• Gunners #14 Give Back My Power
    Hands of Guns

    Hakuru and her friends found the fourth letter of The First Death, though they were attacked by one of Unknown’s companions. Though their goal was to steal an unusual cure for Unknown’s disease. Hakuru accepted to help but unfortunately she was betrayed by Pandora, Hakuru angered, they decided to go to a place where the first death went to.
    Hakuru cleans her pistols and her machine guns as she tries to repair one of the barrels and recoils of the guns
    Hakuru: Saya past me the Type-73 (North Korean machine gun)
    Saya: are you thinking of going head on with the Valkyries?
    Hakuru: we still don’t know if they are friend or foe yet, and if they are telling the truth about reawakening The Demon Knight, we’ll just have to leave it to that but if they just took it for some unknown power, they’re going to get it
    Saya: I’ll look forward to it
    Hakuru: hey Saya how do you manage to carry all those guns?
    Saya: oh you know me, I’m a Gunner Master remember?
    Hakuru: oh yeah one of them higher master ranks, ranks that can master everything huh?
    Saya: yeah, but hey come on Hakuru you can surpass my rank anyway besides your “The Death” anyway right?
    Hakuru: well I guess your right
    Saya: we better fix all of our weapons before we head onto Valhalla
    Hakuru: I hear that Suijo chick from The Ten Evil Blades is trying to figure out a way to get there by a really advance portal
    Saya: reckon Valhalla will give us a good “welcome to our home?” or some s**t
    Hakuru: I doubt it
    Hakuru: here, you’re FN Model D, when I first saw you and got you out of that prison in Egypt I had a lot of trouble trying to unarm you from your gun
    Saya: heh well this baby never failed me back in the war, I’ll need to cover the insides with some of my powers, can’t just go firing off random powers out of this gun
    Hakuru: that’s right focusing energy inside of a human gun without any enchantments or anything will melt the bullets and the insides of the gun
    Saya: and the gun will explode, that means goodbye to your hand
    Outside on the deck Rev is on the ground sitting with her legs cross as she figures out how to improve the specs of the machine guns and the assault rifles
    Rev: hm…. Well can’t do anything with a Heckler machine gun, hey Yamota! You want the Enfield-EM-2!
    Yamota: my hands can’t stand those AR’s man!
    Rev: you want a Heckler then?!
    Yamota: my hands aren’t use to its recoil, besides I use revolvers!
    Yamota: what?! Selling on the ship?! Who the ******** does that?!
    Rev: merchants?
    Yamota: dumbass!
    Rev sticks the finger and says ******** you
    Yamota: I can’t believe we’re actually going to Valhalla
    Yukina: if my mom can figure out on how we can get there without dying, I’m helping her work on the machine, turns out that the B.W.F on this ship has all the equipment that we can use to build the machine
    Yukio: even Yuko is helping
    Yuko: hello
    Aja: don’t forget our hologram is helping too
    Yamota: Hologram?
    Aiko: hello am a hologram unit that helps analyzes data and record every system around the world
    Yamota: woah I never knew you guys had one
    Aja: Hakuru met her during the Dark Side Chronicles event, her main role was to lure her to us but we never really knew she would tell her about the Dark Side Chronicles, it was strange but… I was like she was developing like a human, though that’s what her program was based on
    Yamota: did you guys built her?
    Aja: yeah we did
    Taja: we’re from Germany for ******** sake; we are very “very” advance in technology
    Oh and chemistry too
    Yamota: wait are you telling me tha-
    Aja: yes, Taja may not look like it but she is a scientist of technology
    Meanwhile in the construction room
    Shion: with the right amount of energy we might be able to get the portal open to Valhalla, how much time do we have left for the machine to work?
    Suijo: it is almost complete Shion
    Webber: sweet, I can’t wait to fight some Valkyrie, it’s time that we have a real fight! They don’t call me Webber for nothing
    Tressa: then you better prepare
    Tressa cleans her big huge blade and puts it on her back
    Tressa: hey Yoko the thing is almost done, you ready?
