shawl that wrapped aroud her blouse and arms. She also had a bowlers cap with 2 extending ribbons that looked like whiskers. It was none other than Iku Nagae. She looked angry at Tenchi and then she turned her direction to John.*

    Iku= It's alright John. I heard about you and we were wondering if you gotten into any moe trouble.

    John= It's ok, really. Suwako, Kanako, and Sanae were really good to me. It was Hatate who brought me here in the first place. Although Hatate didnt cause me much trouble like Aya did.

    Sanae= Were so sorry.

    Iku= it's quite alright. Im sorry if Tenchi scolded you all.

    Tenchi= It's not alright!

    Iku= Want another one!?

    Tenchi= ....,

    Iku= I will take John back, but if you were willing to take him down yourself, then feel free too. I didn't want to hurt your pride.

    Kanako= Oh, it's ok. You can take him. Besides, we don't want Reimu to take it the wrong way if she found out ....

    Iku= I won't tell.

    Tenchi= Im tellin!

    Iku= You will not, so shut it! John, it's alright.

    John= I'll get my broom.

    Suwako= Here you go.

    John= Thanks.

    Iku= And I was wondering where you got that tengu get up? And you flew a broom here? I think the tengu outfit and riding a flying broom looks a bit silly.

    Tenchi= You meant "stupid"?

    Iku= If your using the word "stupid", you better be refering to yourself and not to John!

    *Later, John made his farewells to the residense of the Moriya shrine and headed to the Hakure shrine.... where John continued his job for the festival preperations..... but as soon as John left a few minnutes later.....the Moryia shrine was visited by unusual guests.*

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    Sanae= Huh? Fairies?

    Suwako= What are fairies doing here?

    Kanako= Are you looking for that moron friend of yours, if you are your in the wrong place.

    Suwako= Yeah, and if she was here, we would have ran her out of here. She is not going to freeze any frogs on my watch.

    *The 3 fairies were fancy dressed and were in different looks, and were eager about their visitor. One had blue eyes, dressed in red and white, ginger red hair with pigtails and she seemd to have small fangs. It was none other than Sunny Milk, to her left was a timid looking blonde fairy who wore a white mob cap, white dress with black trims and ribons. Her wings were somewhat sickle shaped, was none other than Lunar Child. To Sunny's right, the 3rd fairy had long black hair and looked similar to Kaguya, except she wore a blue dress and a ribon on her head, wich she also had a white apron. She was Star Saphire. They were following John all day but couldn't pinpoint him exactly. *

    Kanako= You better tell us why you 3 are here?

    Sunny Milk= We were here because of this recent outsider. We heard he gave some of our fairy friends a bit of scare.

    Sanae= She's talking about John just now.

    Lunar Child= We came here because of him. We want to meet him.

    Star Saphire= We read that Kakashi Spirit magazine and we wanted to introduce ourselves to him.

    Suwako= You better not be planning any revenge to that poor guy!

    Sanae= Are you planning to pull some pranks on him!? I will not allow it either!

    Sunny Milk= No no no. We really wanted to meet him. We weren't gonna pull a prank on him. We swear it.

    Kanako= Well, anyway. You just mised him. He was picked up by the Hakurei shrine god and left. If you want to see him he's there.

    Lunar Child= But.... that's the Hakurei shrine, closest to home.

    Star Saphire= What are we waiting for anyway? Let's go see him now!

    Suwako= Im warning you three! If you do him any harm, I swear....

    Sanae= let's give them a chance and see if their true to their word. I will watch them.

    Sunny Milk= We won't hurt him, we promise.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *So the 3 fairy's left the Morya shrine to persue John again. This time heading back down the mountain and setting course to the Hakurei shrine......meanwhile......back at the Hakurei shrine, that night......all of the work had been done.*

    (Music playing - As drunk as I like/ Touhou SWR)Download

    Reimu= Looks like that's all for tonight. Everyone's earned their keep. Now the rest of you can go home and be ready tommorow evening.

