• Chapter One
    Devil lad tried to not show the excitment placed on his face, so as he swallowed it down
    it grew stronger, the urge to see Finch was unmistakable. His Heart raced to see that feiry
    head of hair, that mischevious glint that shimmered in his eyes when he planned revenge.
    That tone of voice, strong and uneasly powered over.'Im the only person whose made him blush.'
    He thought, being reminded of that slightly peach pink that smothered his cheeks after we
    first kissed. Treasuring that thought and holding it close as he walked through the halls
    hearing the snickers and snorts of disgusts brought him back.
    Being an outcast here was easy, when you've got someone to be with. "Finch is the only
    thing keeping me sane Mr. Kitty, just because your straight doesnt mean you have to be
    so rude about me 'nd Finch together." DL said to Mr. Kitty. "Well to me its weird that
    my best friends are dating," he complained. "And its not good for my rep with the ladies."
    he groaned. DL rememered that Mr.kittys last relationship hadnt ended well and the pain was
    still fresh in his mind. " Look, Me & him are happy, Just try to be happy for us?" He
    almost seemed to be pleading. 'Do i sound desprate? do i just not want another person
    against my happiness? No he wouldnt betray us like that. Would he?'
    He realized Finch was just across the hall, and all thoughts of Mr. Kitty faded out like a
    poorly lit candle. His heart told him to run to his embrace that was always waiting, but
    he couldnt bring himself to it. 'Why?' When his arms pulled the shorter boy close he realized
    how much spring break had killed him and how much he missed these moments. "Hey." Finch said
    still slightly shy about the obvious gayness between them, but he prefered it than just
    being friends. "hey." He smiled. 'God i love his smile'He thought unable to help himself
    smiling broadly.'Hes happy, im happy.' his gazes slid over to Mr. kitty who had a look of
    digust upon his face.Rage seemed to pore from him, and DL seemed to sense it. "you okay?"
    He asked, wrapping his arm around Finchs waist, His brows knitted together worriedly.
    "Im fine,Its just hes so rude about it.." He said frustration obviously glowing from his
    Dark Brown eyes."Its okay. He'll get used to it, give him time." He said sweetly, brushing
    his soft warm lips against Finchs cheek. A Shiver rushed down his spine. 'Does he do
    that purposely?' He thought, shrugging it away as they glided down the hall.