    Yoko: I’m always ready, Kanomi and me are teaming up
    Tressa: so an X-Witch Hunter and a Witch teaming up?
    Yoko: look I’ll admit it, she’s the most powerful witch I’ve ever face, right now we’re dealing with powerful battle maidens and we need all the woman power we can get
    Estray: she’s got a point Tressa, we’re dealing with some top powerful enemies, not to mention they have the demon helmet of The Demon Knight
    Rid: she is right!
    Yoko: w-woah… Rid when the hell did you talk?
    Estray: I taught her how to talk
    Yoko: ah… you know it’s… ah... kinda odd that she is talking
    Estray: I wanted people to understand her, besides she never got the chance to learn when we first took her into our organization
    Yoko: oh yeah that’s right, back then during the human wars, we found her with her parents dead you wanted to take her in to make her strong so that one day she would be strong enough to live on her own
    Estray: yeah, but she wanted to stay with us because there was nowhere she could go, she didn’t know where to start.
    Todo: damn right
    Yoko: Todo?
    Todo: I had one rough sleep, but I’m okay now
    Shion: Todo how are your elemental powers?
    Todo: it’s starting to come back, and also it’s a good thing Lucifer isn’t in my body anymore, Sukya must’ve taken care of that one
    Shion: we owe a lot to the Skull Gunners
    Meanwhile at the Syndicates ship
    Pandora: how is she?
    Medusa: she’s good, don’t worry she won’t die now, her disease is cured, I’m curious how did you get it in Rome?
    Pandora: I simply made Hakuru to get it; she doesn’t want Unknown to die from her disease
    Medusa: she really wants to fight her doesn’t she?
    Pandora: of course, her destiny has always been like this. To fight Unknown
    Medusa: you heard of her awakening?
    Pandora: what awakening?
    Medusa: Lilith
    Pandora: Project. Lilith? She’s… awakening?
    Medusa: yeah, she’s a succubus that really wants to consume the soul of men, but what she really wants are those “Gunners”
    Pandora: what about the Dark Gothic Judgment Order?
    Medusa: their scattered now, somewhere else, who knows where, they are
    Pandora: and Lillian?
    Medusa: Bio #010? She’s reading some odd book, something about “humans”
    Pandora: She’s an odd bio weapon, oh well, when will unknown be up?
    Medusa: soon, just give her some rest
    As they walked away Unknown got up from her bed and walked out, Medusa and Pandora weren’t there anymore. Unknown put on her clothes, her leather gloves, her dark black and purple pants, her belt, leather dark jacket and her mask as she steps outside of the ship
    Unknown: computer, systems on, open all windows
    As you wish, opening windows
    Unknown can see the sun rays pouring down through the window as it shines the ship
    Unknown: what a great view
    She sits down on her chair and puts her right leg over to her left as she rests her arms on her chair
    Unknown: Valhalla is it?
    Well then, I’m in no condition to fight, I’ll have to leave this to Hakuru
    Besides, it’s not like she’ll die that easily
    As Unknown rests on the chair, Hakuru prepares for combat
    Saya: hey Hakuru Onimaru wanted to give you something
    Hakuru: what is it?
    Saya: it’s this
    Hakuru: this is my… gauntlet!
    Saya: B.W.F military armor right? This is what the clones use in battle correct?
    Hakuru: yeah of course it is, I use this for my arm so I can enchant my bio cells to my right arm, after that’s done I can unleash a full blown radius like a cannon or human energy known as “ki”
    Hakuru puts her right arm into the gauntlet right underneath of the sleeve of her jacket
    Hakuru: still feels comfy and still has a good feel to it
    Saya: I gave Urukah15 her gauntlet too, she also kinda prefers her breast plate armor which protects her from a lot, though it was damaged due to her past battles so I got Yukio to fix it, Onimaru already fixed yours, I think it has some enchantments to it as well
    Hakuru: like what?
    Saya: I don’t know he says you should figure it out
    Hakuru: *sigh* well if that’s how Onimaru wants to play it then fine by me
    Yukina: hey guys the portal’s finished!