    Shinobu= All of those dishes I need to prepair. All of that stuff to do. I couldn't have done it without Mystia's help.

    Akyu= All of those Ema tablets I had to help make, last year. Although we got some left, we still don't have enough wood to keep a good supply.

    Kaolla= We can help with that. I can build a machine that can print the symbols for your Ema tablets.

    Akyu= Why that's very thoughtful Kaolla-chan.

    Mystia= I never knew that we were gonna have another festival early this summer. I thought it was held in August?

    Nyamo= But this is the last week of June.

    John= That means it's in the 1st of July? I havent been in a festival before, but this is the 1st time I ever pitched in for one.

    Cirno= Hey, John!

    John= Y-Yes?

    Cirno= Try this out. I want you to try it since your our manager.

    *John tried out the snow cone and it was really good. It tasted like strawberries and watermellons.*

    John= Mmmmmm..... This is pretty good.

    Cirno= I thought you'd like it. It's a sample of what im gonna do this year. I thought I make a snow cone stand.

    John= That's exelent! Glad you thought of it.

    Akyu= Cirno seems happy with you John-san.

    John= Although she attacked me....

    Kaolla= And that's all behind us now. And after we got you that nice sword as a present and all.

    John= Yeah, that's right.

    Mystia= I seen those before. The Tengu were supposed to have a festival too, but that's the tengu village festival and they used to have them in August too. Now since the Morya shrine is there ever since, they now moved it up to late July.

    John= So, what about tommorow? What do we do next?

    Suika= We come back here tommorow evening?

    Akyu= No. We only have 1 more day till the festival and we have to make rehersal plans and we have to wear Miko red outfits like we did last year.

    John= Woah....I hope I don't have to wear one! Those outfits are for girls.

    Akyu= *laughs* Your right. But not to worry, your tengu outfit will do fine.

    John= Whew......you scared me there.

    Suika= Ok, everyone. I set us up some drinks. Bottoms up!

    *Everyone except for Shinobu, Nyamo, and Kaolla picked up a small ceramic cup and drinked, but John also picked up his too.*

    John= I wonder what this is?

    *John took a quick drnk of his cup and when he finished, John's face went all like he saw something that shocked him of suprise and shivered a bit.*

    John= Guahhhh..... what .... is.... this....!?

    Shinobu= Oh no, I forgot to warn him....

    Kaolla= I don't do that stuff.

    Nyamo= Me neither.

    Akyu= John-san is reacting like Chen.

    Cirno= Your tellin me HE dosen't know what THAT is!? *began to laugh*

    Suika= It's my specalty Oni made pure sake.

    Shinobu= But... John hasn't had sake before has he?

    John= This....is ...s-s-sake? It's good but..... I almost felt like I wa...

    Suika= You like it!? Great! Here's some more for our great manager.

    John= No...wait...stop ..... I...

    *Suika grabbed John by his neck and John couldnt break free from her grip and Suika stuck her goard bottle in his mouth and was forced a big swigg of the oni sake and then John passed out moments later.*

    Mystia= uh oh..... someone isn't used to sake.

    Shinobu= Suika! What have you done!

    Cirno= I think you killed him already.

    Nyamo= John isn't used to alcohol!

    Reimu= What the hell is going on here? Me, Alice and Marisa were just finishing up paperwork and.....huh?

    Suika= Looks like my specal oni made spirits didn't agree with him.

    Reimu= Bring him in. He can sleep here tonight, again. He'll be fine tommorow morning. Im tired too. Let's go to sleep.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *Everyone went home but John was all passed out and didn't wake up for a moment when he was dragged in the building and everyone went to sleep...... but that very night.......*

    Sunny Milk= Shhhh.... you'll wake them up.

    Lunar Child= But do you know where we are now!?

    Star Saphire= But if we keep quiet, they won't hear us. Let's just snatch the human and go!

    Sunny Milk= Shoosh! Now, help me with this side. You get over there and......

    *Sunny Milk, Star Saphire, and Lunar Child got to each corner of the futon and dragged John out carefully.*

    Lunar Child= What are we gonna do with him?

