• Chapter 2

    High Flying

    Soon the morning sun rose up and so did Mayu. She sat up in her bed and stretched her arms. She climbed out of bed and got dressed for the day. As she walked out into the hallway, she noticed that the second bedroom door was open.
    "I wonder if Takuma is up yet." She walked into his bedroom and over to his bed. She looked down at the bed and saw Takuma sleeping soundly. "I shouldn't wake him yet." She whispered quietly as she softly walked out of his room. She shut the door and made her way down the stairs. As she entered the kitchen, she remembered that they had no food in the house. "I have to go shopping for food." She slipped on her shoes and looked up the stairs. "I better let Takuma know I'm going out." She walked up the stairs and turned into his door. She opened the door and peered in. Takuma was still asleep in his bed. She walked over to him and gave in a gentle nudge. "Takuma." He opened his eyes and yawned.
    "What is it?"
    "I'm going out to buy some groceries. I'll be back soon." She went to turn when Takuma grabbed her arm.
    "Hold it. I'll go with you." Takuma sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes.
    "You dont have to do that. I'm fine going by myself." Takuma crawled out of his bed and started to get dress. Mayu blushed a little and quickly turned her back to him.
    "I have to go. I didn't finish explaining about the magic yesterday. Plus, you never know when a magic is going to appear." Takuma finished getting dressed and turned to Mayu. "Shall we?" Mayu turned back around and nodded at him. They walked down the stairs and out the door. She locked the door and they started down the path. After reaching the bus stop, Mayu sat down at the bench and looked up the road.
    "I guess we have to wait a little while. So, what did you mean when you weren't done explaining about the magic." Takuma sat down beside her and began the explainantion.
    "There is something about the magic you need to know. The magic hides within the human heart and fulfill its deepest, darkest desire. The magic will slowly take control of the person's heart and then the body. Then the magic will fulfill its desire by any means necessary." Mayu looked at Takuma in shock. "But the only way for us to catch the person is to see it trying to fulfill the magic's desire." He paused in the explaination for a minute. As he was about to speak again, the bus appeared up the road and slowed down to a stop at the bus stop. The bus driver opened the door and let them inside the bus. They took a seat in the back of bus to avoid the bus driver from hearing them. Mayu looked over at Takuma.
    "So you're saying they control people's hearts." Takuma nodded at her.
    "Yes. But only people who are weak againist magic will be invaded."
    "Well if that's the case, then we will have to wait a while before the magic shows itself."
    "Not necessarily. Depending on the strength of the magic and how weak the person is to magic will vary how long it takes quite alot."
    "So you're saying that the magic can show itself at anytime?"
    "Correct. That's why I must be with you at all times. Just in case they do show themselves." Mayu turned and looked out the front of the bus. The rest of the drive into town was silent as can be. Soon, they were in town and driving towards the shopping district. The bus stopped at the bus stop in the shopping district. Just as they started to the front of bus, the bus driver looked back at them.
    "Who is this handsom young boy with you today, Miss Mayu?" Mayu looked back at Takuma and then looked back at the bus driver.
    "This is my little brother, Takuma." Takuma gave an angry glare at Mayu.
    "How come he wasn't with you yesterday?"
    "He wasn't feeling well that morning so he stayed with a friend. He was better that afternoon and his friend's parents dropped him off at my house." The bus driver laughed and looked at Takuma.
    "You two do look a lot alike. Well, I guess I'll see you soon, Miss Mayu." Mayu smiled at him and they got off the bus. She turned and waved at the bus driver.
    "Good-bye." The bus driver smiled and nodded at them. A few people got on the bus and the bus closed its doors. The bus took of into town and out of sight. Mayu turned to Takuma and noticed his evil glare.
    "Little brother, huh? What's the big idea calling me your little brother?" They started walking to the direction of one of the many stores.
    "What else was I going to tell him. That the boy behind me came out of chest after hundreds of years and I am helping him to find some dangerous magic. He wouldn't have believed me. Besides, I always wanted a little brother." Takuma turned his head away from her.
    "I knew there was a hidden motive there." Mayu laughed a little and smiled at him.
    "I'll tell you what. To make up for the little brother thing, I buy you something sweet. How does that sound?" Takuma looked up at her then turned away again.
    "Fine." Mayu smiled and they continued until they reached a store. They entered the store and grabbed at cart. They walked around the store picking up groceries and necessities. After some time, they checked out with many bags in their arms. They headed back up to the house on foot. An hour went by and they finally reached the house and placed the groceries down on the kitchen floor. Outside, it was starting to turn into night. They start to put up the groceries when they heard sirens in town.