    Hakuru: it is?!
    Saya: great, let’s get going then
    Hakuru: yeah, I’m coming alright
    They all gathered up as Hakuru was in front of them all
    Hakuru: thanks for helping us Suijo
    Suijo: well, I’ve always wanted to fight a Valkyrie
    Hakuru: heh, well that depends if their friend or foe
    Are all of you ready?
    Yamota: our guns are locked and loaded
    Rev: ready than you are
    Hakuru: then let’s go, onto Valhalla
    It’s time to give the maidens a visit
    Alice transfers all of her evil energy into the portal as it opens with a red and black dark color, they walked through it and successfully got to Valhalla without any harm
    Hakuru: it worked!
    Saya: is everyone okay?
    Shion: yes
    Rev: so this is Valhalla huh? Damn…
    D.D: time to take some photos
    A valkyrie appeared, she seemed to be some kind of guard, her name was Mist
    Hakuru: I’m Hakuru, leader of the Skull Gunners, we came here for a letter
    Mist: a letter? What letter?
    Saya: oh come on Hakuru she doesn’t anything about the First Death’s letter
    Hakuru: I guess we’ll have to keep moving
    Mist takes out her sword
    Mist: I don’t know who you are, or how you got here but if you do not go away I shall-
    Hakuru took out her katana and aims it to her neck
    Hakuru: don’t test me “Mist” I’m here for the First Death’s letter/journal, and if you wanna start, then I’ll be gladly to shed some blood onto Valhalla
    Mist: why you…
    Hildr: Mist, lower your sword
    Mist: but-
    Hildr: that is an order!
    Mist: y-yes Hildr
    Hildr: Hakuru, how did all of you girls enter into Valhalla?
    Suijo: it’s called science
    Hildr: science… I see, only the bravest or a warrior who died with a sword in his hand can come through here
    Hakuru: we came here for the First Death’s fourth letter, we believe that she came to Valhalla and left her journal here, do you know any piece of paper, any writing at all?
    Hildr: I think I know who you are talking about; we know of this “Death” but do not know if she hid a journal here at all
    Hakuru: did she battle anyone?
    Hildr: she battled many against us; she also battled our top Valkyries, Brynhildr
    Skalmold: ah! I remember now!
    Yamota: w-who are you…?
    Skalmold: the name is Skalmold, I know the woman you are talking about
    Rev: yo, can you tell us where you fought her?
    Skalmold: right over up on that dark hill
    Hakuru: that hill?
    Skalmold: yep
    Kanomi: you know I’ve been wondering, did she ever have a name?
    Fuka: I’ve been wondering about that actually
    Hiyane: yeah, what was her name?
    Hildr: she never told us, she never did, she wanted to prove her strength to us, that she can fight even powerful opponents than her, if she would lose she would get right back up and fight again, she wanted to do this so that she can move onto the next task, I think she was trying to find a way in breaking into the heaven’s gates
    Hakuru: so she was trying to train herself to battle the God’s, I think I’m starting to get it, she did it so in case of a powerful opponent like herself, just in case if God were to be involved in the fight, or if he ever tried to get in her way in trying to save her master, she would need to battle the God’s including the devils
    Saya: now that’s training
    Hakuru: you said she battled Brynhildr right?
    Hildr: yes she did
    Skalmold: she’s still powerful even at her age!
    Hakuru: wouldn’t that be you too…?
    Skalmold: hehe, yeah I guess you could say that
    Hakuru: where can we find Brynhildr?
    Hildr: right now she is with Odin, we are not allowed to disturb her, right now let us accompany you
    Taja: does Odin know we’re here?
    Skalmold: nah, his too distracted by Brynhildr, besides she’s one of his most important servants
    Hakuru: I understand, oh I forgot, about that Demon Helmet, I kinda want it back
    Hildr: why is that?
    Hakuru: well first off, are you even sure gathering all of the evil armors of hers is even going to bring her back to life?
    Hildr: it will trust us
    Shion: trust you? How can we gain your trust?
