My Life is anything but normal, most people do the oddest of things and most go to school, make friends and hang out most of the time and have the most fun. My name is Alex key, a high-school teen looking to take a stand and look at the world with a new perspective, I guess that is why you are here… to hear my grand story of how and what happened in my life. I will be glad to tell you everything and anything I know, I will lead you into the city of Keystone and tell you about the strange town that was hidden from the world, swept away from civilization into a whole new place were supernatural is not odd or unfamiliar to me, most don’t see the part of keystone like I do. I will start from the beginning and tell you when it all began….see through my eyes and understand…..

    I woke up on a cold December day with my back on the floor drenched in sweat. My nightmares were getting worse…every time I went to sleep, it was a nightmare. It was something I could not escape every night. I got off the floor and put on a faded black T-Shirt and faded black Jeans. I slipped on my worn-out blue converse covered in years of dirt and dust, I through my backpack over my shoulder and made a straight line towards the door. It was time for school….Happy Birthday to me….16 years old and starting my new school year as a 10th grader, what a nice day to turn 16…just great.
    I walked down the street to Keystone High School, the place I would rather not be. Yellow busses passed me by as I walked on. Every year, walking down the same side walk, dealing with the same load of crap that I had to deal with every school year, I was the one who was always getting picked on…it just never stopped. “Pick on the Emo kid!” they say, I’m not even emo. As I walked my black hair with the underside bleach white waved in the wind, the strange thing is, it’s my natural hair color, I don’t understand why it was that color, it just was. That was also one of the topics that the bullies usually brought up…my un-natural hair color, I tried to dye it many times, but it always came back. The cold wind blew past me, chilling my bones to the core. This year will be like all the others, you wait and see…it’s always the same.
    I stepped into the frozen halls, the same blank expressions on every ones face as I passes them bye. It was never “Hay Alex” or “How’s it going Alex!” it was just that same blank stare that got me every time, and as always the same person who was going to be down the end of the hall to “meet” me. The same buff body waited down the hall standing in the center. His Blonde hair towering over the other students, and as always, above me. I kept on walking, and the tub of lard yelled “Hay Emo kid!” I stopped walking and whispered “I’m not emo…” He then said in a big demanding voice “What was that EMO kid!?” I turned around and yelled “I’M NOT EMO!” “What are you then, you aren’t normal!” I clenched my fists as if I were ready to through a punch at him. “YOU DON’T HAVE WHAT IT TAKES!” he yelled across the hall. I walked his direction; I will show you I do have what it takes! My right arm swung toward his face, he lifted his hand and caught my punch and gave a hard squeeze. My bones cracking under all the pressure. I yelled in pain as he grabbed my arm and flipped me over his shoulder, I hit the floor with a smack; painful shocks flew up my spine. He began to drag me, as if all I was is nothing. He dragged my body outside and kicked me with all his force as I lay in the concrete, so much pain…He hit me and kicked me for a total of 6 minutes, till my blood lay on the concrete, chilling in the breeze. He walked inside and left me there to freeze, I was in so much pain I couldn’t bear to stand up. Scratches and bruises lined up across my body, beaten and banged up, losing blood… My head was cracked and the blood ran from my head seeping down the stair case. My vision was going black and my body going numb. Cold and beaten…it all went dark.
    When I woke up a girl was standing over me with shock and horror written all over her face. She was crying…why was she crying? No one ever cried for me. She fell to her knees shouting something I couldn’t quite make out, she shook me and I heard what she had to say…”Are you ok!? Please be ok!” One of her tears hit my cheek and slid down my face, it was warm. I lifted my arm and put my cold hand to her face. She opened her eyes and they meet mine…her beautiful blue eyes staring at my cold green ones. Like a ray of hope shining above me. She gathered me into her arms and embraced me, her warmth spread through-out my body. “Thank goodness…” she whispered. I began to dose of again, I looked at the ground covered in a puddle of blood, and my T-shirt was soaked in it. I didn’t want to look any longer. My eyes began to close and she yelled “DON’T GO!”
    I woke up again, but this time I was in the hospital. Wrapped in bandages, and an IV attached to my wrist. The girl who I saw at the school was asleep in the chair in the corner. Who was she, I had never seen her at our school before…Could she be a transfer student? She was wearing a “Panic! At the disco” T-shirt and faded black jeans, her purple converse stood out from the white tile. But it was her hair that shocked me; Pink hair glowed against the white walls. An array of pink covered the walls as her hair radiated its color everywhere. As I lifted my arm pain shot up through my body…I screamed when I sat up, my rib was as broken as it could be…Shattered. My head throbbed as I touched it. Suddenly the doctors came running into my hospital room. The girl in the corner woke up, her curly pink hair waved as she sat up. As the doctors entered my room, one of them spoke. “Please lay down sir. You aren’t completely healed yet.” I looked at the girl in the corner, her face looked pained. Her blue eyes still as lovely as when I saw them. A tear rolled down her cheek, she was crying again…I don’t understand…who would waste their tears on me…a boy who was as useless as he was weak. As the doctor helped me lay back down the girl looked into my eyes and a pink blush spread across her face, as if she were embarrassed. Just who was this new girl?