    "I wonder what's going on?" Takuma tensed up and looked towards town. Mayu looked at him confused. "Is something wrong?" Takuma looked at Mayu with a serious look on his face.
    "I sense a magic in town." Mayu nodded as they rushed back into town. As they got into town, a large crowd of people surround a tall six story building. As they got closer, they saw a man at the very top of the building. Over the sirens, they could barely hear the man shout.
    "I will fly! You can't stop me!" The cops were speaking into the megaphone as they held off the enterance to the building.
    "Just come down from there! You can't throw yourself off the building." Takuma looked at Mayu.
    "We have to get up there." Mayu looked back at him in shock.
    "How are we going to do that? The enterance is blocked and we can't sneak inside." Takuma looked around trying to find a way inside the building. Suddenly the man started to teeter of the edge of the building. Takuma looked at Mayu in shock.
    "Call out Kastha! You can save the man with her."
    "Not in this crowd people will she will be seen or they will hear me!"
    "No one can hear over the sirens. Hurry!" Mayu nodded her head and began to chant.
    "I call upon thee. The ever eternal magic that aids me. Come forth, Kastha!" The magic circle appeared and so did Kastha. As she appeared, the man fell off the building. People started to scream in horror. Over the screams of the people, Mayu shouted. "Save that man!" Kastha pulled out her large fan and whipped out a whirlwind that caught the man just before he hit the ground. The whirlwind disappated and the man landed on the ground safely. Everyone start to clap that the man was okay. Police went and brought the man over to medics. Takuma looked over at Mayu.
    "You have to collect the magic. 'Return to your confinement, Magic!' Say before he gets away." Mayu nodded and began to chant.
    "Return to your confinement, Magic!" A swirling mist came out of the man and into the palm of Mayu's hand. Her hand started to sting a little but it soon faded away. Kastha looked over at Mayu and smiled.
    "Way to go, Master!" Mayu started to panic and looked around quickly.
    "You better return. Someone might see you." Kastha started to laugh and shook her head.
    "Only people with high magical skill can see us let alone communicate with us." She gave Mayu a bow. "Until next time, Master." Kastha disappeared and back into Mayu. Takuma looked over at Mayu and nodded at her.
    "Kastha is correct, you know." He looked over at the man who was with the medics. "He won't have any memories from when he was possesed by the magic." He turned back to Mayu. "Now then, let's meet this new magic." Takuma lead Mayu to the top of a building near by where the man fell. Takuma nodded at her and Mayu began to chant once again.
    "I call upon thee. The ever eternal magic that aids me. Come forth, Magic!" A different magic circle appeared before them. A young woman started to appear. The woman wore a red dress with a black cape draped around her shoulders. The woman had chestnut brown hair and firey red eyes. The woman was adorned with many pieces of jewerly. On her back was a set of red and black bat-like wings. The woman looked at Mayu.
    "Who are you suppose to be?"
    "I am Mayu Ronwen. I am the Keeper of the Magic." The woman looked at her and laughed.
    "I apologize for my rudeness. I am Tsubasa and I'm the power of Flight." Tsubasa walked over to Mayu and grabbed hold of her hand. "Hold on." She took of with Mayu in tow. Mayu looked around in shock and panic.
    "Put me down! Please!" Tsubasa laughed and went back down to the building and set her down.
    "Sorry about that. Is there anything else you need?" Takuma walked up to Tsubasa and nodded.
    "Yes. Can you take us home please?" Tsubasa nodded and grabbed both of their hands.
    "Hold on tight." She lifted of the ground and started to fly in the direction of thier house. Soon, they reached Mayu's house in no time at all. Tsubasa gently placed Mayu and Takuma on the ground and then touched the ground herself. "See you later, Master." Tsubasa vanished and return to Mayu. Mayu and Takuma headed inside the house and went into the kitchen. They finished putting up the groceries and fixed their dinner. After dinner, they went up the stairs and stopped in the hallway. Mayu turned to Takuma.
    "I have school tomorrow. So, I won't be here most of the day." Takuma looked over at Mayu.
    "But I have to stay with you at all times."
    "I can't bring you with me to my highschool. But there is a elemetary school next door. You can enroll there and still be close by." Takuma thought about it for a minute. He looked up at Mayu.
    "Alright. That will have to do for now." Takuma walked into his room and turned to shut the door. "Good night." Mayu nodded as he closed the door.
    "Good night." Mayu walked into her and flopped on the bed. Two magics have already been collected. How many more are out there, she thought. She closed her eyes and crawled under the sheets. She soon drifted off to sleep.