    Hakuru: look Hildr, I think it’s best that I hold onto it
    Hildr: please do not worry we will keep it safe with our own hands
    Hakuru: well here’s a question, what are you guys going to do with it once you gain all of the armors and bring her to life? What are you going to do with her?
    Hildr: we will figure it out, please stop asking too many questions
    Saya: I don’t buy it, there’s something fishy going on here, I’d say we break into their kingdom and get our little helmet back
    Skalmold: now hold it right there, look I don’t know what the hell is going on here, but if you want to start a battle I’ll look forward in battling one of you
    Saya: alright t-
    Hakuru: ah ********… okay! Let’s just camp out somewhere, we’ll figure something out
    They began to walk up to Unknown’s hill, Hildr and Skalmold watched them walk away
    Hildr: I knew this would happen
    Skalmold: want me to handle this?
    Hildr: no, I’ll tell you when it’s the right time
    Skalmold: you’re going to use the helmet against them?
    Hildr: it’s a power that I cannot control, it’s too intense for me, but I know who will…
    Skalmold: what? That Hakuru girl?
    Hildr: her body looks like it can harness its energy, controlling it… hm…
    Skalmold: are you thinking of kidnapping her?
    Hildr: gather the maidens, we’ll be preparing for battle
    Skalmold: what if Odin knows?
    Hildr: oh he won’t
    Yukina scans the whole area with her glasses
    Yukina: grassy fields, hills, some castle, the landscape is like Earth, I’m trying to scan the first Death’s hill, where she fought Brynhildr, to see if there are any clues that can help us find the letter
    Hakuru: man I should have just kept hold of it, the Demon Samurai trusted me with it!
    Yamota: hey Hakuru, the demon armor, if Hildr said was true, what would we do?
    I mean “if” we had all of the armor, what would we do with “her?”
    Hakuru: I don’t really know, have her on our team?
    Rev: hey no fair you guys got ten!
    Hakuru: okay okay, but I’m serious, I really don’t know what I can do for the Demon Knight, besides maybe she can help us break through the gate, but either way I don’t really know man
    Let’s just all get a good night sleep
    Suijo: Alice, use the ultima sensor around us, we don’t know if there will be any trouble or not
    Shion: there might a light shining in later
    Suijo: a light?
    Shion: yes, somewhere familiar…
    Let’s rest
    The next day everybody woke up
    Hakuru: alright, Limit Break!
    She activates Limit Break from her whole body
    Hakuru: my evil energy might be able to sense the helmet, the helmet still has a lot of amount of energy inside of it
    Estray: it should be a lot quicker with Rid
    Hakuru: Rid, you mean the girl that talks like a dog?
    Estray: oh don’t worry she can talk, come on Rid give us a lead
    Rid: okay! Okay!
    She smells the scent of the energy as she bursts through speed
    Hakuru: well that’s pretty damn cool
    Yukina: I’ll get the chopper
    Tressa: Webber hop on!
    Webber: got it!
    Tressa: we’re gonna go on a head, we’ll see you there
    Shion: be careful
    They all rode off in their vehicles as the rest walked by on foot
    As they walked a woman in a purple cloak and hood was standing on the cliff looking upon down on them
    So… is that the one?
    Yes, Hakuru Sakura
    The Death, you hardly see em around since their clan was destroyed by Gunners
    They destroyed them for what they were, their appearances, and their power. The main goal of Gunners wasn’t about serving both Hell and Heaven, or mercenaries of assassination. It was about power, Gunners were suppose to be the most powerful forces on Earth, until the First Death showed up, when she first found out her master died, she wanted revenge on the God’s. She wanted revenge on the God’s who never helped her, who never helped the people. The people who cried and prayed for help.
    So is this what’s it’s all about? Revenge on the God’s?