    Star Saphire= We haven't thought of that yet.

    Sunny Milk= We'll figure that out later, lets get him to our house first.

    *The next morning.....John was waking up moaning and groaning.......waking up, but to his suprise, John wasn't in Reimu's complex anymore. He was inside a house made of a whole tree.....John was in a giant tree. But John was only wearing a t-shirt and boxers. And John gave a stretch and yawned.....but he felt his breath and mouth were feeling fowl and needed to brush immediately.*

    (Music playing - Nandaka ~ I don't know/ Azumanga Diaoh)Download

    John= My mouth.....urgh....I need to brush my teeth like now! What the hell!? Oh s**t! I been kidnapped by the Keeblers! No ...wait. Im in Japan, .... s**t,.... I can't keep my mind straight......not after Suika gave me her.....Oh no! Im not familiar with this world yet. Ohhhh damn!! My tengu outfit...my broom... my sword and wand..... s**t, IM SCREWED!

    *Suddenly, John can hear talking from the other room.... John took sight of the snuggle style furnature, doors, and windows, and it wasn't japanese style at all. *

    Girls voice 1= I can hear him! He's awake.

    Girls voice 2= He noticed he was kidnapped. *giggles*

    Girls voice 1= He wouldn't hurt us will he? We never had a man in here before.

    Girls voice 3= Nah. Not after what that miss iddiot did to him. He'd be suprised but not scared.

    Girls voice 1= I like to know what happened to him last night. When we dragged him out, we stumbled and grunted, and he didn't flinch the slightest.

    Girls voice 3= I smelled sake in his breath. Oni made too.

    Girls voice 2= So.... they may have had a drink out. Man, I wish I had some of that stuff.

    Girls voice 3= Nope, I watched them. He wasn't used to oni spirits, I watched him as that oni brat gave him a good dose of it, and he passed out on the ground.

    Girls voice 1= Well, anyway. He's awake so lets introduce ourselved to him shall we?

    *The door opened and 3 cute fairies all in ribboned bell shaped dresses appeared in front of John as he stumbled a bit grasping his head. The 3 fairies also noticed that John suddenly held to his stomach below his naval area and then ........*

    John= Owwwww... I hope one of you can help me to the bathroom? I got to pee like badly!

    Sunny Milk= I think he needs to go.

    Lunar Child= Do we have a toilet here?

    John= Dont tell me you don't have a toilet in this keebler tree do you?

    Star Saphile= Here.....follow me.

    *Star Saphire lead John to the toilet and John went in and shut the door... through the door, Star Saphire and Lunar Child listened through the door as John was urinating and heard him moan in pain.*

    John= Urghhhhhhh!! Damn little oni! Ahhhh..... im never letting her give me that stuff again....

    Lunar Child= He sounds like he's sick.

    Star Saphire= He must had a real burnning sensation.

    *Both fairies began to giggle while John finished and fixed his boxers, but Lunar Child entered the bathroom and without John noticing.....*

    Lunar Child= Ewwwwww.....it stinks.

    John= I know, it's because of...huh? ....EHhh! Lunar!?

    Lunar Child= So dark and smelly.

    John= You shouldn't be looking at that.

    *John flushed the toilet right away, and then took to the sink and looked for a toothbrush.*

    Lunar Child= What are you doing with our toothbrushes?

    John= You dont have a spare do you? I got to brush like badly.

    *Lunar Child gave John one of her old toothbrushes and John began to grab the toothpaste and began to brush his teeth desparately.*

    Star Saphire= What are you doing in here with him Lunar?

    Lunar Child= I was.... currious.

    Star Saphire= And why is he brushing his teeth here?

    Lunar Child= It's one of my old brushes.

    *Later..... John finished and brushed and fixed up his bed messed hair and although John wanted to go out, he had nothing decent to wear. All he had on was a pair of boxers, and a t-shirt. As for the others, what will happen when they descover when John was missing?*

    To be continued......