• I knew our relationship was never stable, but I did not realize it could fall apart right in front of my eyes. The day you walked out that door, I begged for you to come back. But you didn't. I'll never forget that day.

    "You only care about yourself, don't you?" she screamed at me after finding me in bed with another woman. I rose out of bed to face her.

    "Mia! Please!" I rushed to attempt to receive her forgiveness.

    "No, Aaron! No more. This is the final straw," she reached for the door but I managed to block her way out.

    "Mia, I choose you," I told her, taking a hold of her hand. But by the look on her face, she did not buy it. There was this feeling in my chest and I automatically knew it was guilt. I felt like for once in my life I only wanted one person, and that was her. She started to shake her head and I saw her start to cry.

    “I’m sorry,” she muttered and disappeared through the doorway.

    “Mia!” I called after her, but she was out of sight.

    The next few days were hell. I wanted Mia back. Picking up the phone, I tried to call her. Instead I got her voicemail. “Hello, this is Mia’s voice mail. I can’t pick up the phone at the moment, so please leave a message after the tone,” it said. Her voice stung my heart. Boy, did I miss her.

    “Hey Mia, it’s Aaron. I will never ever forgive myself for all those mistakes... so please listen to me as I pour my heart out,” I said to it. “I love you Mia and I know you used to feel the same way. I’m sorry our relationship has been a bumpy road, but can’t we straighten it out? Give me another chance. I’ll change.” I’d now realized all I’d ever done was just a big mistake and the only good thing about my life was her. I would have to change my ways to earn her back.

    I sat by the phone for at least a day waiting for her to return the call, when the phone rang. Thinking it was her, I frantically picked up the phone and said, “Mia?”

    There was a laugh on the other line, “Mia? Do I sound like Mia to you?” Then I realized it was my best friend, Perry.

    “Hi Perry,” I responded. And even though I was a little upset that it wasn’t Mia calling, it was good to hear his voice.

    “Hey buddy, are you feeling alright? You don’t sound so good,” he told me. Ah, good ol’ Perry, always watching out for me. I didn’t respond so Perry decided to continue speaking. “Did something happen between you and Mia?” he then asked. The pang in my heart returned and I started crying over the phone. I didn’t even care that Perry was listening.

    “I’m sorry, Perry,” I apologized, trying to pull myself together. He didn’t say anything for a while. Basically until I stopped crying.

    “You broke up, didn’t you? I warned you not to sleep with that woman,” Perry told me, reviewing my previous thoughts. He was always right.

    “Yes, it’s true,” I said. “Perry, I miss her,” I mumbled that last part.

    “Have you tried to visit her?” he asked me, I imagine with a friendly face. This had not occurred to me. Maybe if I went over to her house she would accept my forgiveness.

    “No, but that is a good idea,” I said as I rose from my chair. “Thanks, Perry. I’ll go and do that.” And then I hung up.

    I ran to Mia’s house, even though it was pouring rain outside. I would go through any weather if it meant I could have Mia again. When I reached Mia’s house, I stood outside for a bit collecting my thoughts. And then I rang the doorbell. Mia answered, shock on her face.

    “A-Aaron! I wasn’t expecting you-- I!” she was pulling up what looked like a bed sheet when a man joined her at the door.

    “Mia? Who’s he?” asked the man who wore nothing but his boxers. I didn’t respond, instead I stood there, looking pathetic and wet.

    “Oh, he’s just a friend of mine,” she said. Pang! My heart felt like it broke for the millionth time as the words escaped her lips.

    “Mia!” I exploded and pounced to hug and kiss her. I wanted to hold her and know she would always belong to me. The man stepped in front and punched me right in the eye, Mia practically screamed.

    “Micheal, please!” She latched onto his arm, trying to contain his anger.

    I held my bruised eye and left her porch. I heard the door close behind me, but I didn’t look back. I walked all the way home, in the stormy weather, hoping the lightning would strike me or that I would be hit by a car. Mia was gone.