    It wasn’t always about revenge on the God’s; it was trying to reach her own goal in saving the dearest family in her life. It was her master, her master was her family. The only family she can belong to. When Diablo gave her the power she needed, she began making her own power, this power was known as The Evil Energy, passed down to the Death Clan. She defeated many, even champions of the God’s. There she almost reached her goal until her body was being consumed with so much power that it shattered apart. Once again as a mortal, the Gunners began attacking, slaughtering everyone. Until one survived and passed down the knowledge and skill
    Haha, and here we are in Valhalla following the “key” isn’t that right…
    Murasaki: yes, that is right, we are the last remaining of the clan, in the mean time, let us keep watching, a new battle a waits Hakuru
    Hakuru stops as she looks over to her left at the back
    V: anything wrong?
    Hakuru: nah nothing, just thought I heard something that’s all
    In the mean time, we will meet face to face… Hakuru Sakura, The Death
    Yukina: I don’t have anything on my scanner
    Sukya: I thought there would be guards
    Yukina: Sukya analyze and scan the whole area, I need to know where the helmet is
    Sukya: I’m trying but it looks like there’s some sort of barrier
    Radio: this is Estray, for some reason Rid can’t sniff through this… shield!
    Sukya: somebody placed a barrier… but who?
    Yukina: oh s**t look out Sukya!
    Sukya: what?!
    A valkyrie came out of nowhere on a flying horse came out of nowhere
    Yukina: fire missiles!
    The valkyrie launched a lightning attack, disabling the helicopters engines
    Yukina: ah damn we’re going down!
    Ritz jumps up and pulled out her hands as they turned into bandages as it holds down the helicopter from the cliff
    Yukina: phew… thanks… and… wait what the?!
    Ritz: sorry, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I’m a mummy
    Sukya: a mummy? Like from Egypt?
    Ritz: yeah, now you know why humans preserve kings for them to come back in the afterlife, I hardly have any organs in my body, that’s why I wear long clothing every day, I barely show any skin of myself
    Sukya: well, thanks for saving us Ritz, it doesn’t matter if you’re a mummy, I say your powers are pretty damn cool
    Ritz: thanks
    Yukina: I’m gonna use my alchemy to destroy that barrier, come on we better keep moving
    Radio: hey is everything okay?
    Sukya: yeah we were under attack
    Lilly: by who?
    By “them”
    Saya: hand me that radio
    Who was it?
    Who do you THINK?!
    Saya: Hakuru…
    Hakuru: yeah, I know.
    Hildr: are our forces gathered?
    Skalmold: of course they are
    Hildr: hold them off, but leave Hakuru alive
    On it!
    Hildr: my time will come; I shall raise every living dead on the battlefield and destroy Earth!
    Later on
    Hakuru: time to use strategy, we’ll all be in separate groups, Hellsbound Crisis Gang, you guys will give us cover fire from the top, Ten Evil Blades will hold them off on the front lines, my group and Saya’s will assist both of your teams, The Falcon Squadron will set up a trap in the center right there, Saya and myself are going to find the helmet and the letter itself, the main objective is to give us as much time as possible. Is that clear? Good, let’s give em hell!
    Hakuru: Asuka and Yamota, you guys cover my side!
    Yamota: no problem!
    Asuka: got it
    They began running and charging in, as Hildr ordered one of the soldiers to fly in and attack
    Hakuru grabs out two pistols and fire the soldiers in the sky
    Yamota: attacking from above? Smart choice, but-
    Not enough to take us down!
    She shot them in the head as they exploded as blood gashed on Saya
    Saya: gah! *cough* gross… damn it Yamota watch where your firing that thing!
    Yamota: so much for a thank you
    Hakuru: less talk! More focus! There’s a lot more raiding down on us!
    Kasumi grabs out two of her mini guns and fired them in the sky
    Lilly flies up in the sky and fires her sniper rifle
    Lilly: these guys don’t know how to give up!
    Hakuru: Aja how’s it hanging down there?
    Aja: we’re setting up the traps right about now, just hold them off for a few minutes, we’ll radio you back till it’s done
    Hakuru: roger that!
    Many more flying soldiers began to unleash their powers upon the Gunners, Hakuru unleashing her evil energy used one of the rocks and created a barricade with her hands
    Saya: ok, now that was pretty freaking awesome
    Hakuru: guys take cover! Don’t know how long these rocks can protect us!
