• Chapter 3

    Waking up in a cell is much like waking up for the first time, The onrush of different smells and sounds, a light shining into your eyes, a myriad of different people watching you wake. And once you’re up, you wish you hadn’t ever stirred from your dreams. This cell wasn’t really much to look at. Its walls of metal covered in a layer of graffiti so old and worn that it retains almost no of its legibility, the faint splatter of blood is recognizable on some of the cells walls. Its concrete floor is as cold as snow and has layer of grime so thick that you might just slip if you walk to fast across it.

    The lovely little cell was not only for me, but for 10 or so others. Most of them kept to themselves, in the corners or sitting on one of the benches that seemed to litter the cell. I couldn’t make out any of their faces in the low light that the small bulb in the ceiling provided. It would have been a lot more comforting to know at least one person here at least I wouldn’t feel so alone, I thought, but maybe it’s better that nobody I know has to endure this.

    As I tried to go back to sleep a large pounding on the cell door woke me, much to my dismay. I craned my head up off the bench, I had been using as a bed, to meet eyes with a large man with a particularly nasty expression on his face. I tried to pretend I didn’t see him and tried to lay my head back down but it’d been too late.

    ‘Jacob Herrick!’s**t that’s me I thought. The guard yelled, ‘Your next for shipment, get your a** out here now!’

    I got up off the bench and slowly made my way over to the guard. I felt like asking him where I was being shipped to but I knew that would probably not be for the best. As I got closer I noticed the large man was accompanied by two other people. I knew right away one of them was another guard, he had a similar “move any slower and this boot is going up your a**” look on his face to the larger guard probably attributed to his small stature. The other however looked more like a scientist than a guard.

    Despite her company the scientist’s face seemed soft and kind. Her smile indicated a far happier disposition than my previous company. She was quite tall, roughly six feet tall, close to my height. Her soft brown hair is draped over her thin shoulders, her golden yellow eyes are gentle and endearing, and she has an aura about her that is almost intoxicating. She looked quite beautiful. Her coat, which looked similar to the traditional lab coats that are so often related to people of her profession, was an almost bright white flowing down to a black skirt that ended just at the knees giving me a nice view of her smooth legs. The smaller guard must have seen me ogling her and decided the best course of action would be to knee me in the gut as hard as he could.

    ‘Don’t you dare look at Ms. Lara that way you damn animal’ the smaller guard screamed as he lifted his fist in a threatening manner as if to finalize his point.

    ‘Stop Erics!’ Ms.Lara interrupted, ‘we need him uninjured when he arrives, or else how would he even stand a chance?’

    ‘Yes Ma’am’ Erics replied reluctantly.

    She looked at me as if she was going to say something to me but then stopped herself short. She glanced back to the still angry guard.

    ‘We should get this one to the dock immediately’ Ms. Lara said.
    ‘Which port are we going to send him to?’ The larger guard asked, finally making an effort to prove he was still here.
    ‘We’ll send him to port Nahrod’ she answered.
    Erics suddenly shot me a glance and a twisted, deviant, smile grew across his face. I don’t understand why but I trust Lara. s**t, I thought, that can’t be good as I held my abdomen in pain.