• Prologue

    Many years ago, the world was in a era of peace and harmony. But underneth this fleeting peace, the world they loved and knew were falling through the cracks. But unknown to the people, a dark, menacing shadow was taking roots in their home. The morning of the end of the their peace, the dark shadow erected a tall onyx tower. On top of the tower was tall black shadow. Beside the onyx tower, three behemoths casted their shadows on the land. With the flick of the shadow's hand, the three behemoths set the world into a bloody state of chaos. Some of the people cowarded and fled, others pledge allegiance to the beasts. But one person stood their ground against the beasts destruction. A young woman made it her goal to stop the shadow and bring peace back into the world. As she made her way through the tower, the shadow stood and watched the destruction of the country.
    The shadow stood on the top of the tower, watching the bloody massacre of the country. He threw his arms back, arched his back and let out a evil laughter.
    "Rivers of blood, mountains of flesh, a glorious world of pain. My pets seem to be enjoying themselves. What useless relic should I destory next? Ah, that castle. Alright Feinne, do your worst." said the shadow. The largest of the three behemoths, Feinne, gathered her energy in front of her chest. With one swift movement, she released the beam towards the castle in the distance. The beam hit the castle and exploded into a blue light. After the light disappeared, the castle was in rubble. The shadow started to chuckle and then into a laughter.
    "Destoryed to it's very foundations. Come on, are none of you man enough to stop me! Just but your head between your legs while I cut you down, one by one. Ah, finally someone steps up. You numbnuts better not watse my time." said the shadow. The shadow turned around and walked down the stairs. He entered the grand room to see a young woman standing there, holding a mage's staff. "This is the only person to stand up to me? A little girl thinks she can beat me." said the shadow. The shadow laughed at the woman who dared to fight him. The woman pointed her staff at the shadow.
    "Your destruction ends here and now. Prepare to meet your maker, shadow." she said. She held her staff and chanted a spell under her breath. The shadow grabbed his scythe and charged at her. She brought his scythe down, cutting her chest open. The woman gasped in pain from the deep gash in her chest. The woman fell to her knees, her head hung low.
    "Was that it? You numbnuts just waste my time." the shadow said. He held his scythe high over her head. "Well now any last words, little girl?" said the shadow.
    "Yeah I do. RESTRAINING SEAL!" she said. She placed her hand on the shdaow's face. A white letters started to float around him.
    "What the hell are you doing, you witch!" said the shadow. The shadow tried to stop the woman but his arms wouldn't budge.
    "I am sealing you away for all enterinty, shadow. So you may never threaten our world again." said the woman. An onxy blade appeared between them. The shadow soul began to leave his body and transfer to the sword.
    "Mark my words, witch. I'll come back. When that day comes, you regret messing with me." said the shadow. The evil shadow started to laugh once again before his body went limb. The shadow's laugh echoed through out the halls of the tower as his soul was absorbed into the sword. The shadow's empty body fell to the ground, it's eyes were empty and souless. The three behemoths stood still after their master soul disappeared from their senses. The woman looked at the onxy blade with a disturbed look on her face. She knew if the sword fell into the wrong hands, it would mean the end of this world. She chanted under her breath once more and the sword started to disappear.
    "As long as the sword does not come into contact with human hands, you will never come back." she said. The woman looked out a nearby window to look upon the land. "The world is safe now. My job is done. Fos as long the sword is sealed away, our world will know only peace." she said. Her eyes closed and she fell to the ground just like the shadow did.