• When I was a little girl my mother used to tell me a story to keep me from being bad. She would tell me of a demon that would find people who did bad things and kill them. She said that nobody ever saw the demon, that they just heard men scream, and they found the bodies of the men on the floor, and their blood all over the walls. The most anyone had ever seen of the demon was his glowing red eyes, and wide, evil smile as he vanished.

    She would try to scare me whenever I did something bad around the house by saying the demon would get me, but I always rolled my eyes and laughed. I never believed it until one day...

    I had run in with a bad crowd in my teenage years, I was kind of a tramp and I would do anything to piss off my dad. Well one day me and one of my friends went to a party at a friend of a friends house. When we got there everyone was already drunk, so me and my girlfriend took to drinking as well.

    Well a couple of guys grabbed my friend and dragged her to the back when I wasn't looking. Hours later when the party had died down I walked out of the living room of the house looking for her when I heard the screams of men. Nobody else had heard because they were all passed out.

    When I followed the screams, I entered the bedroom to find my friends naked body on the floor, and on top of her were the bodies of the men who had obviously raped and killed her.

    And standing above them was a tall figure wearing all black and blood red. As he turned to face me, I saw first his eyes, glowing red like the deepest pits of hell, and then, as his eyes gazed upon mine, the crack of a long, heinous smile crossed his lips. And as I stared, he began to evaporate into a thick black smoke, until only the eyes and the smile remained, lingering for a moment in the air before vanishing themselves.

    To this day when my daughter does something bad, I smack her hand and tell her to beware the demon my mother taught me of, so that one day the same fate doesn't befall her.