• Ugh, I rolled over in my bed and slammed my fist against the alarm clock. No more noise, must of smashed it to hell with only one punch too, cheap a** alarm. I groaned and got out of bed. I have this ringing head ache, as if a huge gong is sounding off in my head. I shake my head and notice the time, 6:28 AM. I should get going, screw the shower. I'll just go as I am after freshening up a bit.

    After spending about 3 minutes in the bathroom, I dashed out to my car and drove to SGHS, the high school I work at. Since I'm an English teacher, I figure I'll have a easy day ahead of me because I just need to give my students some random material to work on while I'm lazily nursing my migraine. Mr. Dallas who's had a obvious crush on me since ever, greeted me warmly. "Why hello there, Miss Calderon!" Mr. Dallas grinned at me while sexing me with his eyes, I got used to it, but its still creepy.

    "Hello Mr. Dallas, let's do our best as educators today." I returned the greeting stiffly. He must have noticed my coldness because his smile faltered momentarily. "Hope you have a pleasant morning, especially after last night." He replied after a minute of silence. "Say that again and I'll break your arm, Trent." I called him by his first name which he hated. Mr.Dallas realized his mistake, his face was crimson. "I didn't mean for it to sound like I'm implying anything. You don't remember us and others hanging out last night?" I shook my head, just then the bell rang.

    "We'll talk later, see ya when our lunch break starts." I waved goodbye to him and walked off to my classroom. I grinned as I observed how my class acted like when I wasn't around. I noticed my favorite students first. Jason and Jess, the class twins were cracking jokes, Noah was stuck with his nose in a book and Elliot was playing Pokemon on his cellphone. "Alright class, let's get started." I clapped my hands together, First period was surprisingly my best class.

    Rachel's hand shot in the air, "Miss C, I had a question about our homework last night." I nodded and made up an excuse about how students need to share their knowledge with others, so for the first 4 periods I got off easy, making the students actually think for once. It was time for lunch, classes were ending fast thankfully.

    "Why hello there!" Miss Reed the science teacher smiled happily at me. "Hey. You going to the lounge?" I smiled back, her happiness was contagious. "Of course, c'mon lets go." She urged me to follow her. Normally I dislike lunchtime, its filled with either gossip or whining about students, or about us teachers. But today seemed different. When I walked in, the staff swarmed me with hugs and congratulations. I had no idea why and what they were congratulating me about, I had a feeling if I waited a bit, I'd get my answer.

    "This is so unexpected!" Mrs. Duran clapped gleefully. I smiled weakly, "Yeah." I replied. "Who knew this was gonna happen over a weekend? My Kimberly married!" "Mm, yeah I know!" I faked my enthusiasm. I was married apparently. This is not good. "Calderon, c'mere." Trent waved me over. "You seriously don't remember?" He whispered in my ear. "Uh no...." I smiled sheepishly. "Me, you and your friends went to the Stray Sheep and got crazy drunk. We did a lot of stupid things, you got married while intoxicated."

    "Man....to who?" I muttered back. "I forget his name. Sorry I cant be of much help. Just go home, I'll cover for you." Trent gently pushed me out of the door. "Just my luck." I moaned and cover my face in my hands. "Huh?" I felt something on my left hand. There it was, clear as day. The blasted cheap wedding ring. "I'm going home, and calling up my drinking buddies." I decided aloud. I drove out of the school in a rush.

    I found the phone numbers after scouting around in my room. I dialed fast, not caring for their agendas. "Yeah?" Leo answered gruffly. Sounds like he was sleeping off a hang over. "What on earth happened yesterday?!" I growled into the phone. "Oh. You don't remember, too bad for you then." Leo drawled out. "Help me out here. At least a hint bro." I pleaded. "Fine, think of someone you always liked and imagine them giving you a surprise visit. We all got drunk and you two hooked up and went to a pastor to get married."

    "Why didn't you stop me?!" I screeched. "Ouch. Because you two have always been perfect for one another, took you guys long enough to do it too." Leo's hints sucked bad. I rolled my eyes, "Thanks a LOT for your help bro. Give me a better clue." I can practically hear Leo smirking over the phone, "Nah, its best you find out on your own." Leo then hung up on me. "Why does the world seem against me today?!" I yelled.

