• samatha
    her cherry red blazing hair that burnd like the sun when she fought., her sweet baby blue eyes that sparkled so dreamly when she gazed at the sky.Her pale skin that were as beautiful as pearls, and that bold attitude that shone would cause any tryant to explode.samathalove, life , happiness , and traitor.With all these in mind her death haunts me, even two thousands years later.
    I was performing for the king as usual when we got the news.she was on patrol with the other knights of our kingdom.I had no worries about her, within the safety of others.However in middle of my performance,The courier had come running up waving his up in the air screaming: "attack attack at the gate!"
    hearing this , the whole court went into a frenzy, scurring to hiding places, forgeting my skit.However i didnt care, sally was out there.
    my heart pounded in my chest at a exceeding rate as i dropped my things ,and ran to the gate.My head was too clouded with fear, and worry to think of using majic. My legs ached and burned while running though the white streets.Finally i arrived at the gate to find the sight i dreaded most.
    my love hanging from the blade of a dark knight.He had her straight through the chest, and he lifted her with his blade ,and flung her across the entryway.Blood was sprew as she flew , leaving her covered in red. she it the doorway with a smakc , and laid limp on the floor.Not thinking about the knight, I went by her side.
    "Sally!" I croaked ,so choked up I couldnt speak
    her eyes lifted slightly, and she seemed confused as she murmured.
    "jester? what are you doing here? You should be at the castle."
    I was relieved that she was alive, and i quickly tried to keep her that way.
    " hold on samatha things going to be okay, im here , Ill get You fixed up".
    Before i could do anything though she seemed to realize wht had , and looked helpless at me.
    "yes, my love?'
    "tell orlando I love him"