Lyra walked to the garden of the academy,breathing in fresh air of the cold morning.The sun has begun to rise on the time she arrived there.The garden were situated on a cliff and students often hang out there.She wrapped her fingers on the railings,letting the cold but gentle wind blew on her face.Her long pale blonde hair waved gracefully behind her.She closed her aqua blue eyes,feeling more peaceful than she ever felt. Ash,her twin brother followed behind her,bringing along his sketching pad.

    "Ash,could you feel the aura flow in the wind?Do you know what they're whispering among themselves?What kind of new day they brings?" Lyra wondered.Ash behind her,smiling softly.

    "Give me a minute Lyra.."he closed his eyes and breathing in deeply.Then he answered,"The aura flowing in the winds brings war and revenge.They whisper of two new stranger will come to our life and steals it away from us.The new day of secret will fall on us today".

    Lyra turned to look at her brother."a new day of secret that will tears us apart.....brother,how can we avoid it from happening to us?"

    "It's inevitable.We only can give in.I'm afraid it's out of our control.."his face showed no expression when he open his eyes.Lyra turned again to face the sunrise.She once again closed her eyes,trying to feel the what kind of trouble those two might bring to the academy.

    Lots of image came to her mind in a rush.A picture of her standing in the rain with white aura surrounding her,she looking at Ash leaving her alone.Another picture of a guy with midnight black hair and unnatural blue eyes,staring at her longingly then the last one,a beautiful girl with dark red hair and yellow eyes,staring at her with anger and lust,dancing with the ancient looking sword.She danced her way to her then smiled dangerously when she stabbed Lyra at the heart.Lyra gasped then opened her eyes.She was breathing hard with her hand clenching at the railings,showing her white knuckles.

    "What is it?" Ash rushed beside her.He placed his hand on her arm,looking at her with curiosity and fear.Lyra looked at her brother with tears flowing down her cheek.

    "They're going to separate us and kill me..."