    After regaining some composure, I racked my brain trying to come up with ideas on who the heck knew about last night. Andres, maybe. God I hope so. I called him up, he answered right away. "Hey sis!" He answered cheerfully. "Hey bro, were you with us last night?" I asked getting right to the point. "Yeah, why?" I really hoped Andres would just straight out tell me who it was. "Bro, please tell me. Who did I marry? I have no memory of yesterdays events." "Aw that sucks. Ok, I'll give you one clue." I sighed, one clue is better than nothing.

    "Fine bro." My shoulders slumped in resignation. "He always kicked our a** at Brawl." I face palmed myself hard. How could I remember about a game I haven't played in at least 8 years? "Oh and he also wears glasses and has a mole."

    I thought some. Only one person fits that description. Has glasses, a mole and destroys at Brawl...hmmm

    No way, it's him. Has to be someone else. "Bro, where's he at now?" I quickly asked. "Probably still asleep at Leo's." Alright, he's sleeping off the alcohol. Possibly. Last time I checked he thought drinking was gross. I can't picture him drunk. What would have convinced him to drink for once?

    I snuck over to Leo's house. I wanted to see for myself if he was asleep. I felt like a stalker or a peeping tom, I even brought my binoculars. I peered into the house, there he was! Asleep on the couch with this soft expression on his face. I busted out my mad lock picking skills and broke inside. I know, I could have just knocked, but I would have felt waaay less cool about that. "What are you doing?" Leo stared at me in puzzlement. "Just showing you how unbelievably easy it is to break in." I joked. Leo just smiled his troll smile and shook his head.

    I crept closer to him. I hadn't seen him in a long time. Mostly was my fault though. I let schoolwork get in the way. I brushed aside the hair on his face and stared at him. "Ha, I'll leave you two kids alone." Leo grinned and left. I was perplexed as to why Leo ditched me. Joel was still out cold anyway. I continued looking at him lovingly. "I'm sorry that I never had time for us. I just wanted so bad to be an adult, I didn't mean to push you away." I sighed deeply. Joel and I were really close at some point. But now because of life we drifted apart some.

    "I really miss you." I whispered. Joel stretched out his arm and mumbled incoherently. Without thinking why, I leaned forward and kissed him. I started panicking about in my head. I didn't have his consent for that kiss. I basically raped his lips, dear god. I'm a rapist now, well sort of. "Mmmf." Joel's eyes opened slowly. "Good morning, sleepy head." I teased him. "Hey." He smiled at me. "Do you remember last night? It's a blur to me." I mumbled nervously.

    "You forced me to drink. So I could enjoy myself according to everyone. I got pretty messed up." Joel become silent. He grasped my hand. "We got married." He said slowly. "I'm sorry for dragging you into this. I'll ask for the divorce papers." I said softly. "Sorry? For getting me drunk?" Joel asked confounded. "That and for getting you married to me. I should have thought better." I smiled sadly. "I do want to marry you though. Properly this time though." Joel smiled at me. "You still care about me even though we got kinda distant?" I confusedly asked. "That's why it's called love, silly." Joel pulled me closer to him.

    We stayed like that for hours until Leo walked in killing the tender moment. "Whoa, damn guys!" Leo laughed automatically assuming what happened. "No. Just no." I frowned. "Well, we haven't had our wedding night yet." Joel grinned at me. "I'm surrounded by perverts." I couldn't help but smile at his hopeful expression. "Hey Joel." I called his attention. "Yeah?" Joel looked at me quizzically. "I love you." I blushed a little from how cheesy everything seemed. "I love you too." Joel replied happily. "Aww, look at you two!" Once again Leo was there to spoil the moment. He teased me hard. Which made my blushing increase. Joel hugged me tightly and I let myself relax for the first time in ages.

    I hope that when we get married properly, that I can be a good wife to him. I know that he'd never leave me alone. He'd do his best for me, so I'll do my best for him.