    She rolls down under it as she grabs out her lucky long shot and transforms it into a sniper rifle and aims at the flying soldiers, she shoots five of them down
    Saya: heh, this reminds me back from WW2, people were crying down in the trenches, then I suddenly walk in see everybody in their bunkers just firing their machine guns, it was a good fight though, except for the crying
    Hakuru: Saya, seriously, less war stories, more shooting down flying people!
    Saya: yeah yeah!
    She takes out her FN Model D and shoots down the soldiers
    Hakuru uses more of her powers and made some trenches to make a pathway
    Hakuru: GO! GO! GO!
    Yamota: man! This is freaking crazy!
    Kikio: DARK FLARE!
    Her dark flare blinded the flying men as they fell down to the ground; Saya finishes them off with her katana
    Hakuru: we should be arriving there now!
    This is Aja! We got the traps ready!
    Hakuru: gotcha!
    Hildr: heh, we have you trapped now!
    Hakuru: oh yeah?
    Hildr: yes, now you will come with me, I need you to-
    Hakuru: NOW!
    Aja presses the button which she was holding onto as cliffs and the ground began to shake then began to fall
    Hildr: WHAT?!
    Hakuru: EVERYBODY RUN!!!!!!
    Hakuru and Saya using their powers to create a bridge using whatever rocks that has not fallen off yet as they began running as fast as they can to safety
    Hakuru: keep running! Don’t look back!
    Yamota: I’m trying as fast as I can!
    Saya: uh-oh I’m sensing five or ten guys chasing at us
    Hakuru clinched her fist and tensed up her powers as she threw an energy orb at them, splitting up into twenty little particles as they turn into micro little silent missiles
    Yamota: that was ******** awesome!
    Hakuru: thanks, been wanting to do that for a long time
    As they got out of reach from the trap’s explosion, they radioed Aja
    Hakuru: the trap was successful, great work Aja
    Aja: you may thank Taja for the calculations, haha, she thought all of you would of fell upon your deaths
    Hakuru: well… we don’t intend to die that easily, anyways we’re going to go and look for the helmet and the letter, after that we’re getting off this stinking place, Hakuru out
    Saya: this place was beginning to be more fun; I made the right choice following you
    Hakuru: you came for the action didn’t you?
    Saya: I sure did Hakuru
    I sure did…
    Meanwhile in the front lines
    Shion slays down all of the flying men then cleans her sword
    Shion: these people are undead, what a shame
    Tressa: someone is definitely controlling them
    Webber: yeah but who is it?
    Jasmine: whoever it is, we have to stop her
    Shion: agreed, I do not think she is far away from us b-
    Suijo: look out!
    Skalmold flies in as she fires out a large lightning bolt upon them, they all jumped out of the way
    Shion: focus your powers on her; we cannot let her get to Hakuru!
    Webber: got it! POISON WEB!
    Skalmold dodges the poison web as she slashes in with an axe
    Tressa jumps in and blocks it with her hand
    Tressa: you ******** with the wrong group, you b***h
    She points her finger at Skalmold’s forehead and says the magic words
    Evil Shred!
    Her chest unleashed a laser which departed in 12 pieces, they were all shaped in different animals and began to attack Skalmold
    Skalmold: impressive! Very impressive!
    Tressa hops back onto her back
    Tressa: that should hold her off for a little while, Webber hop on! Shion we’re gonna draw their attention to us!
    Shion: understood, we will hold off Skalmold as long as we can, buy more time for Hakuru so she can find the letter and the helmet
    Estray: actually, don’t worry about “us” Shion, we can handle Skalmold on our own, you go and find that “Hildr” chick
    Shion: can you handle her?
    Estray: of course, I’m a voodoo master
    She takes out her doll which suppose to look like Skalmold
    Estray: never underestimate a voodoo master
    She rips off the doll’s arm which had a shield
    Skalmold: what?!
    Estray: see?
    Shion: outstanding, well then, I’ll be going then, good luck
    Estray: you too!
