• Eula sighed.
    “This better works.” She placed her bow and quiver gently on the wet grass and sat, cross legged. Eula tried to breathe, to calm herself from her rocking chest, her beating heart that even she could hear in her ears. “How could I lost that deer… I was so close.” Eula sighed again, laying her eyes helplessly down the Poi Valley that is in front of her.
    Sitting on the mouth of the valley, the view in front of her was exquisite; filled with tropical trees at different hues of green, with a touch of blue-green colour of the Tarikat Lake and the looming Nangis Mountain that no one dared (even herself, Eulasteria the adventurous Chieftain’s Daughter). The sun had nearly set, casting rays of violet, red and orange over the heavily clouded skies. And Eula must hurry or the path would be too dark for her to venture; she is after all a woman and not a warrior of the tribe. But she has no time for that now; she has no time to prize the beautiful view of sunset in Enola. Eula has to a way to find that deer or her family will starve tonight.
    Again she sighed, closing her eyes. There’s no way she could let her twins starve tonight, not another night. Remembering the glint in their eyes that struck pain deep in her heart had caused her to work harder this day and the day after. For her children and her husband, Eula vowed to work harder.
    Finally when she manage to calm herself from the feeble emotion she’s struggling with, Eula bowed, running her fingers over the wet grass gently and tries to feel the wet earth beneath her fingers, the soft texture of the grass in Enola’s Island. She extends her hand to the side and working in a circle. Meanwhile, her lips uttered the sacred word of Anhthilas, the words of gods, “O... Great One, grant me a safe passage to the Border of the Two Worlds...”
    To see in the Border of the Two World or Hor’tuk, was a tricky risk that most hunters (not even the skilled ones) won’t take just to find a kill for dinner. To wander in the Hor’tuk is usually done by the shaman of her tribe, to find the will of the nature, to understand them and to act accordingly. But for Eula, she has no choice, she’s no skilled hunter, she’s just an adept shaman who has to resume the job of hunting for her family and no matter what happens, she has to find a kill tonight. Her family had been starving for almost two days now; all of because of her incompetence.
    Her eyes were closed shut now, her mind empty, and gradually she could feel the breeze whipped her hair, sending cold shivers through her skin. Pressure is building outside her now and slowly she could feel the land’s energy seeping into her fingers, between the hairs of her arm and the pores of her skin. Eula inhaled and held her breath, she’s near. She could feel it. The Border is within her grasp. She could feel her wild, waist long black-night hair whipping around her head, her fingers twitched with the pressure of the Hor’tuk and gradually emptiness caught her and she felt her body grew light as a feather…

    Yes, she felt light on her feet now; she had arrived. Opening her eyes, the surrounding was no longer the beautiful sunset of the island but the black and white world of Enola. Eula watched with an eerie feeling toward the tall tree that loomed over her head, its branch and leaves was black, as if a gigantic hand tries to reach for her and snapped her to two. Eula shivered against the feeling and watched the white sun that nearly hides behind the Nangis Mountain. Eula swallowed the fear that welled inside her and focused on the matter at hand. She can’t let herself to bow down to the Feel of the Border, she has to stay strong, “focused and strong Eulasteria!” she told herself.
    Eula was standing right now but her feet didn’t even touch or feel the wet grass on the ground, she was floating. Eula lifted her gaze from the sky to the palm of her hand where, there sits a floating flower bud. It's soft and plump texture of the flower bud was entrancing and slowly, but surely, Eula could hear the sweet singing coming from the flower bud. Eula watched as the bud slowly bloomed into a rose, spilling new born night-blue petals which glittered brightly with floating silver dust.

    To be continued…