• Kyle wore a devious smirk on his face as he and his partner Matthew continued to stare at the front of the classroom. At the front row of first period Biology class was Wintry, a girl with long flowing blonde hair. Unlike her beautiful hair Wintry had incredibly inflated cheeks, which attracted attention from her classmates. Including the two boys, who couldn’t care less about the lesson, constantly whispered and silently laughed at Wintry’s appearance. To an idiot’s eyes Wintry looked like an incredibly goofy chipmunk. They were idiots because they immediately judged a person based on only her outward physical appearance. Out of the two Kyle was the real joker for even Matthew’s feeble attempt to add common sense into his friend seemed to fail.

    Coming back to reality, the next day Matthew and Kyle met and arrived to school early, to prepare for their little plan against the Wintry the chipmunk. They arrived early, too early a time that not a single sound stirred from the hallways. Too early that not even the school ventilation system went running.

    The boys carefully sneaked their way in into the nearest washroom and threw a garbage bag down on the floor. Matthew immediately stood next to the door, doing his job as lookout as Kyle took hold of the bag and grabbed a few of its contents: balloon wraps. Kyle opened them up and placed them over the now running sink. He watched as in mere seconds the balloons grew into the size of half a football, filled with water.

    “This is going to be awesome!” Kyle’s voice chipped with excitement “That Chipmunk won’t know what hit her!”

    Their plan was a water ambush as a means of a practical joke on Wintry Dashford, where in a good seven fifty a.m. would be walking calmly towards the school entrance, right on schedule. At the right time, the two boys would dash out towards and through the school’s front doors and launch a barrage of water balloons at Wintry, where they calculated would be standing right in front of them.

    Kyle grew into a fit of laughter as he tied the full balloons and re-did the process with another batch.

    “You’re imagining it already happened aren’t you” Matthew asked with amusement.

    Eventually the clock ticked seven forty and the boys were nearly done all their preparations. Ten minutes later the boys left their stuff behind and started dashing towards the door. It was time.

    A heavy shower of water poured down on Kyle’s face. The water caused his auburn hair to droop on his face, blinding him from sight. Automatically he panicked; unaware of what was going on around him.

    “W-what happened? What’s going on here?” he heard his partner demanding beside him.

    Kyle relaxed some, aware that Matt was still with him on this unexpected crisis. Even yet, Kyle had the urge on the same questions. He frowned. What had exactly gone wrong? He and Matt ran towards the door, expecting Chipmunk girl waiting right outside for them. As soon as they did they found her to be nowhere in sight, which didn’t still explain why the sudden water shower came pouring down from above in the sky.

    Matthew and Kyle soon saw that right outside and near the building, nearly the entire student body had gathered all around them.

    “I demand an explanation!” Kyle blurted out “What is this? Why are you guys here?”
    Now the boys were idiots once again. Yes they certainly planned the props; Wintry’s every step during the past few days, and the time and exact location they were to initiate their plan. However, what they hadn’t planned was a little something called revenge.


    Kyle tripped and fell down the steps on an unnoticed banana peel. During the process about half of the boy’s water balloon supplies fell out of the pockets. More splashes of water further soaked the ground as the fallen balloons withered away into smithereens.

    “Here’s your proof Mr. Johnson”

    A smooth and familiar feminine voice stood out amongst the crowd as the blond Wintry appeared, pushing her way through the crowd with the bald principal. Wintry stopped right in front of the stone steps, grinning right at the two idiots who had just made a fool of themselves.

    “Y-you! Why are you here?” Matthew’s teeth clenched in the cold “And what’s with the crowd?!”

    “Hey Matt, it’s a little something called payback. I knew you two would plan to do something like this” continued Wintry coolly “After a month of endless teasing, I decided enough was enough”

    Wintry flipped out her bag from her back and started rummaging through. Matthew and Kyle’s eyes bulged with mass surprise as they saw what was in her hand. Right there, plainly for everyone to view was their list of plans they had written down on a leather notebook.

    “Next time, don’t forget to put your most precious items in your lockers boys” said Wintry “Bye!”

    The next hour the two idiots spent their time in disciplinary action, where they were suspended for a month for the crimes of past pranks upon other students and school properties in the past, which was also duly written down on the book.