    Hakuru fires both of her guns at all of her enemies around her
    Hakuru: come on we’re almost at the letter!
    Yamota: ******** ******** ********!
    Saya: quick close that gate!
    Kikio: DARK BARRIER!
    She shielded the gate
    Saya: phew…
    Hakuru: that should hold for a little while, good job Kikio
    Kikio: ah man… I’m having a smoke
    Kanomi: hey look!
    A light shines upon a statue, it holds a letter
    Hakuru: the letter!
    Saya: we found it; now all that’s left is the helmet itself
    Hakuru: right, let’s move on to it then
    Looking for something?
    Kasumi: Hildr?!
    Hildr holds the helmet
    Hildr: well then, since you found that letter, how about opening it and read it to us?
    Her army appeared behind her from the shadows of darkness
    Hakuru: hand me that helmet or else
    Hildr: or else what?
    Hakuru: that helmet is not for you, you have no idea what kind of power it holds, even if you are a valkyrie you wouldn’t be able to harness it’s power
    Hildr: no, but you can
    Hakuru: I already have the power, those are my friends who are around me, and they give me the strength I need to beat people like you
    Hildr: oh is it? Then why not prove it to me, prove that you can defeat me!
    Hildr unleashes her strength upon Hakuru as she unleashed lightning powers, and other dark magic upon her
    Hakuru: Skull Blade!
    Hildr blocks it but was pushed back
    Hildr: interesting, you are powerful indeed! Now how about this!
    She swings it down and unleashed a powerful blue lightning wave
    Hakuru: ENOUGH!
    She repelled it back with her eye unleashing skull blast, the power repelled back against Hildr and her army
    Hildr: AAAH!
    Saya: that was a piece of cake
    Hakuru: Hildr, I’m sorry, I never intended to fight you like this, please, can I have that helmet back, I am responsible for the helmet
    I should have just kept hold of it
    Hakuru: this helmet is not a toy to be played with; you have no idea how dangerous it is
    Hildr: haha… hahaha… HAHAHA!
    Hildr: well if it is that dangerous, then let’s find out shall we!
    Hakuru: Hildr no!
    Hildr puts on the helmet as she transformed into a dark valkyrie knight, her blade turned black and red, her armor became black and red as well, her eyes glowed like blood itself, her armor runs with deep hatred, her powers became more powerful as it matched the might of Hakuru’s, her cape was black, as her whole body drips down with the blood of her army
    Hildr: haha… amazing… AMAZING!
    Hildr: all I wanted was you to control the power so I can harness it! But no… all I have to do was put on the helmet!
    Hildr: HAHAHA! This is wonderful! I can feel everything! My army, your feelings, I can even predict your moves!
    You are scared! AFRAID!
    Hakuru: N… no! Hildr you gotta take off that helmet!
    Hildr: SILENCE WORM!
    She points her sword at Hakuru as she blasts out a huge beam
    Hildr: haha, die!
    Hakuru had her barrier up
    Hakuru: damn it
    She gave the letter to Yamota
    Yamota: Yamota I want you to get everybody out of here! Get back to the camp site, tell everyone to get back there! If I don’t come back alive, I want you…
    I want you to leave without me
    Yamota: woah! Wait I am not going to leave my best buddy out to die h-
    Hakuru: JUST GO!
    Yamota: damn it! Well you better come back! Okay?!
    Hakuru: no promises. Now go, I’ll hold her off as long as I can
    They all left except for Saya
    Hakuru: what the hell are you doing Saya?
    Saya: well, if this is how a leader must act, then I should be to, I’m also a leader of the Dark Gunners, I am responsible for my team, I’m sure they’ll be okay, I want to fight for them, I also want to fight you
    Besides, you made me human, you risked your life to make me human
    Saya: I’m going to repay you by fighting with you; I’m going to make sure you stay alive till the end
    Hakuru: those are some strong words, words that I adore
    Fine, let’s rock then!
    To be continued
    Next Chapter: #15 Prevailing Evil with Evil