• Prologue

    Allow me to tell you a tale that has last over hundreds of years. For the last eternity, two groups have clashed in everlasting battle. There was the group of good known Fortis as who fought for peace. Then there was the group of evil known as Malum fighting to control the world. The two groups were skilled in differnet skills. In Fortis, there was a swordsman, mage, healer, summoner and their angelic leader. The Malum contained a scythe weilder, gunner, puppeter, an assassin, and their leader. The leader of Malum was a demon of unimaginable power. Their very last battle was one hundred years ago that resulted in the lost of the Fortis's leader. In retaliation, the Fortis sealed away the Malum's demonic leader. After both leader were gone of the face of the earth, the groups disappeared into time and awaited the time to battle once again. Fortis waited and searched for the leader to be reborn. While Malum tried to find their leader and break the seal on him. Soon the groups will be reunited and the battle of eternity will continue once again.

    One year ago, a group of people walked up towards a set of old ruins far into the country side. As the group entered the ruins, they looked up at the back wall to see a stone statue within the wall. One of the group members walked up to the statue and place his hand on the staute's head. The person spoke in a different language.
    "Quasso solvo nostra dux ducis." said the person. As soon as the person finished speaking, the statue started to crack. Then the statue shattered into a cloud of dust. From the cloud of dust, a pair of crimson eyes shined through. Through the dust cloud, the crimson eyed creature smiled evily at them.
    "It is time, my soliders." said the creature. The creature walked past them and out the door. The group followed the crimson eyed creature out the ruins and followed it out to where ever it leaded them.