Farfalla guided Sunny through the forest where Sunny mysteriously woke up. The forest was thick, dense, and smelt like spring. The air was crisp and cold. Sunny rubbed her bare arms. She wore a plain, red tunic over brown breeches. A black leather belt with a brass buckle sat on her hips. Her clothes were slightly scratchy, but over all quite comfortable and movable. The leather shoes on Sunny's feet weren't much protection from the rough terrain, so her feet ached.
    "So, where are we?" Sunny asked, curiosity and fear making her voice high and squeaky. She still couldn't remember anything about herself, or where she was. Plus the forest was dark and she kept hearing the trees rustle, almost like there was something jumping through the tree tops following them.
    "We are on the outskirts of Grey Banks Village." Farfalla replied boredly. She yawned. "We will make camp here." She pulled off the large pack that was resting against her back and started taking things out of it. Sunny realized that Farfalla was used to being in charge, and for some reason it bothered her.
    Something flashed from underneath Farfalla's dark cloak, Sunny saw a dark belt that was decorated with multiple long shiny knives. Sunny decided they were for protection and cooking. What else would Farfalla need them for.

    Sunny and Farfalla set up a little tent and a small fire in just off the path. Farfalla produced dried meat from her bag, passed some of it to Sunny, and they sat and ate, tearing the leathery meat loudly with their teeth.
    "Farfalla, who are you?"
    "What is that supposed to mean?"
    "Well, what do you do? Why were you in the woods? Where are you from? Stuff like that"
    "Well my little sunshine, I am a business woman, I am on my way to Grey Banks for business so I had to cross through the woods. I am from the deserts over seas." That was mysterious, Sunny thought. She was about to ask more questions, but Farfalla stopped her and ordered Sunny to get some rest, because tomorrow they would make it to Grey Banks by dinner and she needed to get some strength. So Sunny curled under a blanket in the tent and drifted off to sleep.

    Sunny was startled awake by a sharp pain in her leg. Teeth were clamped down on it, penetrating the skin. Sunny screamed in terror and agony, it was shrill and quickly silenced by a deep throaty growl. Those teeth belonged to something huge, and something feline. She was dragged unwillingly out of the tent. Sunny kicked with her free leg at the mouth and when it connected the animal made an almost shrieking noise. Sunny scrambled in the opposite direction, her leg screaming pain at her everytime she moved it.
    "Farfalla!" She cried out, praying for help. Her eyes adjusted to the dusky morning and she saw the giant cat circling around her. It was large, yellow, and had scraggly fur. Farfalla appeared from the shadows with an arm full of sticks and twigs.
    "What the hell." She sighed, then she dropped her arm load, grabbed a knife from her belt and lunged at the cat. They wrestled on the ground, the large cat biting at Farfalla's neck while Farfalla expertly dodged rolled and lunged. Unfortunately the cat found an opening and clamped down on Farfalla's shoulder.
    "Damn it all" Farfalla hissed and stabbed the cat three times in the back. It let go with a catty grunt. Backing away the cat slowly submitted to Farfalla's dominance. Farfalla lunged for the cat again and dug her blade deep into its chest. The cat fell on it's side, all life escaping its body.
    "Why did you kill it? It backed down!" Sunny was astonished, surely Farfalla could have let it live.
    "Sunny when an animal attacks a human for no odd reason, the animal is insane, plus it was in pain, it was an act of mercy to kill it." Farfalla seemed bored, and Sunny was not impressed with her lack of sensitivity for the poor creature.
    "Can you walk?"
    "I...I think so, it's just painful." Sunny winced as she applied weight to her leg, testing it.
    "Good, we need to leave before this guy's family finds a reason for attacking humans." Farfalla announced. So Sunny helped her pack up, all the while she lost more blood and grew weaker. Then they headed out, getting closer to Sunny's memory with every painful step.