• Day 0
    Nocturne Forest, England

    "Come on! It's not that far away!" A boy with ash gray hair and wearing tattered clothes called back to a girl following. The girl was wearing a black robe that was hooded while the hood was up. She looked at the boy carefully as she reached the clearing.

    "Are you sure we should be up here Vinny?" The girl whispered. She took off the hood letting her silver hair fall. "I mean… Pa always told us not to wonder in Nocturne Forest because of the beastie…" The girl tilted her head.

    "Seriously Anne…" Vinny sighed and walked over to Anne. "You got to lighten up. It's bad enough that the world has basically been separated into three groups of people. I mean… The Court of Athos… The Arcane Rebellion… And the Silvertongues. Like there is seriously a problem with us going into these woods. I highly doubt this creature everyone at home is afraid of even exists."

    "There is a smaller group you forgot though. They are all with the news. For some reason they don't know what is going on…" Anne frowned.

    "Anyway there is rumored a certain resource is out here that is able to take those abilities away. I don't want the Court to… kill you…" Vinny crossed his arms and pouted.

    "But Vinny… We're only twelve. Couldn't we have at least asked Mason to help?"Anne looked back the way they came. "We should go back…"

    "No!" Vinny shouted. There was a long moment of silence as Anne stared at Vinny before a long howl pierced the air. "It's too late to turn back. But we must hurry." Vinny looked in the direction of the howl. He continued to walk further through the woods.

    The two continued through the forest and Anne put her hood back up. Anne looked around occasionally making sure they weren't being followed by creatures and such. Vinny pulled out a dagger to defend himself in case they were attacked. He looked back at Anne to make sure she was okay. They reached a wall and Vinny looked around.

    "I think it's on the other side of this wall. I believe this is Däl Castle. I mean the tower is over there…" Vinny pointed at a beat up tower that was covered in vines and moss. "Hey Anne… See if you can use that ability."

    Anne looked at Vinny with wide eyes. She then looked at her hands and knelt on the ground placing on of her hands on the ground. A few seconds later a large vine crawled up the wall creating a way to climb over the wall. She then got up and went over to the vine.

    "Wow…" Vinny grabbed the vine and tugged on it slightly to make sure it was possible to climb. He then pulled himself up the vine and climbed up to the top of the wall. Vinny gasped when he reached the top to find a large clearing with few trees and a large cave in the center of the clearing. "Anne! Come on! You've got to see this!" Vinny climbed down the other side and looked across the clearing.

    Anne climbed up and over the wall. She looked around as she walked up to Vinny who placed his hand on one of the trees. Anne took off her hood and went over to the cave.

    "I don't like it here Vinny. I want to go home…" She looked inside the cave and saw it was pitch black. Vinny ran over to her and picked up a dead branch.

    "Well we could just… Light this maybe." Vinny pulled out a matchbox and stuck a match. He took the match and held it at the end of the stick. "Why isn't it catching?" He put out the match and looked at Anne.

    In the distance, on top of the tower, stood a wolf with black fur and silver tips stood staring at the two children getting ready to enter the cave. It growled quietly and went to the other side of the tower top. It looked down to see another child.

    'This child is older than the other two, maybe... fifteen.' The werewolf thought as it looked back at the younger ones. 'Why must these brats enter my territory?' The werewolf jumped down from the tower landing in front of a door. The werewolf shifted into a male of a study build and long black hair. He closed his eyes and shook his head in disdain.

    Anne looked around then back at the cave to see Vinny slowly going inside. Vinny pulled out his dagger and looked back at Anne and tilted his head in curiosity.

    "Anne? What's wrong?" Vinny stood where he was. The shadows around him slowly enveloping him in darkness. "Come on. We need to get that stone so we can take care of that ability. I don't want to lose you to them." Vinny put the dagger away quickly and started to walk back towards Anne.

    Anne slowly advanced towards Vinny before the shadows of the cave grabbed him and pulled him further inside the cave. Deep inside the cave, laughter could be heard reverberating through the cave. Anne stepped back and closed her eyes in fear. Fear was flooding her thoughts, almost pushing her to run away, but she opened her eyes and entered the cave with extreme caution.

    "Vinny? What happened? Where are you?" Anne asked, hoping that Vinny would answer. There was no answer and the shadows around Anne started to disappear. The further she continued the more the shadows would vanish. There was a crash and sounds of struggling in the distance.

    "Oh, let me see here... How many different ways can I just... dissect you? Cut you up and just leave you... For the werewolf that lurks in the woods outside of these walls?" A male raspy voice could be heard in the distance. "And what is with the little boy? Which of you entered it's turf first?"

    Anne continued towards the voice and noticed a very small light in the distance. As she got closer she saw a tall man in a bloody gray cloak. The man had blonde, scraggly hair that was shoulder length. In his right hand was a scalpel and he loomed over a boy that looked older than Vinny. The boy stared at the man in fear. It was clear that the boy was shaking, trying to escape the table he was strapped to.

    Anne stood right outside of the light's reach and watched the man take the scalpel to the boy's throat and just hold there. It was clear the man was trying to draw out the tension from the boy. Anne bit her bottom lip and knelt to the ground and placed her hand on the ground. Moss grew from above and formed a hand that shot down and grabbed the man's right hand and pulled it up.