• Hoodies- The story of an invasion of very unlikely fairies. Chapter 1

    I woke up on the icy concrete. The last thing I remember before this was the luxury of my ipod, as I was dozing off to sleep. The last song that was playing was Agony by kotoko. My only radio now, was the honking horns of hasty cars, the banter of drunks, and the audible music playing from the club; that was about a block away from me. My clothes smelled weird. My pants were covered in my menstrual fluids, and apparently, I got scratched by a werewolf last night.I dusted my flank,as it looked very dark, and powder;which concerned me.There was dry blood on my sweater.It was crusty. But with th whimsical appeal of a snow flake, as it peeled off my sweater smoothly. The last time I was on the street like this, I wasn't completely a mess. . I wasn't even alone. The only thing I want to know is--"Why am I here?" I emerged slowly from my slump, stumbling on my ankle. As I recover my balance, people started to stare. I noticed someone staring across the street, and another person next to him was staring too. It was a woman walking her dog. The people faded in to my ignorance. Step by step, I noticed more stares. I looked back at them wolfishly, as I naturally would feel disgusted at all the black people thinking they were big s**t. Then white people started staring, and my darkly expression quickly turned quizzical. Everyone was staring at me, and one person grabbed me "This one is still alive!" as I my hand encountered the door knob, with the music residing from inside. It felt like I was observing for minutes; because I had enough time to absorb details. His shirt was blue, crisp, and was neatly tucked in his pants. His arm hair was blond. He wasn't incredibly fit, his girth lapped his belt, but he was strong. There was a blurry shape on his chest, it was shield like. I quickly registered him as authority. I used my weight as leverage to break free from his grip, my hand was firmly planted on the ground near my foot, despite my lack of energy, and I spun in a circle, delivering a kick to his face. I went inside the club. I hastily open the door, and ran inside; while the officer held his nose, crouching. the door behind me was open long enough for the music to elude the establishment. For some reason. I was fixated on finding the bathroom. The music began to faze in, in volume. It became most audible, the moment I found the bathroom. As I entered, a woman laid a hand on my shoulder. She had big, warm, gentle eyes; that slightly sank under her eyebrows;gently half sheathed and heavily guarded by a thick coat of velvet powder . her lips didn't wedge at the top, which made her look feline. Her cheeks were ruddy and radiant. The rest of her skin was kind of tan, and passionate, like a thief. Her hair was short, wavy, and layered. Her cheeks full, but her cheek bones were apparent enough. her chin narrowed down to a round square. She had spandex on, shirt that was ripped at the top. She had leather boots on. her shirt said "Chupa mi tota"; which made me blush. Her expression was overall sweet and compassionate, despite her attire. "Are you okay?"